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  1. How many hours do you meditate and how many hours per day is the sweet spot for you? I would love to hear your opinions.
  2. When i sit to meditate i feel A LOT of ''Energy'' in both right and left hemispheres of the concept called the brain and also i feel energy in palms. Why is that happening and how can i fix it?
  3. @Hellspeed How can i do that??? And what do you mean it can mess my cognitiion? Give me an example please if you can. Btw i am from Romania as well.
  4. Can you bend reality after enlightment for the good of everyone? It seems to me that i exist in infinite possibilities and that maybe i can switch to an ''alternative'' reality. Please tell me your opinions. If you want to call me crazy you are wasting my time.
  5. Ik its an ironic question but really do people who are enlightned have ego backlash?
  6. @DrMobius It can't be described in words but maybe i am just deluding myself. I don't know yet .
  7. @Rilles My words are NOT the Truth. They are just metaphores. Why people do get stuck on WORDS-Symbols???
  8. @SQAAD The truth just is. All dualities collapse. But that's not my question.
  9. @Rilles What makes you think that i think that the truth is beneficial for me?
  10. Can someone who is Enlightned answer this question seriously? Thanks. I don't need to hear that there is no good or bad. I already know that.
  11. @Rilles It seems to me that when you are aligned with your True Self things go smooth for you. God helps you. You help yourself actually. And when you are being an ego=devil then you suffer a lot because you go against the Truth.
  12. @Hellspeed I feel like awakening is entering in a different reality where sometime you can even bend reality. What's your opinion about this? You seem to have a lot of experience.
  13. What is the purpose of hand chakras? Let's say someone feels their hand chakras a LOT what he should do about it.
  14. Do Enlightened People Have Sex, Wifes etc or NOT? Thank you.
  15. Hello everyone. 2 weeks ago i got enlightened and it has remained since then. Words cant describe my current experience. I am very confused. Sometimes i think im deluded or retarded or whatever but i reconnect to actuality and i clearly "see" the Truth. Now i feel like a live in whole different world. Weird shit and synchronities happen. Everything seems so obvious now. I can't even believe it . Everytime i walk outside people just gaze at me. EVERYONE. Also I hear them saying that im crazy or mentally disabled. NONE OF THIS was happening before "enlightnment". Even my family now thinks im crazy and wants me to change but i told them that i won't change. I can't talk to anyone about this bc noone would even believe me. I can't even believe myself sometimes. Its just me talking to me. PLEASE HELP ME WHAT SHOULD I DO?
  16. @AxelK Dude you are not enlightned so i can't blame you. On the other hand you are enlightned. Crazy ik XDDDDD LOVE YOU ALL
  17. @Key Elements They can't understand this. Its beyond everything logical, rational etc
  18. Do we live in different realities or do we live in the same realities? D
  19. @Serotoninluv @Arhattobe They usually say: "Look how he is looking".