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  1. We lie to ourselves and others to accept life as we see it. Many forms of lies.
  2. Tell me the deepest secrets That usually is not talked about?
  3. What is the best way of protection from stuff like this without studying this stuff?
  4. 2069: Hey this is Leo from and today we are discussing the most important topic. Really.
  5. What is full awakening? Is there such a thing . Or are just people with different levels of embodyment. From what i see on this forum a lot here know about love and nothingesss. I heard this here and there Do you need to die completely? The body i mean.
  6. Hey Nahm ! You make a lot of sense(especially with "we are sort of forced to use i" and you reply kindly to everyone here ! Thank you!
  7. I do not ask this. I see that alot of teachers say something like : " if you really get enlighten the body can not hold it . And you will die physically" Why do they say that?
  8. I do not really care. But if you say Insight's. Yoooomii. That's the ideea. Some know the therritory Better. So speak.
  9. Com’n Com’n speak. You need to have some map. Do not let this here without any word. You like to do this, i see that. You trow a word or something here and there.To get people interested in different subjects. But speak.
  10. I really enjoyed this interview. You too can check it out. Xoxo??
  11. Are you all fasting ?
  12. Good stuff. Very good stuff. I showed this to my grandmother and now she is me.
  13. So i just watched the last video from Leo's YouTube channel and i will tell you a story so you can see what can happen . I just found out that i was hypnotized 2 weeks ago. I'm not over this now.I'm still kinda mad. But here is the story 1 year ago i was asked by my therapist to join some Christianity cult. I said kindly no. Sooooo you think that's it ? I said no. We cool. No. 4 week after that in the next therapy session she put me to stay in front of her And she hypnotized me. Soooooo. Lisen here . If you think cults are a joke .I went from a guy that resonate with this kind of spiritual work to an 180 believing Christianity is the only true religion Again i did not know what was happening . After 2 days the therapist done this i was starting reading Christianity material . Books , YouTube videos and rationalizing all this without a clue what the fuck whyyy. I was looking at video of leo or any other nondual teacher. Any other teaching other then Christianity and call it bad I was like this for 8-10 Weeks. She saw me that i was responding to her hypnosis so she was ready to call me in her grup. After 12 weeks i had a depersonalization or some kind of psychosis.for 2 weeks. I did not trust anybody . I did not know who i'm. I was sitting in my bed at night and reading the bible (i mean reading it word by word. And asking wtf i'm doing.. wtf. Wtf I was lost . I was walking around and not trusting anybody because they do not understand me i know the truth. Jesus. I do not know why but I watched the self deception leo's videos and i was 70% back. Still i did not know that i was being hypnotized .Still the new identity that the therapist was trying to construct was there but mostly gone.. I went back to the therapist and in that session she kissed me on my chick . She was open. And happy that i "figure out" the truth about poor Jesus . You know that i told you that she hypnotized me. Yeah, i did not know that. I did not know anything., Really anything. I was completely under her will. I just figured oit that this is bullshit. And told her that i'm ok. I do not need Christianity. There is more... Anyway i put this here because brother. Your life can go 180 if you meet a person who can do stuff like this. 2 weeks ago i found out after i went to a new therapist .in the meanwhile i was clicking back for 2-3 hours to the identity that the therapist had created and caming back. Not knowing that i was hyphenated. I need to go to be hypnotized again to find out exactly what i was indoctrineted with. because i do not really remember what she said word by word when she hyphenated me. There are mostly blank spots in my memory. Maybe this needed to happen. I do know. But you be careful.
  14. Look in the mirror in the morning. Just analyze yourself. And see what you tell yourself. And ask why? If you have no thoughts ,just look. Just stay focused . Look in the mirror. This helped me.
  15. Yes. i had. On how i was raised. I'm ok now. I talked with a therapist and indeed i was hyphenated without knowing it. Anyway i just found out. But not problems now. Just wanted to tell how cults can do. ?