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  1. ops wrong post just ignore what i wrote there
  2. Maybe you need to build emotional mastery Another suggestion is to just love getting your reality fucked up and look at it something positive. Leo loves getting his reality fucked up
  3. Can i attain enlightenment reading this text? Leo said that it is possible to attain enlightenment through reading some high quality spiritual text. Can this text point me to the ox?
  4. @Markus Is the truth sommthing else then oneness and emptiness? Isn't enlightenment the truth of no self and absolute infinity?
  5. I don't know why, but i was a bit disappointed in the experience of omnipresent it was not as mind-blowing and amazing as i thought. The emptiness was way more scary, but also amazing and just mind blowing. I literally feelt immortal in this emptiness. I might need a deeper omnipresent experience before it will blow me away.
  6. What do you guys think about doing a whole year just meditating and doing spiritual techniques? I think this can be one of the fastet way to attain enlightenment. Getting some few enlightenment experience is not really that hard, but to attain no mind state is way more challenging. I'm not sure, but i think one year solo reatreat is more then enought to attain no-mind state. I have been thinking about this a while now. I really just want to attain enlightenment fast so i can live the rest of my life in this enlightenment state of consciousness.
  7. Dont go too far that they will beat you or worst kill you so be careful how far you test people's boundaries
  8. Do you guys think a one year solo retreat would be too go to fast and have a much stronger ego backlash if i do this? Do you think this could drive me insane if i just meditate 24/7 for a whole year?
  9. @outlandish i'm not saying i will do it now and no i have not completed 1 week solo retreat but it is coming. I have faith i will one day be able to do a one year solo retreat
  10. I use similar technique and i find it pretty effective. I have even gotten glimpse of the ox, although i don't know how much i glimpse. I probably just glimpse a singel hair of the ox's tail.
  11. @SriBhagwanYogi stay away from capitalism, too much left brain and science...
  12. This is a question i have wondered for quite a time now. Some people spend 50 years chasing enlightenment and they dont achive it. While some people acchive enlightenment not knowing anything about it, just one day it just hit them out of nowhere. For example Eckhart tolle attain one of the deepest enlightenment. It just happend to him one night. He had no idea what happend to him before he looked it up. He went from stage 1 in the oxherding pictures to picture 5 or 6. Do anyone have a answer to why some people attain enlightenment faster then other people?
  13. They thing your trying to say with the black hole makes logical sense, but i haven't understood it. If i truly understood it i would probably be enlightened by now.
  14. Do you guys think it is possible to take a DNA test to see what your strengths and obstacles are in this enlightenment journey?
  15. What technique should i use when doing a solo retreat for 10 days? what technique should i pick of these ones: self inquiry, kriya yoga, do nothing or mindfulness. I don't know what to chose i really have a problem with choosing technique. I really want to hear what technique you guys mostly use at a solo retreat. Sorry about my english
  16. @NoSelfSelf What technique do you use at a solo retreat may i ask?
  17. For me personally Self Inquiry has been on of the most effective technique for spiritual gains. Try practicing self inquiry
  18. I have noticed that i am in peace in my dreams sometimes, but i don't know if the ego is gone while i dream. I can get emotions in my dreams like worry, fear or hatred. I do usually judge people in my dreams. In some cases i can get depressed of the content in the dream, while I'm dreaming.