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  1. 1- The 12th Planet - 1976

    2- The Stairway to Heaven - 1980

    3- The Wars of Gods and Men - 1985

    4- The Lost Realms - 1990

    5- Genesis Revisited - 1990

    6- When Time Began - 1993

    7- Divine Encounters - 1995

    8- The Cosmic Code - 1998

    - Genesis Revisited

    - Journeys to the Mythical Past

    - The Lost Book of Enki,

    - There Were Giants Upon the Earth


    do you think this author is good. shoud i go and read ? 

  2. Hei !

    If you are on this forum i think that you read some books on Personal Development.

    I want to ask you what made change 's in your identity and what concepts/books/content was really eye opening and made you grow like a person.

    I do not want books just on spirituality. Hard,direct stuff on changing your Persona.

    About Relationships, Money, Life Purpurse.


    Thank You!?

  3. This is something that is not talked alot here.

    I have a tendency to study for thing's like what i put in the title.

    If everything in my perception is just that,perception.

    Why do we need to ignore stuff like gods,deity ..etc

    For example i noticed that i need to develop my life style, the identity or i will go and live in a cave(nothing wrong with that)

    But are this things more "esoteric" something that you can work with or at least see if they are real? ( Real in a sense, like other people real)

    ? Bless you