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  1. Warning: Nitrous is potentially harmful and addictive. I’m just going to focus on the experienced combination of these two substances. After the MDMA peak (110 mg plugged) I inhaled nitrous from a small balloon. What followed, was my second breakthrough using psychedelics. In an instant my mind just stopped thinking and my body totally vanished. What was, left was only awareness, stillness and peace. When ‘I’ came back a few moments later the first thought I had, was, holy shit, this is exactly, what is going to happen, when my body dies and I dissolve into nothing. Then I thought, that this is how 5-MeO-DMT must 'feel'. (Maybe it's finally time to give it a try. ) What impressed me the most and this is also the reason, why I write about this experience, is the fact, that the ‘transition’ from ego awareness into pure consciousness was really smooth and enjoyable – I felt no fear at all, but appreciated the dissolution. Furthermore the experience was very clear and straight. Until now I had a few trips using mushrooms, 1P LSD, 2C-B and changa, however this was the first time, that there was absolutely no resistance caused by a struggling ego nor any twisted imagery. This is not a thread to advocate the use of nitrous. This is just my experience, that left me rather speechless, because I wasn’t expecting to experience a straight mystical state from nitrous. Just to say: I didn’t felt the urge to take a second hit, because the experience was quite overwhelming. PS: The nitrous gave a serious boost to the MDMA effect, that lasted for approximatively two and a half hours. My mind stayed quite still during that time and my body felt loose and transparent.
  2. @moon777light Cool, thanks for sharing! I tried holotropic breathing a few times alone at home and had good results. Did you had any visuals like childhood or other memorys popping up? After session I am always really hungry and feel like being on a small dose of MDMA.
  3. This is so true. In germany 74000 people die yearly in the aftermath of alcohol. That's 9% of all deaths.
  4. So we came from ego death and pure consciousness to alcohol and strippers. Poor us… But hey to be infinite means to embrace all things, because everything is god.
  5. @LfcCharlie4 Jep, that's right. My first MDMA experience 'happened' when I was 30 years old. Never tried the substance in a party context, only at home or in nature with my partner or close friends. MDMA seems to have a huge therapeutical benefit, if it is used with caution and in the right context. Never experienced an ugly comedown.
  6. @LfcCharlie4 What do you mean by MD. MDMA?
  7. Does anyone else has experienced the combination of psychedelics and nitrous? What was your experience like?
  8. @Moreira I mean nitrous oxide (laughing gas).
  9. Yeah, there seems to be a big difference in how you can use the substance. The combination of psychedelics and nitrous seems to have some benefits, if you tread the substance with enough caution. Maybe I am going to try 100 mcg of LSD combined with nitrous after the peak in the future.
  10. Isn't the clarity a cause of the use of 5-MeO-DMT? I think 5meo has the potential to change the effect of other psychedelics. Maybe receiving RASA lately made this dissolution so enjoyable - I'm not sure... I hadn't had a bad trip until now, but most of them were rather emotionally and existentially challenging. At least they had a challenging part. However I'm rather new to the field with my 12 to 15 trips.
  11. Here is a video about psychedelics and lucid dreaming I stumbled upon:
  12. @bonesurfer Good luck! What sort of meditation will you do? If you meditate that long, it's probably useful to try different techniques and change positions (sitting, walking, lying).
  13. @bonesurfer Maybe these videos will help:
  14. Ok, I see. I will pm you, when I have all the needed data.
  15. Ok, @Haumea2018 would be very cool, if you could share some Infos.
  16. Cool. Can you say something About These mantras?
  17. I took mushrooms in a dream and had a psychedelic trip, before I actually did mushrooms.
  18. There is no me, who can be sure. @LfcCharlie4 Do you have any other continuous spiritual practice aside from your sessions?
  19. Cool. I haven't entered collective consciousness yet. How many trips did you do so far? Maybe I have to increase the dose - my biggest LSD dose was 150 mcg 1P LSD. But I'm still new to this field.
  20. Doing fine. I'm now in the good 700s, let's see where this leads to. I will do another report in the future, if there are some interesting points to share. One more thing: A few days ago I had this 'strange' thought, that I'm not sure, if I'm already ready to let go of seeking. In a certain way 'I' like seeking. My mind made up this story, that after ten years (or so) of hardcore seeking and spiritual practice there should be eventually the reward of awakening. Otherwise it would just be to 'simple'. Like I had to go through 'hell' to finally remember, who I really am. And a sneaky part of my mind really likes this story and seems to be disappointed, if it's not that way… lol
  21. @LfcCharlie4 I had one aditional session last friday and one today just a few ours ago.
  22. @LfcCharlie4 "Meditation is what we are, not what we do; the separate self is what we do, not what we are." Rupert Spira
  23. Do you filter or distill your water? Happy new year
  24. When I had my psychedelic breakthrough it felt a lot like remembering what I truly am. The epiphany was like: Holy shit, I know all this, but I forgot it at some point.