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  1. Been more than once in my life that I was crying and eating. People were looking at me like something was wrong. Well, there was something wrong. I was grieving but at the same time it coincided with an appetite with hunger pangs. I intuited that people were judging me for shoveling down food right after had received very distressing information. There I was trying to chew and swallow a mouthful of food and cry at the same time. Where is it written down that if you're extremely worried and/or grieving that it's somehow improper to ingest some cooked food? And so-what if you're crying also. It's normal for human beings to cry! People are so quick to judge sometimes,,,
  2. Some of what I wrote in my last entry is garbage. Thats okay with me though. Making mistakes. inaccuracies, summarizing wrongly. It does matter and it doesn't matter. Never mind. If it doesn’t matter then I don’t mind. If it’s a question about mind over matter then it’s a sometimes but not always situation. Like pouring empty into the void which to me seems opposite to all and everything. Then does that constitute a matter over mind equation which is in essence a brain juxtaposed to mind consideration. Brain being more basic to mind similar to the analogy of what the body is to the Soul. What about the nucleus of an atom to the circling electrons? Seems like that is similar but much lower of an octave comparatively to a central star in a solar system that has orbiting planets. Theorizing that God is a collection of galactic clusters,,,,then perhaps a human being’s lifetime is a quark in the body of God, I'm pondering my unacknowledged fear of death as well. The death of the body is pretty much unescapable. for all of us. Although there are some glimmers of hope in the sciences with age reversal. There are so many advances nowadays in connection with A.I. Fell asleep last night editing on my phone. Got carried away with all that gibberish,,,, It’s cathartic somehow.
  3. @Thought Art Sciatic nerve is getting impinged? Maybe a hip is out just a little bit.. My hip used to go out from traveling long distances on the Interstate with my wallet continually pushing my hip and slowly wrecking my posture,
  4. Thoughts on shift between first tier and second tier of Spiral Dynamics map of Human worldviews or levels of consciousness. There seems to be an energized empathy at the green level which precedes the yellow level beginning the shift into the second level. It seems to me that people at the yellow level and above have emerged after being overwhelmed in a ‘dark night’ of sorts. They have died to parts of themselves that were constructed out of a naïve imagination which kept them in an all-knowing certainty devoid of the harsh realities that are at the basis of human survival in which a scarcity of resources mandates that a form of narcissistic competition must exist. This competition has a dominant theme which includes social acceptance through demonstrating wealth. Those who are not born into wealthy families and even those who are, are conditioned into the idea of getting a “higher education” with the promise of wisdom and success for those who make it through. From my perspective I see an eroding of common sense and in its place a construction of self importance based in part on the ability to confuse or intimidate others with an attitude of glib, erudite confidence. Otherwise known as the ability or capacity for successfully bullshiting others. The building of this capacity can also overtime put one through the meat grinder of higher education. So it’s not a this or that choice. It’s the half measures on the path of struggle which leaves people in cul-de-sacs of chronic depression or an overwhelmed apathy. Actualization is not solely for the educated. In part It’s about discovering and expressing in some way that uniqueness that is yours alone. Do you see a distinction between identifying with multiculturalism or relating with transcultural non attachment? One is an “ism” and the other one is not. It’s not the 3 letters of ism that cause a blind spot but rather the identifying with ————— fill in the blank. Pluralism, socialism, capitalism, monotheism, etc., I’ve digressed,,, As Gurdjieff put it- Identification is one of our worst foes. Going back now to being overwhelmed on the path, stalling out and just barely surviving day to day or week to week. A distinction was made by Abraham Maslow between “survival or deficiency needs” and what he referred to as “being needs”. The lower levels below 2nd tier are concerned mostly with deficiency needs; food, shelter, sex, social acceptance. He equated “being needs” with whatever you do that inspires you. It’s where a person works because of a selfish fulfillment, in a sense. Say that a someone works above and beyond what’s expected in order to finish a job. They are willing to endure tiredness and perhaps criticism from others in order to accomplish whatever it is that they are doing. That’s a path with heart as Castaneda phrased it. People who are confident and at peace are trustworthy. They know the difference between a neurotic state of mind juxtaposed to having inner quiet. They know that unbalanced or neurotic states of consciousness come and go with varying intensity. The same can be said of having inner quiet or as some Buddhists have defined wisdom as understanding silence. A distinction should be realized between unconstrained imagination and constrained imagination. Unconstrained imagination may be one of our worst enemies. It runs hand in hand with self deception. Also with either fear or hope. Trustworthy people are disciplined people for the most part. But not always. You can also find many disciplined people who are deceptive, devious and cunning, I guess,,, It’s almost a fad for people these days to be pointing out someone that they think are narcissistic. We are all narcissists to a degree. It just means being selfish or self absorbed to a degree that they are willing to actively step all over other people. I know someone who absolutely exhausts themselves trying to do the right thing while viewing themselves through the eyes of other people. There is little joy to be found there because the inner critic in them never lets them off the hook. Do something for others when you WANT to. There are times when you choose to help others when you really don’t want to but a sense of responsibility beyond that of self condemnation mandates that you do it. It is very important to take care of yourself and charge your own batteries. You can be of service to others more effectively when you are doing it from a place of exuberance and finding a selfish fulfillment while doing it. Helping others or doing a good job or creating something of quality or value pays an inner reward that speaks to your inner quiet. Writing this out on my phone has taken a little time and I’m ready to step off my soapbox. Good night.
  5. Transcultural diversity
  6. To endeavor to persevere. To remember yourSelf in not splitting off and fragmenting your instinctual drives. Strategy of putting the whammy of a Care-bear mindmeld on others who are causing trouble,,,
  7. Kip demonstrating his salesmanship. I can relate to this scene. Uncle Rico- “How much you want to make a bet, I could throw this football over the them mountains.”
  8. Being independent minded Breakfast I have my usual mixture of sugar, margarine, salt, cinnamon, and just a little bit of oatmeal and water. I return to my bed and crumble as many chocolate chip cookies as I dare into the bowl to offset the inevitable overabundance of margarine. Just because I'm into actualizing my potential in terms of realization of awareness and cognition doesn't mean I have to sign on to the idea of proper nutrition. I applaud those who eat in a healthy way and for those who try to do so but sometimes fail. Please excuse me for being a bad example. Lunch-midday Gatorade, 3-4 pieces of raisin bread and a couple of chocolate chip cookies or perhaps some fried sausage with 3 greasy fried eggs and a couple of chocolate chip cookies for my sweet tooth. Suppertime Salted greasy fried potatoes with macaroni and cheese and 2=3 chocolate chip cookies. Then a bowl of chocolate ice cream at bedtime. My practice is inquiry. To observe with ruthless honesty when I become negative in my inner world or perhaps seek merit and praise from others. Also, this means not to fall into self-criticism but rather to sit with and observe my weaknesses in regard to emotional negativity and its effects. * Note- Intake of sugar, caffeine and other stuff,,, often produce a greater likelihood of reactivity and the expression of negative emotion.
  9. There seems to be a simultaneously movement of direction in the following poem, by Dzou'l Noun. All men are dead, except those who know. All those who know are dead, except those who practice. All those who practice are dead, except those who act. All those who act are lost, except those who act with righteous intent. All those who act with righteous intent are in grave danger. This is what I hear. It speaks of the need to return to beginners mind every day or as needed. This is the springboard used to leap out of my grave. I strive and then I don't strive. Simultaneously observing inward and observing outward at times creates a unified perceptual field, difficult to describe and the more I try to do so, cheapens it.
  10. The book Soul Without Shame, alone I found valuable in regard to self-hatred. As well as Red Hawk's book - Self Observation; The awakening of Conscience. Good luck.
  11. @Ulax I really enjoyed your last selection. These guys don't seem to be into self-promotion but rather focus on their art of creating music. They utilize the art of Alex Grey quite often. https://www.alexgrey.com/
  12. The Work is for losers. Scale of being,,,, I heard a teacher of the fourth way once say this. A person must be disillusioned with life. The following is from Maurice Nicole’s work. I enjoy his humorous style of speaking which was written from transcripts from speeches given to his work groups. The illusion of doing and knowing Now let us sketch the person who is full of vanity, self-merit, self-admiration, self-love, self-estimation, self-worthiness, self-conceit, self-importance, self-esteem, self-excitement, and so on. That person is very identified with himself or herself. This person is rich -- "the rich man" (or the rich woman). Such people have no idea that they cannot do. This idea would startle them. They also have no notion that they do not know. They are sure they know best. They feel depressed only when their vanity meets with a check, or no doubt they feel furious. But they cannot see themselves. They may be very kind so long as they are gratified with thanks and praise. They help the poor, they give money to those in distress, provided they get proper recognition and feel they are properly treated. Such people may be very useful in mechanical life, but in the Work, which is under a reverse sign from life, they may find themselves at a loss. The Work grows out of our "poorness", not our "richness" I remember many years ago that some people of this kind who were in the Work decided to get together and make the Work "really go." They felt that it was all too slow and that they could rapidly make it a great success and they no doubt pictured themselves sitting on the platform at some great meeting at the Albert Hall or some such place bowing to thousands of people. They felt that out of their "richness" -- I am speaking psychologically -- they could enlarge the Work. But it is out of our "poorness" that the Work grows. It is not from the rich personality that the Work grows in us but from the starved and real essence. If impressions fall on essence you see in a new way. Now a "rich" person, very identified with himself or herself, cannot expect to see things without associations or to get any new impressions falling on essence which is the growing point of a person. That person will live always in associations -- in the past. Also an opinionated person, a man or woman openly or secretly in love with themselves, and certain of themselves and their virtue, and standpoint, such a man or woman, wholly identified with themselves, will not be able to divide themselves into two. That is, they will not be able to shift their position but must always remain where they are and so what they are in the Scale of Being. Where and what are the same in this scale. That is, the level of being where you are, is also what you are. If you begin to see yourself passively you begin to see the level of being you are chained down to by the active, self-acting side of you -- the side that calls itself "I" and which, in my case, expects to be "Maurice Nicoll." This side, in everyone, usurps the throne and sits on it. Scale of being,,,, hmm
  13. DID You know? It's Ok. Everything is just Okay. I don't know anything about what's to come. The future for all of us may be filled with terror and painful death if humankind does not wise up to the uselessness of war. I can think of nothing sadder than children and the innocent among us facing extreme terror produced by the weapons of modern warfare. Did this get too melodramatic? It's sobering. Perception becomes more vivid when you face your own mortality. When death is near,,,, The present moment can become a cherished gift. Even if by others I'm perceived as a fool. I'm so thankful I don't care what others think of me. With no shame. Do your eyes fill with tears? If so, I've entered your heart. or perhaps you've entered mine. My heart is a perceptual filter used to examine reality. It has a dimensional range. Both vertical and horizontal it seems. Tender and mild at times. Indifferent and cold when it closes up. Then there is boredom, rage, lust, awe, gratitude and other qualities. My heart is like your heart.
  14. There is a conversation around the idea of AI girlfriend/boyfriend robots. It's an interesting idea but not one that I really want to be an advocate for. The above You tubes are not about that. The covers are clickbait. They are very much worth watching though. One of my primary interests in the potential abuse of technology that results in the abuse of human rights and loss of privacy. There is an ironic situation at present. In hindsight I see my total disregard for pc maintenance and safety which would probably allow for potential hacking. if this has happened. Does the idea of being psychologically integrated and individuated make a difference. You bet it does. Integration and individuation are key elements in actualizing one's human potential. It allows you to express or display your idiot selves without need for defensiveness or justification. An Asterix or perhaps 3-5 belongs with the last couple of statements. 😉 https://www.diamondapproach.org/glossary/refinery_phrases/integration https://www.diamondapproach.org/glossary/refinery_phrases/individuation
  15. Preciseness, beneficial, abbreviated and beautiful.
  16. A link that you might like. Thttp://www.halexandria.org/dward718.htm
  17. Just Merican or English,,, I have a good deal of respect for those who speak more than one language. I've noticed that some people are quick to look down on others who are speaking a language besides their native tongue. Not realizing that they are speaking a second or third language besides their primary language.
  18. The Mystic Gurdjieff had a rather sobering view in regard to one having a soul. This aphorism condenses. His view. Blessed is he who has a soul, blessed is he who has none, but woe and grief to him who has it in embryo. He claimed that humans on Earth are here to develop and complete their soul. That for the most part we are born with only a starter kit of a soul. One of the main tasks in this view is to purify the emotional center. This requires not being reactive towards whoever or whatever pushes our buttons. We are responsible for our negativity regardless of what happens. The task is to fully feel whatever we experience but not bitch, complain, or verbally attack another human or animal. I continually fail at this task..... In regard to this idea, Arnold Keyserling said an interesting thing one time. If a person could go for two years (the orbit of Mars) without reacting in anger. They would never feel a negative emotion towards anyone for the rest of their life. This condition might correlate with the state of consciousness called Christ Consciousness or nondual consciousness as described by Jim Marion, Ken Wilber and others. Gurdjieff's work is sometimes referred to as the Fourth Way or Esoteric Christianity. I heard a Teacher of the Fourth Way once say that it is for losers. One must be a complete loser and totally disillusioned with life to be ready to enter The Fourth Way... Seeing and experiencing the uselessness of materialism and other worldviews, There are different lineages which vary in their view of the Teaching. Gurdjieff taught reincarnation in a way and said if a soul doesn't reach purification and completion within the time frame of the life of a Solar system. The partial soul will disintegrate. This is all rather depressing, isn't it,,,,,?
  19. I was advised by someone I respect that Love is something that should never be discussed, I can see the wisdom in the idea,,,, Let me contradict myself and seemingly disregard that statement with what I’ve expressed before. Romantic love and infatuation are both instances of love with a small “l”ove. Unconditional Love often means sacrificing one’s own wants and needs. That’s Love with a big “L”ove. To hold unconditional Love as a standard to live up to. This does more harm than good. The vast majority of humans are incapable of the state of consciousness that is unconditional Love. It is sometimes ‘touched’ as a state but I’ve never have known a human who lived in the state of unconditional Love as a permanent stage of consciousness. A quote from Lao tsu comes to mind. “He who knows does not speak. He who speaks does not know.” Soooo, with the idea given to me that one should not speak about Love. That is all for now. I’m going to observe myself in the future and see if I ramble on,,, And now for something different. This guy incorporated the use of a shotgun with his drumming. I get a kick out of his drumming. Truly impressive!
  20. This was an observation about myself that I shared with an online group. It’s the kind of self observation that should be shared here instead of my usual hyperbolic or exaggerated expressions. —I was cynical and noticed that it perpetuated a subtle sense of guilt. The Commentaries introduced me to the treasures of light-heartedness. To me goofy is equal to being lighthearted. I’ve backslid in the last couple of years and perhaps found the value of letting hatred burn hot and clean instead of repressing the hatred which seems to perpetuate the guilt as well. I’m a work in progress. Sometimes 2 steps forward then 3 steps back.— The Commentaries mentioned are The Psychological Commentaries on the Teaching of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky by Maurice Nicoll. It’s in my understanding and experience that actualizing one’s potential is not an experience of crossing the finish line once and for all ending with an illuminated enlightenment. Falling back into some degree of neurotic condition is usually the rule and will occur for years. Even after a major transformative realization. Because there are many to be potentially realized. The practice of sensing one’s feet or of breathing into the belly center. Not holding your gut in like many adults do. Let it relax like a little kid who is free from self consciousness. Having excessive internal dialogue and being trapped inside your head is the experience of being a poor bastard with innumerable problems to be solved. In contrast, having inner quiet is a wonderful experience.
  21. An archetypal Mars/adrenal essence type with a moving-instinctive center of gravity, These bipedal characters burn ground and can specialize in destroying cars or furniture.
  22. A wannabe passivist with an interdimensional warlock starter kit I'm captain Oblivious much of the time. Moreso when my attention is concentrated and drawn away from me rather than directed at a focal point. Two days ago, while working on a project outdoors, a mind flash occurred that added to a previous insight/concept. As G. once stated. As soon as I realized the sense of this idea, I got up and began to run around the spring, without knowing what I was doing, like a young calf. I've always been this way to a degree,,,. Of being in a world of my own making, excluding the goings-on of my immediate environment. This happens in a number of ways and includes a very distilled, if you will, element of psychological /sensorial projection which takes on a life of its own with characters independent of my volition, who then begin acting on their own. I wonder/postulate that connection is being made with the collective unconscious and perhaps simultaneously the imaginal/causal realm. There's a lot going on here that needs to be sorted out. This morning after I woke while still laying horizontal. i saw a difficult situation in a different light. There was a felt sense of communication with someone at a distance and simultaneously, a healing. This healing was similar and commiserate with understanding and forgiveness. Nisargadatta's statement comes to mind. "Nothing is wrong anymore".