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  1. @Carl-Richard Because multiple minds is better than one mind when trying to find a solution.
  2. @Scholar I like this idea. Anxiety isn't the problem. The issue is boredom.
  3. @Kksd74628 Dude, i am physically active. And don't call me indirectly lazy ass b*tch. That is not cool. Your arrogance and testosterone is reeking too much and you should contain it more. Not everyone should be running and lifting weights. That is your thing. Don't force in onto others. Walking 45 minutes every day is good enough for me & doesn't cause uneccesary pressure to my joints. I was lifting weights for years and was into powerlifting . I know the drill.
  4. @Carl-Richard I highly doubt that. We all have motivation problems eventually. Your dopamine doesn't stay the same. After a peak, it goes below baseline. Nobody can work at X thing at the same pace indefinitely. Leo takes 2 months breaks every year.
  5. @Michael569 Basically my problem is that when i wake up in the morning, the easiest thing for me is to scroll through some videos and waste time on youtube. To sit down and practice is not the most attractive option. But this has only been the case the last couple of months. Before that, i didn't waste much time on youtube, and i was practicing for hours. I had the drive, the motivation, the fuel. Until one day i couldn't spend more than 1 hour practicing. I couldn't force myself. It was too painful and unbearable. I think i need to force myself now. Maybe it will work. I don't know what else to do.
  6. @Kksd74628 Ahahahaha Leo says its a waste of time ^_-
  7. @Carl-Richard No. I used to though. Nowadays i mostly go outside for a walk.
  8. Until today, i didn't know that cleaning your mattress was a thing that people do. Is this neccessary for health? I have never done it and i am 29 years old. My parents and grandparents (some of which lived up to 87 years old with no major health issues) never cleaned their mattresses aswell. From what i understand, there are some tiny organisms that live in the mattresses and can cause you respiratory issues if not removed. I have not suffered any ill effects thus far. I take care of cleaning sheets and etc. But cleaning the mattress i have not done that.
  9. Yes i flirt with the idea of suicide from time to time. And it is very normal under certain conditions. There was a phase in my life where i was super bad mentally. And then i was really serious about ending it all. I bought a drug that could potentially kill me. And i prepared the injection. But then i realised that i could not do it . The urge to live, was too strong to overcome. You have to be really really bad to override this self preservation instinct. I wasn't at that breaking point. After that one incident, i never considered again seriously ending my life. I would just entertain it as a thought when things were hard but never seriously. You don't want to to die. What you want, is to stop the misery. That's an important distinction to keep in mind.
  10. I took anti anxiety medication for like 3 weeks and it was one of the worst experiences of my life. I became like a zombie. Basically i didn't feel much of anything. I didn't feel anxiety much but i also didn't feel much of anything else. It was a very dull state of consciousness that i despised. I quickly weaned off the medication. I am very against medication unless they are super necessary. From your post, it seems you haven't exhausted all other methods yet. My anxiety nowadays is very low level. I don't feed into anxiety by ruminating about it. And i accept the worst case scenario by being willing to experience everything.
  11. @Yarco What does this recent study say? I'm very interested to know.
  12. @Yarco Yeah i think it is kinda uneccessary to be honest. I assume we are very well evolved to handle all that stuff. The best method to clean your mattress, is by pouring baking soda and then vaccuum cleaning it. This is how you get rid of the microorganisms that live in the mattress. Haven't done it yet. A video i saw on internet, triggered all of this concern about cleaning my mattress.
  13. @Space What you've said is very encouraging. And the fact that you're living what you preach, means a lot. The fat man's point is that you shouldn't follow your dreams if you probably never will 'make it' or have success at that thing. But i disagree with that. Because you can never know if you will have success at something, if you don't follow that thing and work at it.
  14. @The Mystical Man Very solid advice. Thank you.
  15. @Flowerfaeiry That's a great point.
  16. @TurquoiseAngel My mattress is new (1 year) and has no visible filth in it. Would you still vacuum it if you were in my position? Also, i saw that some people use baking soda to clean their mattresses. You don't use it from what i understand. Right?
  17. My arguement is that, you are not actually afraid of death. But what you are really terrified of is suffering and pain. This has been evident by countless examples. People are commiting suicide everyday because they cannot take any more the torture and misery of their lives. Also speaking of torture, i've seen video where a guy was being tortured, and was in so incredible and terrifying level of pain that he was begging to be killed. And the only reason you fear the unknown , is because you are afraid you won't like it. If i told you, after death everything will be ok with no suffering and pain you would not fear it that much. Maybe there are exceptions to this. There are masochists outhere but they enjoy only particular forms of pain. People make constantly the arguement that you are always afraid of death because what you do each day is take care of your body to avoid it. But that's not quite accurate. You are forced to take care of your body otherwise you will suffer for it. If you don't drink water, it causes distress to you. Your body is sending you all these nagging signals. Thirst motivates you to drink for example. Suffering and pain motivate you to take care of your body, and not so much the fear of death. Sure subsconciously your brain doesn't wanna die either, but what is else to fear other than pain and suffering in life? Also lastly, to illustrate my point: When you go to sleep at nigh, do you fear it?
  18. Given the fact, that we are all manifestations/products of God, does God care about each one of us or not? This question might imply duality but i am asking it from a non-dual/God is All perspective. I have been struggling with this question for quite some time. Also some part of my psyche, needs a Universe which is essentially Good and caring. This is good for my well-being (this is why theists are happier overall than atheists). If we live in an indifferent , cruel, vicious, uterrly brutal Universe, then what good is God after all? Sometimes i think that maybe its impossible to even know the answer to such a question. From my intuitions and observations i think God definitely cares, in the sense that everything is created with infinite intelligence and wisdom. And everything is evolving towards better and better things overall. Despite this, sometimes its easy to fall into nihilism. There seems to be a lot of senseless suffering in this world. You observe how many other creatures have it bad and how much they suffer. Insects getting stomped on, creatures getting slaughtered and tortured, all sorts of weird diseases, mutations , accidents, earthquakes & fires killing many creatures, etc. It's easy to become nihilistic and claim that we live in a cruel, indifferent Universe.This is a very hard metaphysical question, from which your whole sense of trust and well-being in the existence hinges. And its a question that i never see spiritual teachers address. How do you even begin to make sense of all of this?
  19. @Judy2 I like this statement very much. Reminds me of this video. He says that the most important decision you'll ever make is :''Is the universe friendly?'' @37:22
  20. I hate that i see this old man everywhere on my youtube feed even though i try to avoid watching his content like the plague. I know what he is all about by now. I don't need his advice. The energy he exudes is kinda funny and neurotic. I can't describe it. But you can clearly see a neurotic not very high consciousness coming from this guy. He is stuck in some sort of mechanical very predictable pattern in his minda, hard to explain. The videos below are just a good demonstration of the ridiculous nature of his content. Stupid & unexperienced people take him very seriously like he is some philosopher of a great capacity and give him all their authority. People act like he is some great revolutionary thinker that will push humanity ahead, meanwhile he got famous because of conflict and drama, and heavily capitalized on that to make a forture by spreading an ideology to 20year old males. The old man acts like he knows how to suffer through life even though he was addicted on medications. He gives advice on how to suffer through life, meanwhile he himself can't cope with life and needs medications.This is funny. He is full of crap and i am tired of this culture shoving him to my throat everyday Just because someone is a professor doesn't tell you much about how full of crap they are. There are greater thinkers than this guy who are not even academics. He is a cancer for the human and this current culture. His content does more harm than good in my opinion. It promotes bigotry in a more intellectual sneaky scientific way. It creates division and separation.
  21. Leo's long video about Bias, he talks about how everything is equally great (there is no difference between anything etc) and therefore that's why God has no biases. God loves the best dreams equally to all the worst possible nightmares. I don't understand what he means by that statement though. His life is a demonstration of the exact opposite. A life built on conditional happiness and making certain decision to avoid the misery of life. If everything is equally great, you wouldn't care enduring the worst kind of torture and misery. Our lives are carefully constructed to avoid the nightmares at any cost. And we are all scared sh*tless of the possibilities of enduring nighmares and terrifying misery and pain. Some are still pretending otherwise though. Again i understand that relatively speaking not everything is equally great. None of us would enjoy being butchered and tortured. That's why i don't understand when people and spiritual gurues act how everything is ok and the same , etc. Makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Its a theatrical game to me. Everything is not equally great and that is the whole challenge of existence in a nutshell. Thats the whole struggle of life. And the ways each of us lives our lives is the proof of that. The only exceptions that come to mind are figures like the Buddha or Ramana Maharshi. Maybes these are super rare examples of people who embodied this idea that everything is equally great. The rest of us will never accomplish such feats. And maybe its not even possible. Thats why i don't like when i hear that there is no difference between things, because clearly & obviously there is.
  22. I don't know how many are aware of this guy but i stumbled across him quite recently and i find him very fascinating. He is a Professor of Economics and has studied at some of the most privileged universities in United States. He is an interesting case because his parents were immigrants and not wealthy. His critique of capitalism is some high quality stuff. This guy is 80 year old with the mental acuity of a 25 year old and has studied this subject for decades. He has made some good points that are similar to Leo's point. Some of his points are: Even most academic people have no clue about marxism. They simply don't know this stuff. People are not exposed to a critique of capitalism. It is not taught in universities. Many people just have a knee-jerk reaction when they hear about marxism even though they haven't bothered studying it seriously, especially in the US. Professors , at the time when he was a student, were fearful and did not talk about marxism. They didn't wanna lose their jobs or upset anybody. There are people who do their job just for the joy of it, without having to get the big money. This notion that people won't do their passion if they are not getting tons of money is unrealistic. (Also to be honest, the real fundamental reason why people want way more money than others, is to attract women) Slavery and Feudalism were systems of the past that we overcame. Capitalism is no different. In the past, the master knew that he was a master because his parents were masters. The slaves knew they were slaves because their parents were probably slaves. Capitalists claim they are more smart or more able than the rest of us. This is a story so they can feel comfortable because somewhere they know that the system is rigged.
  23. This is a real-life story i've heard yesterday. This story was shared by the woman involved in this story. There was a group of women who visited a place called 'bouzoukia' in Greece. Its a place with singers, entertainment, alcohol etc. In this group of women, there was a 40year old beautiful woman. Also in the same place, there were a group of older men. Particularly there was a 55-57 year old male who got a lot of attention from the singer and also from other people. They all seemed to know this guy . (Cue for Status #1) After a while this 55 year old guy approaches the 40 year old woman and hits on her. The woman did not find the man attractive at all and rejected him. He found him too old, very short and ugly . (Keep this in mind). Meanwhile the othe women in the group found him quite attractive. After some time, the old man stalked the 40 year old woman. He followed her for a little while and gave her a business card. The business card basically was a signal that this guy was a mutli-millionaire with a 5 star restaurant near the area (Cue for Status #2). After a while the woman called him. She claimed she just did it for fun because her friends pushed her and had no intentions to do anything sexual with him (lol ). To make a long story short, the old wealthy man finally 'conquered her' (super briefly) and had sex with her like a madman for 2 months. Then he created some bs excuse that he couldn't no longer be with her because of his wife. (These high status guys replace women frequently because of the desire for sexual variety that all men inherently have). This story is insane and just demonstrates that even if you are very ugly physically to a woman it does not matter if you have insanely high status . This is a crazy hack and a hard truth to shallow for many people. This is not an attack on women. We can't deny what is, even if we find it ridiculous and repugnant. Both sexes have evolved sex differences that are somewhat abhorrent and disturbing
  24. I have been intrigued a lot by narcissists. I really despise them. They represent everything i hate about the human race. Egotism, self-centeredness, lack of empathy, stupidity, spiritual myopia & etc From what i've understood so far, narcissitsts seem like a lost cause... Most psychologists say there is little that can be done to treat narcissism... Again i don't firmly believe this. Because i know that psychologists and psychiatrists have no clue yet about mental health. We are still in the dark ages as far as mental health goes. Do you think that narcissists are a lost cause? They seem to be stuck at a really low dense state of Consciousness. A level of Consciousness that is hard to be understood from people like us who are into spirituality, caring for others , more open and free, etc.