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  1. @Nahm Thx you Nahm , thx you ! I love you ! I like the feeling that your comment give me. Ok. I was not raised with a lot of love. And my association at love is fear. No,no,no, I'm not going there. ( That's my reaction ) I have a good attitude in life and i'm mostly present, but when intymate relationship.s came.... Hmmm . I can realize that i'm creating the fear. And the situation. But is not enough. Most of the time when i bring this subject up ( like now ) i have a strong feeling in the center of my chest . A pressure.
  2. ////// Leo if you think that your parents are in a way not open-minded about this stuff. Just a thought,don't you think you have a tendency to prove something to your parents? I do not know you childhood , and i do not want to know it. But sometimes like you said something like : " you can feel compassion for people, if you know that this kind of self work is hard" I sometimes feel that i can not talk with my parents because they are not open minded , you can still go down and talk with them without telling them unconcisely that you are above them. Not starting even if they ask you subject's about Psychedelics, religions , non duality , etc. They are old , i think if your parents do not abuse you ,you can still have a great talk with them. I'm projecting now , because i tend to do this. BTW: Leo , can you check the last PM that i send you.
  3. I repair phones and electronics. My apartment is full with electronics. thx you ! Makes sense now !
  4. Ok so this is wired. You know when you dress up sometimes you can get a spark. (Like this ) When i touch people i get a spark werry offen. Sometimes is happening like 4-5 times in a hour . Randomly i just touch a friend and i electrocute them. 95% of the time is happening with people , not with objects. I know this can happen randomly but is happening too many times. Sometimes 15+ times a day.. What is this ?
  5. @Leo Gura "If you were able to see through my eyes, you'd be me! Which is precisely what I am: you looking through my eyes! And you are me looking through your eyes" You mean that is the same substance that acts in everyone and everything?
  6. @WelcometoReality Do not make fun of me or you will have no power this week.
  7. I'm can not stop smiling and I Lough when i think about me :))) When i look around i see the connection of all If i look in the mirror i have a tendency to go back but i start Loughing about that though that wants me to go back I'm full of joy , i breath alot, If i look at my hands is like i pllay a virtual reality game . Is like a game. I have insights camming in . One after another . And i laugh about them :))
  8. No, i never took any psychedelics. Honestly i'm afraid... Afraid yeah:)) I smoked weed 2 years ago but for a short time. I do not respond well to weed. At least 2 years ago i did not. The experiences with psychedelics are more easy to get no?
  9. ? ////// You say that reality is creating when you precive it?
  10. is was short ... Just 10-15 minutes . Now i'm back Should i keep a journal for this stuff?
  11. For people that do cold showers . Did you ever tried to think about survivel when you take a cold shower ? Is an interesting experience. Sometimes i can let go and not really feel the cold water , most of the time i'm in complete survivel mode. . I challenge you to try it ! And post here your experience.
  12. Not at all. I think is what leo said. Anyway i will get a rechargeble battery and i will drain myself before i leave the home. I think it can help ?
  13. I already started a business with this girft that i have. Is sad that i do all the work. You can be the vibrator and i will be the electric guy? Whanna colab? /////// Seriously I posted this here because iI see that people here know more stuff then me. And maybe i will find out if is something Because it was wierd. ok I was just wondering, that s all.
  14. I know is funny;)) I ussualy go to a bar in the morning to drink coffee. And for the past 7 days when i go to pay, I electrocute the girl that works there when i give her the money in the hand . There is no explanation for this ? I was ignorant in the beginning but is happening too often.
  15. ok . I think understand now. Thx you Guys !
  16. If a person awekens in this life . The self is realized ,ok. But the ego remains in some level. This ego will reincarnete ? The Ego(identity) of the person ? If yes ....Ok If no , why not?
  17. @Anton Rogachevski Oh ,so reincarnation is when i see myself as existing ...ok Is basically the illusion? When i'm just pure beeing is nothing to reincarnate . When i see myself as a person with a body and memories i start again to reincarnate? I'm new in this . I will research more. @Salvijus I think i understand on some level. I need to do more research. THX you!
  18. I have a question for people here that had some awakening experiences . What books can you recommend that can cleer up missinformation and help me live a good life. To help find a career, relationship's and enjoy life. Thx you!!
  19. @lmfao Thx You ! I Started The book of not knowing. Do you know any books for slef actualization that can help ?
  20. What do we know about Past Lifes and After Death? What do you know ? And Belive (yes ,belive) ?
  21. I keep seeing 15:15 , 222 , 2222 , 111, 12:12 , 333 , 7777 Etc What do you guys know about numerology ?
  22. Wrong question.sry
  23. I see. You guys always give good answers . Thx alot !!
  24. If the ego is the devil(me , my fears...) There's no good or bad(nondual). Ok. In this experience of dualism is there any thing like "demons" that control you behavior?