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  1. My brother gave his buddy 250 ug as his first trip, he had a great trip, but i doubt any spirtual happend to him.
  2. Salvia something lighter? Read the trip reports of salvia. Salvia looks like hell. Salvia, hell no, I think i will stay away from salvia for now.
  3. But i only have access to LSD and MDMA. Also i belive i can handel it, i have experience with weed wich is hard to handle for me especialy the first time i tried it. After smoking weed some few times it got easier to handle and stay calm during the high. Sometimes weed is so strong, i dont want do it again.
  4. I think he said 5 meo-dmt is 10 000 times more potent then dmt and less visual then dmt.
  5. For me personaly weed is usless for consciousness work, gota go on to try LSD i guess.
  6. Does not 2C-B, 5 MeO-DMT, 5 MeO-MiPT and MDMA work since they increase love and sexual feelings.
  7. Just follow Leos advice: Desire is more important than knowledge. Think about Leos example of going to the moon. Geting to the moon is 10 times harder then geting your hands on 5 MeO-DMT.
  8. This is my stage. 6) Eventually discover that God is infinite selflessness: This is where i intend to end up one day
  9. I think you need to try dmt before you try 5 meo dmt.
  10. Now i am acctally talking about covid-19. I just wonder when can i approach girls without putting them or me in danger? I am not in the US with 1.3 million innfected btw. My original plan was to approach girls like hardcore in summer when i have all the time, but the covid-19 just had to ruind my plan.
  11. Have you heard of something called covid-19. It is a dangrous virus that have killed 280 000 people global. When was the last time you saw the sun?
  12. I guess i have to wait for the Vaccine or use online dating. The only problem with online dating is that with my looks i have 0 chance. I cant use my confident or my charm to get the girl online. I really want to lose my virginity before the covid-19 decides to kill me too.
  13. Here in Norway i see very few people wearing mask and we are starting to open up, but they say we need to have 1 meter distance.
  14. The big question can you use psychedelics to heal trauma you get from using psychedelics? Is it possible to heal the damage from psychedelics by using psychedelics?
  15. Why not try 5 Meo DMT first and then come here tell us if this a cult's teachings.
  16. This is why i have decided to do spirtuality after having a life purpose and i'm done going after girls. I have decided to go a different path and use maslow pyramide as a map. I have decided to satify my egoic survival stuff like money, passion, sex, relationship, confident and self self esteem before going for spirtuality.
  17. How strong is 4-HO-MET? Is it stronger then dmt or is equal strong as dmt? I am curious as if this is an advance pshychedelic or a noob like LSD and MDMA?
  18. My brother is worried if i take LSD i might laugh so hard i will get problems breathing and pass out. I hear that LSD can make things much more funny. My brother and his friends were triping on LSD. They were looking at pizza and they laugh so hard that his friend was getting issue breathing because he laugh so much he was not able to breath. Also i laugh about a lot of things sober. What would happen if i triped on LSD. Has anyone had issue with LSD like this? How do aviod passing out because of lack of oxygen?
  19. I wonder what do we call the god that stage blue people use. Do we use the word christian god?
  20. I don't know about 5 Meo dmt, but my brother has become addicted to MDMA even tho sience says they have no evidence saying that MDMA is addicticve.
  21. Is it possible to develop healing power through psychedelics in stead of 10 000 hours of concentration. Maybe it could be possible to also bring back your cool powers back in your normal life after the trip. Has anyone tested it out? Do you need to be 100% self less in order to be able to use psychic powers?
  22. Is it possible to handle Salvia in a healty, where your salvia will not totaly destroy you. What is the best way to handle to salvia? I am just curious. I have no plan to do salvia not at least before i have done 100 or more trips.
  23. Maybe take dating course online, they do exist or pay some dating coaches to guide you in the field when u approch girls.