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  1. Hello, I am working on some things related to Quadrants I, II, II , IV and I am wondering which Quadrant something like work would be put into? A part time job that I don't particularly see myself making in to a career. I assume Quadrant I because it is urgent by pressing on me to go to work and though it is not a welded piece to my long term vision it helps me get there by paying bills so it is important. Thanks,
  2. My god.
  3. Hey Leo, What kind of shaving product and razor do you use on your head? I've been bald for awhile but maybe its time I refine my skills here with a little collaboration. You seem to use lasers. Additionally I felt I should post this here as oppose to elsewhere because it could be considered life advice. Thanks,
  4. Hello, My advice for you would be to begin building positive habits and outline some goals for yourself for short, middle and long term. Start thinking seriously about what you really want to do with your life. Read books and try new things so you are opening yourself up to information you didn't previously have. Have an open mind, take care of your health and mental state, lastly explore your relationship with your finances. All of these things can snowball into very practical and powerful cornerstones in your life if you give them the proper attention. Thanks,
  5. Hello, Recently I've had some issues with my mind rebelling against working toward my goals.. typically trying to put things off until later or just to not do them all together per any excuse. Personally when I am falling for these tricks or being battered by my thoughts I tend to feel tired or lethargic which makes me want to do whatever it is even less. What I have found useful is to separate myself from the wants of my thinking so that I am able to begin the process of what I am dreading regardless of how my wanting mind is feeling about the task. In the end I always end up feeling satisfied and my energy returns to me if I felt a little on the tired side. I've also come across information that I believe Leo had mentioned somewhere that was simple but useful.. it was something along the lines of the following. If you are living a low energy lifestyle, in terms of getting things done or whatever else every day, you will only produce enough energy daily to complete what you have been accustomed to habitually.. leaving you feeling lethargic or tired when you've got more you'd like to complete. This may not apply to you but may come in handy for someone. Thanks,