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  1. That could be possible. When I remember correctly my yoga teacher said, that 'older' yogis often treated their body not that well. Nisargadatta for example was smoking and selling cigarettes.
  2. Set and Setting I meditated for two hours that day. I had two good sessions: very focused and quiet mind. I entered the mushroom session with a clear intent: Contemplating about what I can do to heal or strengthen my body – I have to deal with a very rare genetic disease called FSHD 1, which causes muscle loss mainly in the upper body and is uncurable from the perspective of western medicine. Right before the mushroom session I did some breathing exercises. Before a trip I’m always nervous and this helps me to get the right focus. I did the session at a friend’s house, who also took 2,5 gr. He made sort of a tea with homegrown psilocybe cubensis. Upcoming Normally when I consume mushrooms as a tea, they kick in like hell. I had a 3,5 gr. trip, where after 10 minutes my head was so quiet, that I thought time had stopped – after 15 minutes everything was covered with strange patterns. But this time the upcoming was a lot slower, the mushrooms started to kick in after 50 minutes. I felt a lot of energy, my mind going quieter and a broadening of my perspective. I had some trouble to focus on my contemplation object, but somehow I got along. Darkness I was lying on a couch looking at the ceiling. Suddenly the ceiling turned into a dark moving substance, that seemed to move towards me. This is where the trip gets a bit creepy. I saw that a black tube is attached to my body going up to the dark substance. My first ‘thought’ was, that this is some kind of a spirit attack, because it felt like the dark substance is sucking energy out of my body. My second ‘thought’ was, that this dark spirit/being is stealing my energy and causing my disease. Strangely I felt rather strong in that situation and commanded the darkness to leave. A second later I was amazed that the dark substance actually withdrew. A few moments after the withdrawal I had the epiphany, that what I saw and felt wasn’t some kind of an attack, but rather a prenatal memory: me in the womb of my mother. However as far as I can remember I had also some ‘insights’ about my ancestors being haunted by dark spirits. Unfortunately I can’t remember a lot I experienced in this part of the trip – or maybe I just repressed it. Light After the darkness vanished, the light began to rise. I was ‘called’ by this light or beings of light. I got up from the couch and sat on the floor folding my hand as you do when praying and stayed in this position for over half an hour – normally I never pray. At some point my friend asked me, if everything is good and I replied yes, it is just too good. I don’t like the word ‘god’, I prefer universe, consciousness, infinity etc., but what I felt during this time, can best be described as being ‘touched by the love/grace of god’. A bath in an infinite sea of pure bliss and ecstasy. I remember being shocked and irritated because of the intensity, but at the same time I knew that there is a LOT more. Conclusion As much as I appreciated the second part of the trip, I am confused about the first one. Was the dark substance a visualization of my disease – a metaphor –, a prenatal memory or indeed some kind of a spirit attack – is an attack under these circumstances possible at all? During the trip my intuition told me that the spirit attack was real, but after the come down this seems like a big delusion and my mind making up a strange story. Have you experienced similar things while taking psychedelics? What would be your Interpretation?
  3. Sadhguru wrote in one of his books, that he healed himself from cancer.
  4. @Higher @Inliytened1 ok, I thought you were directly referring to the visuals of my trip. In fact the trip wasn't a genuin mystical experience, because the ego didn't fully dissolve - even if it was shattered quite good.
  5. What exactly do you mean by this?
  6. So would you say, it is more beneficial to contemplate during a trip the question 'what is disease/sickness' rather than 'how to heal/strengthen the body'? Or do you think, that all these questions are best dealt with while asking the meta-question 'what am I'?
  7. @Leo Gura I get you. So from an absolute perspective one should be able to heal every disease, if the attained level of consciousness is high enough - at least theoretically.
  8. @outlandish thx for your Explanation. @LfcCharlie4 About drug legalisation: Luxembourg, where I was born, is now finally going to legalize cannabis - at least a first step.
  9. @LfcCharlie4 crazy, I didn't know that nitrous is that much a party drug in the UK. I just stumbled upon this video from psychedsubstance and was curious if there is really some kind of benefit in this combination.
  10. @forestfog Thx for the link. Indeed Bache seems not to have a lot of experience with 5MeO - as a matter of fact he do not claim to have. Regarding the dualistic element you suspect in his observations I think they are the result of trying to articulate his explorations trough (scientific) language, that has a dualistic nature per se. Have you read his book? What he describes there seems to be a very serious and deep path toward nondual awareness and his trip reports are so detailed that I sometimes feel like tripping while reading. @Leo Gura Yeah, maybe it is time to finally try 5MeO after several other psychedelic experiences and a daily meditation practice for over 1,5 years.
  11. @herghly @Leo Gura I don't feel the urge to try it. I was just wondering, if there is any benefit in doing this combination.
  12. @Leo Gura Yeah, Bache says also in his book, that from his current point of view he would not only do LSD sessions but also mushrooms and ayahuasca.
  13. This is part 5 of a documentary about tibetan yoga practices. The practice presented here looks insanely fascinating. Have a look.
  14. Here is the rest of the documentary - 8 parts in total:
  15. @acidgoofy Yes, it does that indeed. The 'trip reports' do a great deal to help with contextualization.
  16. Woohoo! Bache's book about his 73 high-dose LSD sessions is now available. My copy arrived this morning. Quote from the cover: "On November 24, 1979, Christopher M. Bache took the first step on what would become a life-changing journey. Drawing from his training as a philosopher of religion, Bache set out to explore his mind and the mind of the universe as deeply and systematically as possible - with the help of the psychedelic drug LSD. Following protocols established by Stanislav Grof, Bache's 73 high-dose LSD sessions over the course of 20 years drew him into a deepening communion with cosmic Consciousness."
  17. @dimitri mine is one and a half year ago. It still feels very fresh.
  18. @dimitri 3,5g. The experience was life changing. I started to meditate every single day after the trip. I just had no other option. And it radically opened my mind.
  19. @Consilience You're welcome. @dimitri Cool, I had a breakthrough on mushrooms. @outlandish I will let you know. By the way: In the last video I shared Bache gives a pretty good overview of the different chapters of his book.
  20. @dimitri Haha, I can definitely relate to that. I feel like purging myself from myself by reading it.