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  1. From my observations i came to the conclusion that definetely some people get a hard on by devaluing other people & making them feel like sh*t. I am talking about people who enjoy devauluing others even if the other person has caused them no harm. They just love making others feel inferior. Well i am not that kind of a person and i have a difficult time understanding/comprehending why some people behave this way. Is it because they were treated like sh*t in their childhood and now want vengeance? I have no clue whatsoever...
  2. Why do we say that the ego is an illusion and it doesn't exist when we clearly all have a sense of ownership and doership in our lives? I am NOT arguing that this "ego" controls our lifes but it clearly exists.
  3. @Mikael89 Or maybe the brain is inside consciousness...
  4. That's interesting and kinda unique. Most people who diminish other don't do it because of competition though (i think). Something else more sinister seems to drive their behavior.
  5. @Salvijus Yes true but at the same time i am trying to understand the mechanics behind this behavior.
  6. @Truth Addict I mean that the sense of doership is real. It is as real as it gets. BUT it appears to be something that it is not. For example this "sense" gives you the illusion that it is the controller of the body & etc. That's why i call it deceptive. I would also consider thoughts real & deceptive aswell.
  7. @Truth Addict I would say that the sense of ownership and doership is real but it's deceptive.
  8. Science is the new religion of the modern world. When i talk about non-duality to my friends they get suspicious and almost everyone comes w/ this silly objection : "If non-duality was true science would know about it by now." Well personally i don't buy that BUT still my knowledge of how science works and the limits of science is very narrow so i can't provide a good counter-arguement most of the time. Will science ever prove non-duality? And why hasn't it been "proven" so far? I mean scientist still do their science using first person experience.
  9. So basically a Stage Orange guy on my FB list posted a post bashing yoga and citing this study here--> https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26645512?fbclid=IwAR1NXVvvOG6dv86D814ZP0lEQ2j0Kigv_3-PUQQPHoga22foPZpPqPiUKp4 He commented : "The yoga fallacy aka After adjusting for AGE, the association between yoga and all-cause mortality was attenuated and NO LONGER STATISTICALLY SIGNIFICANT." & a bunch of his unconscious friends (these guys are all into powerlifting and scientism) jumped on the bandwagon with one of them commenting: ""Life's not the breaths you take, but the moments that take your breath away." This is why backyard wrestling will always be better than yoga." What's your opinion on that guys?
  10. This is just me rambling my own philosophy from my own experience of life. I would like to hear feedback also. Life is very chaotic,messy and unpredictable. It seems like everything can happen to anybody. No matter what. Nobody can guarantee you anything in this life. From the point of view of non-duality EVERYTHING has already happened to "you". You cannot predict the future (idk for sure). You can end up with cancer unexpectdly, you can lose all your money & go bankrupt or you can become a millionaire. Your dreams may never come to fruition or maybe your results will surpass your craziest expectations. Someone or something (a Disease) can attack you tomorrow and leave you paralyzed or even retarded destroying all your fantasies about the future. Nobody can guarantee that life willl turn the way your ego wants it to turn out. Ofcourse my ego-mind has dreams and ambitions and is working hard towards those. BUT on the other hand it's good to accept the fact that anything can happen to anybody. This is my main concern. To be able to accept whatever comes in my way... That's the struggle of life.
  11. Leo i admire your work and i have been watching you for years BUT why would you buy a t-shirt that you know was produced from a sweatshop? Aren't you contributing to evil that way? Like you talked about in your video about the Devil and the Mechanics of evil. This is not a criticism. But i just would like to hear an answer/explanation. Also in your blog your wrote about 29 days of consciousness work. But in the video you released you talk about 30 days...
  12. @AlwaysBeNice What part of the world do you live? It's not like they agree to getting paid 1dollar a day and working 12 hours a day. It's more of that they have no alternative.They have no another choice. Almost all jobs in their countries will pay them as little as possible and exploit them. And of course the westerners buyers contribute to this whole thing unless you want to hide your head in the sand and pretend like it's all their fault because somehow they "choose" it. The only choice these people make is not to starve to death. Sometimes it's either you work as a wage slave getting paid minimum wage or you go hungry and homeless. The whole capitalist system hinges upon exploiting poor people who have no alternatives. It's a pyramid! In western countries it's the same thing. Unless you have many resources (you're rich) then inevitably you become a wage slave working for someone else with bigger power than you. Of course you can start a business of your own. That's a possibility. But you need to acquire capital first.
  13. @zambize There are many issues involved and it's quite complicated stuff. Yeah it's a sweatshop that is making some money exploiting other human beings. Maybe if we take responsibility ourselves and don't support these type of businesses our world will change for the better. I just would expect someone conscious like Leo to make a better decision when buying his new t-shirt. It goes contrary to his teachings. And yes i know that it's IMPOSSIBLE to NOT contribute to evil nowadays in one way or another BUT at least we can do our best.
  14. @David Hammond No. Actually there are t-shirts which aren't produced from sweatshops. https://www.nosweatapparel.com
  15. Just go to a website like bestgore. After watching some rape, murder & torture videos my ego got really angry, upset and frustrated. I cannot even imagine myself going through THIS MUCH LEVEL of suffering & pain. This level of pain is beyond human comprehension. It's disturbing to acknowledge this things exist to say the least. If you live in fantasy land then its not a problem. How can you possibly love & embrace something like that??? Even if I AM all these murderers, rapists etc , Even if Everything is me that doesn't help me feel better. Now i hate myself even more.
  16. @phllip103 Do you oberve only the breath while meditating?
  17. How can you possibly create your own reality when you have NO free will? And i don't say that just because of hearsay. I have found out for myself by a 6-month observation period that my THOUGHS , ACTIONS and EMOTIONS are random, unpredictable and non controllable. Yes i know about the concept of making choice BUT still doesn't help . Many times i feel like a ghost who is held hostage by this body.
  18. @phllip103 Which meditation technique do you practice?
  19. All experience is subjective . Do you know any experience that is NOT first person?