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  1. I can't say anything as wise as Michael already did, though I can share my personal experience. I fight this discouraging feeling by trying to focus on the sheer joy of a process, and the fact that this is all a journey for me, and not a destination. It could be exercising, diet, jogging, staying healthy... anything you like. You also have to keep in mind that progress isn't an uninterrupted straight line pointing up. There are slumps, peaks, valleys, and plateaus.
  2. Well, @bhawananancy, that's pretty strange to revive this topic since it was started in 2016, long before you've signed up. But, surely, everything that needs to be said has already been said. We all have our preferences, medical conditions, body types, different sleeping positions etc. So just posting "the (name) is best for sleep" is kinda ignorant. offtopic: my personal goal is to sleep without a pillow at all. As far as I know, that's much healthier (natural at least) for your neck to use your own shoulder instead of a high pillow.
  3. I've had disordered sleeping for as long as I can remember. It started getting bad in early elementary school and it’s still something that I struggle with. For me, pretty much all of my sleep related problems are mental. I have a very hard time turning my brain off and actually letting myself fall asleep. So I've made a note for myself. It's kind of general, though it helps me. Hope it'll help you as well, OP. - Wake up and go to bed at the same time each day. Let your brain associate a particular time with sleep/wakefulness - Don’t use your bed for anything other than sleeping. Let your body associate your bed with sleep time - Avoid caffeine, sugar, alcohol and drugs - Drink plenty of water. This is something you always want to do anyways, so you know, 2 birds and one stone. - Get rid of the electronics at least an hour before you want to sleep. It lets your brain wind down for sleep - Use auto turn off (I've used bednight timer) on your computer and get a mobile equivalent. Blue light keeps your brain awake because it associates it with sunlight. Good luck! I hope you get back on track.
  4. And sometimes it's just the opposite - a fear of getting hurt/laughed/misunderstood. Really awful situation, since as a result it's very hard to get out of your comfort zone. It was my case. Self esteem is the key.
  5. As Vipassana said, change doesn't happen randomly as a miracle. Push yourself, but not too hard. I'll try and try to focus, work, read, watch TV. Somedays though, the best thing is just to give up for a while. And never forget that can you ask your relatives for help. You're not alone. Try to do something meaningful when you feel down. On a bad day I try to do at least something that I consider meaningful in my life. I'll read some pages of a book, have dinner with my friend and so on. This way, when I go to bed, I'll have something to be proud and grateful about.
  6. I don’t consider myself a gamer, but Undertale is a special game for me. It was a very dramatic period of my life and I felt quite depressed, and it turned out to be my way of escaping. I really like all the lines throughout the game about being filled with determination.
  7. I prefer paper format, but the truth is that physical copies are quite expensive. Another problem is a lack of storage place. So it's e-books mostly, using my Kindle. Though it's pretty sad that I can only highlight quotes or ideas I liked and can't make my personal notes with a pencil. That's an old habit of mine and it's hard to get rid of.