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  1. I learned at the age of 16 that i can touch my dick and masturbate. I did have sex education when i was 14, but they never told me that i can masturbate. When i learned it, i never took it serious and saw it as a waste of my time to touch my dick. At the age of 18 all my firends told me that masturbating is worth it. I also learned that masturbating has many benefit. I also learned that masturbating is good workout for my penis. I know that people quit masturbating, i think it was called nofap if i am right. It seems that masturbating have created problems for people. Should i masturbate guys is it worth my time?
  2. @Leo Gura So i guess what you are saying is come back next century. Maybe you could try in 2120.
  3. Why not go to out at a party, nightclub or a rave party late at night to approach girls. I think that is easier to do then just random day time approach.
  4. I want a bad bitch in my life, just like a girl want a bad boy.
  5. When a girls find you being cute does that mean i am attractive? I have heard that being cute only means that she sees you as a "friend". This is something i have received from movies, but not sure whether this is true for in real life. Are you only attractive if they say you are handsome or hot. Maybe its true what they say that i am cute/adorable.
  6. Yes it is, do you think Leo was the first guy that discovered a new pshychedelic. Leo is not even a chemist.
  7. It does not matter what Leo use, maybe the psychedelic does not worke for you. If u want to try some other psychedelics, try to experiement with what works for you. Here is a list of all the known psychedelics known to the world:
  8. he cute tho True i sound just like this guy in "Ice age" movies.
  9. There where girls in middle school that where talking a lot to me, thouching me slightly and asking personal question. I always pushed them away because i had way more social anxiety then and i was terrified of girls, sex and reletionship. This fear only began to fade away when i was 16 years old. I am glad i did push them away because i was way immature and afraid too have girlfriend.
  10. MDMA is a nice tool for healing, love and other posstive stuff, but be carefull. MDMA is neurotoxic and can cause depression because of the lower inntake of serotonin nerve cells. I would recomend to take at least 3 month break from MDMA before taking it again. I think psychedelics are better tool and much safer. I am not saying never take MDMA, but just be carefull with it.
  11. My brother had same effect he hallucinated smal women, dragons, people and other wired shit
  12. I really want to do the same only instead of a club, i would maybe try something more, something like to go to a rave one day.
  13. what do you mean, do i need to experience a deep trip before i understand what it means to "process previous trip"
  14. Why do everyone on this forum post a post where they claim that they are awake and say "ask me anything"?
  15. Isn't this called deconstruction of ideas.