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  1. Night game: I approached this girl on the street. Then suddenly out of nowhere her friend punched me right in the chest and screamed “fuck off” to my face. All I did was approach her and say hi. I guess I can get punched for saying hey to a girl these days. Some few other girl i approached that night also told me to fuck off. The night was kinda brutal. Had some really bad experiences like awkward silence and feeling like a fool. At some point I just gave up that night and went home. For every bad rejection and experience doubts entered my mind. Doubts like: this is never going to work or wtf am i doing here. I guess all girls hate me. Is it my looks? My approach anxiety started to get worse for every girl I approached. Feeling really down and unmotivated. I started to feel it in my tone when I talked to the next girl. The girl that punched me really got to my head. Started to almost cry on the way home. Anyone else gotten punched by a girl doing pick-up? How do you deal with really brutal nights? If i can get punched by just saying hey, am i going to suddenly get slapped for kissing a girl at the wrong time?
  2. Only healthy thing about muscle mass is increased bone density.
  3. You need to stop watching Tiktok bro. It is poison for your mind.
  4. You do? or u just joking?
  5. If only that was the case. It would have been fun, but that girl had some serious anger issues.
  6. True. Must have sex no matter the cost.
  7. false. Stop with these assumtions. Have never said that i see myself as 0.
  8. I don't like talking to unattractive girls. I always approach girls between 6-10s
  9. You know most nightclubs and bars are close on the day right?
  10. Ok, but i don't really know what people mean when they talk about vibe and energy. Is that in my head?
  11. The most reasonable explanation. I have seen girls crying and puking when i have gone out.
  12. What state? Full blown psychedelic state?
  13. 0 female friends. 7 bestfriends guys. 3 sorta guy friends, not very close. Does discord count? Does pick-up count? 10-15 girls per week.
  14. yes They have told me to fuck off there too, with angry faces. I dressed nice and smilled so i don't know.
  15. Does this happen after many trips, or is it dose dependent?
  16. What pills? LSD, shrooms, dmt?
  17. Sure, has happend to me. Some women can be really cruel and mean. Just ignore them and move on.
  18. I have used the same pick-up opener-line on girls over and over again on 120 girls. My opener line: “Hey i know this is kinda random, but you looked so attractive that i had to come over to talk to you”. Then I start some random assumptions like, "You're a nurse right” for example. After that I can be spontaneous and talk about random shit. I do this so I can focus on practicing leading, handling her friends and insta date. Is it bad to use the same line over and over again. I have made a strong habit just doing this everytime i go out. I think it has become a bit mechanical now. I feel like robot. Good news tho. I am better at having strong eye contact and smiling.
  19. Truth or dare is much more fun game to play with girls. When i am with girls they alwasys suggest this game.
  20. For me personally i get more motivated to work. Pshycedelics has show me how beautiful life is and that i should make the best life possible with the time i have. Life is a gift given by god to do wonders in the world.
  21. Then why do you give advice on this thread, if you have no interest in getting results with women. Dont assume i have same interest you have. For me getting results with women is very important. I am still at spiral dynamics stage orange. I am more focus on survival, sex and money.
  22. That is an assumption. I could not give a fuck about any girl. Have bigger things in life to aim for then some random girl. I am only interested being really good with women and having sex ofc. For me is it about having skills and building confidence.