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  1. This at least my plan. This is why i stoped perusing enlightenment. I'm gone focus on build my life purpose and do hard core pick up when the corona-19 is over.
  2. Maybe that is enough time for the sciences to find better way to treat the virus.
  3. I told my friends i hallucinated and they just said how much weed did u smoke. If you hallucinat then people will think your either on drugs or just crazy.
  4. Can i awaken only using powerfull psychedelics like 5 meo dmt and contemplating?
  5. I'm a virgin and i dont watch porn. I barely know what sex is and how it works. Its hard to question these things when i have never experience them before. I dont even know what being in a relationship is like and what it even is.
  6. when i approach i usually imagin me being more confident and put my self on pedestal in some few seconds. That helps when approaching. The best way to approach is just do it and don't let your mind say a word,
  7. I'm thinking to take some LSD or MDMA this summer for the first time. My brother and his friends have had some few trips on MDMA and LSD, but there trips seems very shallow compered to Leo's trips and people on the forum. When my brother takes psychedelics he just hallucinate some cool stuff and colur changes, but nothing more. I don't want to just have some cool hallucinating. I want a ego death and I want the duality bettwen reality and hallucination to collapse. I want to realise god. I want the truth. My brother and his friends only use psychedelics to have fun and to get high. I don't think my brother has had any of these spiritual experience even after taken maybe 10 trips. Do anyone have any tips to get deeper psychedelic trip on LSD or MDMA? I know radical open mindedness is essential. Although i do consider my self very open minded. Any other stuff i can do to take me way deeper then the people in my city that takes MDMA and LSD.
  8. I thought awakening was gone make you love yourself more and since you are everything then shouldn't you love all parts of yourself. Did you miss the love part in your awakenings?
  9. I have this girl on snapchat who is pretty hot. I have send some few snaps to her, but how do i get her to be more interested in me? I dont know about you guys, but most of my friend i have is on snapchat. I know i need her phone number, but now in 2020 everyone i know only use snapchat these days. Phone number is a bit outdated these days. I cant find any good scorces on how to chat with a girl on snapchat. I know there are good scorces on how to text a girl, but do i use snapchat the same as i would text her or is it different. Anyone have some tips on how to chat with a girl on snapchat?
  10. This year i have decieded to fix my introvert and fix my social skills. The problem is that i hate the process of befriend someone. For me it took ca. 0.5 years before i became really good friends with someone. It was easy to make friends when i was 5-8 years old, but i actally never made any new friend before i was 16 years old since all of my friends started on different high school. I made 3 new firends, but i only have intimate friendship with one of them. Also i have never had any girlfriends. I need more friends and i also want to friendzone some girls. I want to make the process really quick so i can talk with someone random at my school and become best friend like we have been friends for years within maybe 1-2 weeks. Is it possible to speed up the process and how?
  11. I can get my heands on MDMA, but i dont want ruind my health or die. According to what i have read MDMA can be pretty dangerous. It can cause heat stroke and fuck up your neurotransmitter. Thay say it also cause depression after the trip. There are even cases where people have died from MDMA. Is this some made up shit just to keep it from awakening the whole world or is it legit. i know that unsafe dose can contribute how much side effect there will be. I also know that MDMA is not really MDMA, but rather mixed up with toxic shit, that might kill you. Even if i test for purity on the drug, how do i know i wont just kill my self or fuck up my life? I thought psychedelics were suppose to be safe and great medication for depression.
  12. well i read the news some lovers wanted to take MDMA togheter for the love part form MDMA, but they died. They were way older then me, but i bet they were reckless using MDMA and were not carefull.
  13. But with clean MDMA do i avoide heat stroke or deprresion? Do all the side effect go away with clean MDMA?
  14. Have you tried to take a 5 meo dmt or some other strong psychedelics to experience love, god and infinity I dont think you should judge before you have had some mystical experience.
  15. I always think people see my as being ugly, since i was born with something called cleft palate. You can look it up. It is not that bad since i have had great surgeons have fixed a lot of it. When i first started in school, kids used to look at me and i used to be teased for my mouth that crippled my self esteem. When i started in middle school kids were more mature and no one looked at my mouth anymore and never mention it. Somethimes i forgot that i had calf palate. This helped my to slowly recover my self esteem. Even some hot girls liked to talk to me, but my self essteam was low at that time. I just said a bunch of cringe stuff to these girls. I had 0 skils with girls. I think they liked me though. It was only in high school my self esteem began to flower. Although the cleft palate reduce my self essteam a lot still. I love my physical looks and my face except the cleft palate. My surgeons say they can remove the cleft palate 100% before the next summer. Should i wait or should i just start and approch girls? I will get rejected even after the surgery anyway so what is even the point of waiting. Should i just own my looks and love my self and work on dating skills in stead of worrying about my looks? Should i wait or do i just start right now and approch girls?
  16. @John Iverson Just smoke 2-3 times a month to avoid building tolerance.
  17. My brother saids the reason this happens is because you low tolerance towards marijuana, when you smoke more you wil have more tolerance and when you smoke it will just make you chill and it won't hit you hard so hard in the beginning.
  18. Have you tried to just look it up "How to cold approach a girl?"
  19. Mabye i want to become a science and revolusjonens science, by bringing spirituality and science togheter. Althought i might be demonized and kicked out.
  20. Don't get lost in the question, who am i. This can be a distraction, Just look at reality or existence. Just look in your direct experience long enough and something wil be reveled. Also try to keep your mind as silent as much as possible. That is the best advice i can give you. When i had my first experience of no-self my mind was silent and i just tried to look at existence in stead of getting lost in the question.
  21. I thought women like bad man or in better words bad boy. People say that nice/good man don't usally attract women because they are nice.
  22. Maybe your just an introvert
  23. According to what people have said on the forum and what i have read about dating then the best places are: Night club, bar, the street where a lot of people go by, mall and parties if your in school. I don't think it is a good idea to approach girls at a library or the gym.