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  1. @Serotoninluv Certainly will do that. Already doing it to a smaller degree though.
  2. @Recursoinominado @dinone @mmKay @Serotoninluv Thank you! I wish people were nicer to each other, encouraging each other more in our daily "real word" lifes. Too much unconsciousness and egotism (at least where i live). This forum is a very good place.
  3. I'm getting sick & tired of Spiral Dynamics Stage Orange... Today i did contemplate outside in Nature & i realised that this neurotic desire to be the best at what i do was imprinted to me by society & is not what my authentic self really wants. I just want to be the best version of myself & have Peace of Mind first and foremost! I don't care no more being better than other egos. It is really draining me psychologically all this comparing BS. Why all the ego want to be the best? What are the mechanics behind this neurotic behaviour? From my observations being the best does not make you any more ore less happy. It is a distraction.
  4. @Anna1 Yes you are right. For me clinging to being the best or clinging being the worst is the same neurotic behaviour. The ego wants to feel special in both ocassions.
  5. @universe I see everywhere around me people who have more that they can ask for in terms of survival and still they are never satisfied. If you have 10 million dollars then the ego-mind will want to compete with those who have billions of dollars. You have a 100.000 subscribers? Now you want 1 million subscribers. You are champion in your sport? Now you want to be remembered as the best ever, you care about your fictitious legacy. If you have a nice body, then you take steroids to compete with those are more gifted than you. If you have a nice wife, still you wanna bang other women. It is never enough for the ego. Never.
  6. @Inliytened1 Thank you! It is never enough though for the ego-mind.
  7. @Conrad Well i am not playing the game of being the best anymore. Best body, best author, best meditator, best eyes, best legs, best music, best retreat , best food, best female, best book, best programmer, best speaker etc. It's an absurd obsession. Stage Orange tells you all the time to be the best . It all about being the best. If you are not the best then you are a loser . And if you are the best then you are still as empty inside. But this is a game you cannot win longterm (being the best).
  8. @Serotoninluv Thank you sir!
  9. @Shin I want to write more things about my no fap journey.
  10. @Serotoninluv How do i keep updating my journal here? Is it ok to just post comments here ? Thanks.
  11. I want to be more intuitive but i struggle to do so because i can't distinguish it. Is intuition a feeling? How do you distinguish intuition from your regular feelings?
  12. @Serotoninluv Is there a better life purpose than another from an absolute view? Martin Ball said something along the lines that there is no life purpose really. Btw i am all about life purpose because it makes my life significantly better.
  13. @ivankiss Crazy mind-blowing experience!! I want some of that too. What did you do to reach that level of consciousness?
  14. @Leo Gura Many times i feel like my feelings are deluding me big time. It's difficult to trust my feelings...
  15. @Serotoninluv I want my intuition to help me win the lottery.
  16. I came across an interesting article. Some of the critiques on positive psychology are: Whole article here --> http://www.thenegativepsychologist.com/the-downside-of-rational-psychology/
  17. @How to be wise Can you suggest me any techniques for undoing belifes? Thanks.
  18. Leo said in one of his video that sex is a core biological need. How can you reconcile that if you want to practice no/fap & celibacy? It seems like you go againsts your nature & possible create some pathologies
  19. @JohnnyBravo This is profound. And yes i don't even watch redpill, mgtow etc anymore. These guys are toxic as hell. I don't wanna that crap in my life anymore , i'm fed up already. They try to impose their own idea of reality to others by stating absolute statements (which are just assumptions) & i dislike that A LOT because it just drags you down spirituaity even more. Plus concepts like the level of attractiveness of someone are ridiculous to me. It's not like being 6/10 attractive is something absolute. It's completely relative to your egoic preferences.
  20. @Zigzag Idiot Nice collection! Do you suffer from OCD? (I ask so i can be certain )
  21. @Elisabeth Thanks for making things a lil bit more clear. I just don't wanna read a scientific study anymore. Everytime i do i feel pathologized & terrible. Their whole language is toxic to me and leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I have read hundreds of scientific studies. Many of them contradict each other. I don't wanna depend who i am on the scientific paradigm even though i respect it . After reading studies like these it is no suprise that someone with OCD becomes more OCD about their condition and starts worrying a lot about it. Now i am anxious about how this will effect the rest of my life or if i will be able to accomplish my dreams because of this. I considere myself to be a good learner and to have high levels of concentration. After reading some studies it is no suprise that i doubt myself now. Now when i study i doubt myself because of these studies. I just try to ignore the thoughts. I am responsbile about how i react to those studies but sometimes i feel like a victim. It is not something you can easily ignore & keep on going with your day.