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  1. What challenges do women go through when dating men? I would love to understand that, because I'm not a women. If i had to take a guess i would say that they have to have big tits and a nice body to get more option with men.
  2. If i can use Psychedelics there then hell yeah, but if its a book club where i have to discuss psychedelics then nah bro, no offence.
  3. There are about 7.6 billions people in the world, just look in the big crowd. Maybe you can find someone better or simillar. Maybe if your lucky you can find her twin lol
  4. isn't that inappropriate to touch her physically? Maybe not the night club, but other places.
  5. I am considering buying the Life Purpose course, but i have some concern. I need to know that i'm not wasting lot of money here. Lets assume i found out that my passion is art through the life purpose course, how do i know that i can earn good with money. In my contry artists earns shit with money. I value working with something i'm passion about, but if i earn shit with money and i dont have enough time to do personal development that wouldn't be worth it. If i'm gone have a LP i want to be ritch and have a lot of freedom. If i had it my way i would just get free money for doing 0 work and just enjoy life and go hardcore on personal development since i would have so much free time. Although that would be impossible unless i had ritch parents that could provide for me. So my main question is, will taking the life purpose give me freedom and make me ritch?
  6. @dinone I know, i was just kidding.
  7. Just say this to her: There are like 7.5 billions of people on this earth, do you really think we need to produce more humans. We have more then enough humans here on earth, it would be overkill if we produce more small humans. We can go ahead and have some children, when humanity is about to face extinction, maybe they will be humanity last hope. If my gf ever gone have this discusion with me, i will just use this argument every time.
  8. Psychedelics seem a bit too good to be true, what is the catch? It seems way to easy to just take some 5 meo dmt and just wait 5 min and then you suddenly have a blown out enlightenmet experience. You can even have a deeper enlightenmet experience a zen master that has spend 30 years of pursuing awakening. It seems way to easy. One thing i have learned in life is that everything has a catch. So my question is what is the prize? Or is it just as easy as to just take some psychedelics over some few years and be awake as fuck.
  9. Amsterdam in Netherland i hear is a great place since the police are much more cool there.
  10. I wanted to be a scientist and create powrfull tools to strengthen human survival. I wanted human to live more then just 100 years, maybe 500 years is a good age to die at, but i think this just develiry and i would just destroy the whole world. I would just ruin naturs balance. I dont know what i want create.
  11. My biggest question i want to answer is "What is death?", "who am i?" and what is this very moment or what you guys call consciousness? So if i have to die in order to answer these question let it be.
  12. @Skanzi Well that is a big problem, i think i have already become attached to psyhedelics and it creats suffering. Although i think that when i use psyhedelics i will just become more detached from psyhedelics. well thats my theory anyway. I can't just become detached in an intence, if only it was that easy. When we begin our spirtual path we start with the ego and as the more you do this work, the more of your ego dies.
  13. @Serotoninluv Are you saying that i need to develeop my self with meditation and spiral dyanmic in order to raise my conscious to make psychedelics more effective to for conscious work? Leo did talk something about that people that are in above stage orange are much more liklihood of integrationg an full blown enlightenment experience then the lower stages.
  14. I´m an intervert so for me its great to realize this. I don't have to fear other people, because they are me.
  15. What is this thing you guys call Nero feedback machine? What is so great about this machine? Can someone explain.
  16. My dream before awakening was to become a science and to stop aging process through technology and just gain more power. When i mean power i dont mean money i mean superhuman physically power, godlike power. Then when i heard about awakening, i just put my dream to the side. I still want to do it, but i'm terrible in math. The only problem with stoping the aging process is that it's based on fear and devilry. The goverment would have to make it illegal to have children, since the population would just blow up. I'm still orange/green so yeah.
  17. I like to use cannabis for entertainment and in the sake of being high.
  18. I hope your at least 25 or older i hear that weed can decrease your cognitive level. This is especially a big problem for young students since their brain isn't developed before they reach the age 25.