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  1. 1 hour meditation, 2 hours reading, gym, cooking, 1 hour checking the forex charts to place any trades, cooking and watching leo videos. pretty much those things everyday aha. how about you?@daniel695
  2. I'm 20 years old and I have been watching Leos videos for around 2 years now. It's VERY clear to me now that material success won't get me anywhere and in order to get the most juice out of life, I need to develop the deepest connection to reality and the present moment as possible. My deepest desire is to figure out what I'm inside of, who I am, why I exist and these existential questions I've had for a number of years now that burn at the back of my mind that I can't find answers to in MY direct experience. I don't work a job as I taught myself how to trade the forex market so I can support myself from a laptop, I have no responsibilities, family commitments, minimal friends and I'm basically at my house all day apart from when I ride to the gym and back every morning. However I have quite an extreme and obsessive personality, in terms that I want to ensure I'm doing the most I possibly can in this work as it means a lot to me to find these answers. I want to ensure I'm being a strategic thinker, investing my time now in increasing the quality of my consciousness from as early as possible and being serious about it. I couldn't care less for going to clubs, parties or doing any social shit, I want TRUTH and to know what I'm even doing here on a floating rock, appearing to be behind the eyes of some biological creature tapping away at piece of metal with a screen attached. My question is Leo, after reading about my situation and what I'm after, if you was my age what would your daily routine look like and general life plan for the next 5 - 10 years? I already have a daily routine that I do everyday as well as a long term plan, but I'd love to hear your perspective so I can cross reference it with my own to see if I can make any additions or improvements. Thanks! I'd love to hear anyone else's thoughts as well of course!