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  1. Leo said in one of his video that sex is a core biological need. How can you reconcile that if you want to practice no/fap & celibacy? It seems like you go againsts your nature & possible create some pathologies
  2. @JohnnyBravo This is profound. And yes i don't even watch redpill, mgtow etc anymore. These guys are toxic as hell. I don't wanna that crap in my life anymore , i'm fed up already. They try to impose their own idea of reality to others by stating absolute statements (which are just assumptions) & i dislike that A LOT because it just drags you down spirituaity even more. Plus concepts like the level of attractiveness of someone are ridiculous to me. It's not like being 6/10 attractive is something absolute. It's completely relative to your egoic preferences.
  3. @Zigzag Idiot Nice collection! Do you suffer from OCD? (I ask so i can be certain )
  4. @Elisabeth Thanks for making things a lil bit more clear. I just don't wanna read a scientific study anymore. Everytime i do i feel pathologized & terrible. Their whole language is toxic to me and leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I have read hundreds of scientific studies. Many of them contradict each other. I don't wanna depend who i am on the scientific paradigm even though i respect it . After reading studies like these it is no suprise that someone with OCD becomes more OCD about their condition and starts worrying a lot about it. Now i am anxious about how this will effect the rest of my life or if i will be able to accomplish my dreams because of this. I considere myself to be a good learner and to have high levels of concentration. After reading some studies it is no suprise that i doubt myself now. Now when i study i doubt myself because of these studies. I just try to ignore the thoughts. I am responsbile about how i react to those studies but sometimes i feel like a victim. It is not something you can easily ignore & keep on going with your day.
  5. @Serotoninluv Everytime turn around i see something wrong. Life is overly complicated and confusing. Being a dog would be better. One person says you should A, another one says you should do B . It is very difficult to get to the truth of things. For some reason God wants to make it extremely difficult for most human beings to bear this life. Yea you're right. One article lead me to another and now i have to deal with the terrible scientific facts. Most people are unconscious to the suffering of others. If you are mentally & physically healthy and most things goes your way it is very easy to be happy. The struggle is when you have to deal with bs health problems day in and day out or other problems that seriously diminish the quality of your life and can't get rid off.
  6. @Devansh Saharan I watch Mark Freeman's videos on YouTube. He has OCD and gives solid advice. After watching him i try to avoid doing the compulsions (for me is more mentally checking until i feel sure about a topic). It is very difficult to stop doing the compulsions but it can be done... Meditation also helps. Good luck buddy, i feel for you.
  7. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4866747/
  8. @Eonwe5 You just need to start doing slowly the healthy habits you know are good for you . It is easier said than done though. I make a TO-DO-LIST every day with small goals like reading one hour per day. This has helped me. If you wait to feel "right" & motivated you will never do anything. You gotta start bulding some momentum...
  9. @d0ornokey What do you do to change your fixed mindset?
  10. @TheAvatarState Thank you for the advice! I mostly feel shame because of others (my sis for example). I can see it in her face that she hasn't forgotten me for this incident. We are ok, i asked her sorry but we never discussed it any further. I caused her embarassment. I can't do the work for her. I have forgotten myself. She hasn't. Yes it was stupid to take too much acid at home. It was my first time and only time. I didn't expect to get so fked up. My reality changed completely. It was so crazy... I took large doses of mushrooms many times before and never lost all sense of reality like it happened with LSD lol.
  11. @RobertZ Why is lost esteem irreparable? I don't understand...
  12. @Elisabeth From what i can remember, my sister took a different shape than the ordinary & i don't think i even realised she was my sister at that moment.(maybe i did though). I couldn't distinguish anything. "Reality" didn't make sense to me anymore. Crazy. Mind-blowing it was.
  13. @John Iverson I have done quite a lot of contemplation & i can't find the part of me that would want to have sex with my sister. I guess i have to dig deeper. Also i have accepted/dealt with what happened.
  14. @Salvijus Did you buy any of his courses in order to learn yoga? How did you learn it? I wanna try it.
  15. @DrewNows Yes it is very tricky. To this day i hold the belief that everything someone does it's because it will make them feel happy first & then the others. For example you might be doing charity work but you do it because first & foremost it will make you happy otherwise you wouldn't do it. I don't know if this belief is true of false but my minds holds it as a dogma. I don't even know if true love is possible from the place of the ego.
  16. @DrewNows Nice. Are you able to understand/distinguish nowadays when someone is doing something out of love for you? Btw now i am on a mission as to understanding what love is. This video inspired, frightned me & caused my ego to revaluate many things. It' very true what Teal Swan says that most of us don't know what love is & therefore we are not truly capable of loving others.
  17. @DrewNows Nice video but she didn't clarify how do you distinguish getting love from someone as opposed to someone just being egotistical. I am all about receiving love but first i need to spot it.
  18. @Zigzag Idiot Thanks man! Finally someone reads my whole post & replies with compassion and understanding.
  19. @now is forever I totally agree with you. Nor did i say the hallucinations were true (in case you imply that),
  20. @Shadowraix Maybe that's it . I don't know . I remember having crazy "delusions" while tripping.
  21. @Shadowraix Only once i had this problem (privacy about drugs etc). Nobody bothers me in my room.
  22. @SFRL Personally my father is never at home. & my mom works most of the day. She takes care of myself & doesn't want to be alone at home & girlfriends is something i despise. Leaving my family to live with another family (gf,kids)? No. There is no reason to torture myself just yet. You have your own standards & i respect that but not everyone can be like you.