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  1. @Shadowraix This happens when i am outside, walking the streets & come across different women. I don't get annoyed every time. Sometimes i shake it off but other times i get a feeling of deep hurt inside & a lil bit of anger. Then my mind ruminates & obsesses about the incident that caused me the feeling of hurt.
  2. @flowboy I can understand when a girl is interested or not. Some girls don't even bother to look at me & have an arrogant look at their face. This annoys me a LOT. It's not that i don't get attention from girls But for some reason i obsess over those who don't acknowledge my existence. I remember walking to a coffee shop & asked a girl who worked there where is the WC. She replied without even bothering turning her head to look at me. I wanted to kill her. I just don't wanna care anymore... It damages me & nobody else.
  3. After watching Leo's last video i have some questions. What does working on your sexuality is supposed to mean & why should i even bother working on it? What if i decide to remain celibate for the rest of my life? Do monks who have renounced sex & intimate relationships work on their sexuality? I don't think so. Also personally i am not a big fan of intimate relationships because they are more like business transactions. That's why i am pursuing celibacy & nofap. If one, longing for sensual pleasure, achieves it, yes, he's enraptured at heart. The mortal gets what he wants. But if for that person — longing, desiring — the pleasures diminish, he's shattered, as if shot with an arrow. — Kama Sutta, Sutta Nipata The Buddha then goes on to say: So one, always mindful, should avoid sensual desires. Letting them go, he will cross over the flood like one who, having bailed out the boat, has reached the far shore.
  4. @Nahm Yes exactly! I ask this question because Leo said in his last video about the importance of having the basic survival game dialed in & he also mentioned "working on your sexuality". I don't know what needs to be worked though.
  5. @Nahm Is it necessary to work on your sexuality if you don't care about having sex?
  6. @Shin Nope. I don't even know what working on your sexuality is supposed to mean. That's why i posted this thread. I wanna know so i can make changes if necessary.
  7. @Rilles Yes. I am talking generally about monks who abstain from sex for life.
  8. @Jkris Maybe you are right man. I still think though that these monks have sexual urges/desires but they somehow transcend them. It is an ongoing battle.
  9. @Jkris I disagree. I think no matter how enlightned these monks get , they still have a penis & desire for sex.
  10. @Gabriel Antonio Fair enough .
  11. @Gabriel Antonio This is a terrible advice. So you are telling him to stop meditating & choose to take drugs. Well if he needs to take medications for the rest of his life from the pharmaceutical cartel then Yes but that should be his last option. I agree that he should see a psychologist though. That MIGHT help him!
  12. I am quite an obsessional guy who tends to ruminate over things that most people don't even think twice. I consider myself to be of average intelligence. Nothing extraordinary but i am quite capable of learning new things, acquiring skills & etc. I remember 1 year ago watching a video from Jordan Peterson talking about IQ. He gave me the impression that if you don't have a high enough IQ then you are fucked in life and can't do certain jobs etc. I still regret watching that video because after that i find myself constantly doubting myself.I have not taken an official IQ test, nor will i do because i don't believe it measures intelligence as a whole. Also i am afraid of the result. If it is low then i will probably use that as an excuse to destroy my life. After watching that IQ video my obsession got worse & worse. Now when i am working towards my goals/projects i find myself feeling very anxious & uncertain about my IQ. I doubt myself if am capable of achieving my goals and i feel a deep uncertainty because i don't really know how much intelligent i am.It is really a torment distracting me from doing deep work. I dont' know why i am so insecure. I think it stems from my childhood. From Jordan Peterson's perspective it seems like you need to take an IQ test before attempting doing certain carreers. @Leo Gura I would love to hear your opinion aswell. How can i cope with this? I just wanna do what i love doing without these distracting thoughts and unpleasant emotions telling me that i may not be smart enough to achieve my goals.
  13. I can understand how death, torture, rape is part of existence and necessary for this game to exist. But it seems like God makes many "mistakes" (from my egoic very limited point of view) or at least there is an element of utter randomness & chaos. How do you explain things like Down Syndrome, Huntington's disease, All kinds of intellectual disabilities, birth defects & countless Anomalies? There are even babies bornt with 3 legs, multiple faces etc that need surgeries therefore or twins that are trapped in the same body. How do you reconcile that?
  14. @d0ornokey I just watched one of Mark Freeman's videos on YouTube. This guy is a game changer. Thanks. Btw do you suffer from OCD?
  15. @sausagehead What if you can heal? I have healed some old deep trauma from my childhood using holotropic breathwork & shrooms. There are many techniques available and YES it is very diffucult but still worth it. But what's the alternative? Noone can guarantee you that you will heal.
  16. @Nahm I meditate once a day. Do you think meditating twice a day is better? If yes then why.
  17. @Jkris Game = Life If it wasn't murder,torture,terrorism then no evolution would occur. If everything was rainbows & sunshine noone would appreciate the Goodness of life. You appreciate good only because there is evil. Leo says everything is Perfect.
  18. @Serotoninluv Maybe Perfect with the capital P is also relative & a concept imagined by human minds. Maybe things just are & everything else we attach to reality is a projection of the human deluded mind.
  19. @Serotoninluv Is it Perfect? Is it Imperfect? Or is it both? Or maybe none of the above?
  20. @Serotoninluv This is an anomaly. God is not Perfect. Everyone gets to decide & have their own (biased) opinions but in the end it's all relative.
  21. @Serotoninluv I am up for all of that. Nor do i consider anyone inferior or superior to anybody else But still it makes me wonder why there are so many anomalies in this world. It's crazy.
  22. @Inliytened1 To be honest my concern is not than an intellectually disabled person won't get enlightned but i can't wrap my mind arounds so many anomalies & defects. It seems like a mistake or something generated from randomness. Maybe God does mistakes so he can learn from them. Maybe it it Imperfect & Perfect at the same time like you said.