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  1. Yeah, this sounds good to me. I don't think, that I will stop my yoga and meditation practice, when I reach 1000. Maybe seeking is totally over at some point, but I don't think, that this applies for the fascinating exploration of the infinite universal mind...
  2. @Consilience Fascinating report! By the way did your read Bache's "LSD and the mind of the universe"? Some aspects of your trip remind me of his LSD sessions - he entered in the collective consciousness of mankind and went for example through 'every possible' death scenario . The psychedelic path doesn't 'stop' with enlightement, it is furthermore about the (infinite) exploration of the universal mind.
  3. @LfcCharlie4 Thx. I had an awesome meditation session two days ago (received RASA two days before): At 50min I became so focused and present, that I think, I know now, why people talk about awakening. I felt as I was really awake for the first time in my life.
  4. @Jkhv1 Where are you now at? Have you 'finished'? For me the transition from the high 500s to the 600s was so far rather peaceful and flowing, but I expect the purging is still ahead of me.
  5. @Raptorsin7 We talked about our paths and how I heard about RASA, also about Ramaji and his book. I explained my skepticim about the whole process and the RASA giver told me, that he experienced the same thing, but that my scepticism isn't going to interfer with the transmission. I asked him about psychedelics and his view on them - he told me, that he did MDMA, but has no experiences with other substances. He also mentioned the purging phase, that can come after receving RASA - for some people this is going to be tough time. It's more like a conversation (with the transmission at the end) than a real coaching. So far he didn't mention the enneagram test @LfcCharlie4 talked about. I assume every RASA giver has his own teaching style.
  6. @wavydude Yeah, at first I thought that too, but now I think, that the impact is too big to be a mere placebo effect. In the end if reality is all About imagination, the duality between placebo and a real effect will collapse anyway. @Nahm You're welcome! I do my best.
  7. Definitely "The mind illuminated" (Culadasa). This is the best meditation book I know so far.
  8. I started doing a 24h water fast every tuesday 7 weeks ago. Fasting once a week gives me more mental clarity and focus. My meditation practice also improved. What are your fasting habits and what are the benefits you get from doing this?
  9. @archi Ok, that sounds like a lot. Smoking 5MeO seems to feel like a train hits you… but so far I have no experience with that substance.
  10. This is a quote from Bache's book LSD and the mind of the universe, where he compares LSD to 5-MeO-DMT: "In this contex, I will mention that this may be one advantage of the long LSD time window compared with short-acting psychedelics like 5-MeO-DMT. LSD does not blast you through the many layers of the cosmos as quickly as 5-MeO-DMT does, but the eight-hour LSD interface invites/propels/forces a polishing of the consciousness doing the exploring as it is impacted/instructed/healed by the consciousness being explored. An LSD session grinds slow but it grinds fine. It gives us time to be engaged and changed by the realities we are encountering. I think this polishing influences both the eventual clarity of our perception in these states and what we are able to bring back from them, both in terms of healing and understanding." (p. 30f.) What do you psychonauts, who have experienced both substances, think about this statement? I really appreciate this book. I would recommand it to everyone, who is interested in psychedelics for serious spiritual work. May it be to engage in a psychedelic path towards enlightement or to explore the infinite magnitude of the universal mind. Even only reading about Bache'a LSD sessions feels like purging myself from myself.
  11. @wesyasz Seems good to me. 60 hours is already a long time. But I think, I read somewhere, that the 'real effects' start to kick in after 72h, so after three days of dry fasting - however I am no expert in this topic.
  12. @wesyasz What was your first meal after the fast? How long was your last dry fast?
  13. What do you mean by toxic to spiritual sight? That it can Damage the Energy System? Do you think, that high doses of LSD are even more powerful than 5-MeO?
  14. @Leo Gura Would you say that the white light of selflessness, you talk about in the miracle awakening video, can be compared to Bache's diamond luminosity? At least from my perspective both terms seem to point to the same 'thing'.
  15. Cool, thx for the informations.
  16. That sounds awesome! Next year I will try a 24h dry fast.
  17. How many days did you fast?
  18. Drinking a fresh pressed lemon water is also my first action in the morning after waking up.
  19. Yes. Holy shit, 21 days water fast. How did you feel afterwards? I definitely want to try dry fasting at some point. 24h sounds doable to me...
  20. Ok, so you do also mainly intermittent fasting.
  21. Yes, I heard of it. When I remember correctly 24h dry fasting should equal 72h water fasting. Do you know if dry fasting has other benefits than just reducing the time you need to fast?
  22. So you basically do intermittent fasting out of your own flow. Maybe I will try this out in the future. But for now I think intermittent fasting and a 24h water fast once a week is to much. Haven't heard of salt fasting so far.