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  1. @Ry4n Thx. Do you have an idea, which conrete practice could be helpful?
  2. @Leo Gura Jep, that's what I'm going to do. However I'm not sure, if N,N-DMT is very useful for contemplation work. Even if time expands drastically during the experience, it's quite brief. I think, it's useful for a peak breakthrough, but not so much for exploration in depth.
  3. Holy shit… this one was tough and absolutely fascinating at the same time. I took some MDMA and after 4 Hours, when the effects took off, but I was still very relaxed, focused and kind of fearless, I decided to smoke Changa (N,N-DMT). Normally I am quite nervous having to deal with Changa, because it hits you super fast. However this time I was just excited about the idea of smoking it and was serious about going all in – I usually don’t smoke, so the inhalation of a lot of smoke during a short period of time is rather unpleasant for me. I inhaled as much changa as I could in a few hits, my lungs were burning like fire (somehow I could appreciate this feeling lol) and I had to cough. The first thing I really noticed, was that the mouthpiece of the bong looked hyperreal. It sorts of wasn’t a mouthpiece anymore, but a strange, wonderful thing – in a way it became the gateway to the vastness of the universe. Then I noticed large amounts of energy rushing through my body – it felt as if I were vibrating together with the chair I sat on – and a strange vibrational sound came up. I looked at the room around me and it was hyperreal. The room I saw, was still the room I knew, but it also was so much more, like the multidimensional version of the well known room. The world of rather fixed forms, where I normally live in, was shattered in an instant. It was as if a deeper reality, the real reality (maybe consciousness), was just waiting for this moment, where it could finally release its full potential, its wildness and brutal rawness. I am not sure, if this was the 'perception' of infinity people here talk about. I didn’t thought about consciousness to be this merciless (how else could it be ). I looked at my two friends, who were with me: They weren’t humans anymore, but mystical, wild creatures on a mysterious planet. At some point I was in a time loop, where I saw a specific scene over and over again. But before the panic of facing insanity really kicked in, I could relax and was thrown out of the loop. Then it felt, as if ‘I’ was merging with the experience of my first breakthrough on mushrooms from over 1,5 years ago. It seemed, that I had entered the exact same ‘space’ and no time at all had passed by - like 'I' never left this moment. The whole experience lasted more or less five minutes but felt a lot longer. The trip reminded me somehow of a scene from the movie “Constantine” with Keanu Reeves, where he beams himself into hell. Not that what I saw was kind of hellish or apocalyptic, however it had the wildness and the energy shown in the hell scene: I also had to instantly think about the episode “Beyond the Aquila rift” from the Netflix show “Love, Death and Robots” @Leo Gura mentioned in his blog. That’s indeed a great episode about the mercilessness of facing truth - I get goose bumps watching this scene now: In short: It was shocking but even more fascinating. I felt satisfied after the trip. These are the notes I took directly after returning (with the translation into english): “ungezügelte, rohe Realität, das, was darunter liegt, entgrenzend“ --> unrestrained, raw reality, that, which lies below, ‚borderlessness‘ „Zeitschleife“ --> time loop „ungezügelte Formen und Farben, Bewusstsein, brutal“ --> unrestrained forms and colours, consciousness, brutal „verdammt viel Energie im Körper“ --> so much energy in the body „als würde mein Sein/Ego von kosmischen Kräften auseinandergerissen“ --> as if my being/ego is torn apart by cosmic forces
  4. @Mafortu Jep, These are also really cool.
  5. @Johnny5 Yeah, there are obviously different facets of infinity. The video above is definitely about vastness.
  6. Here is the key question: How do you distinguish between real and fake psychics? Here are some additional questions: Are there any 'objective' facts, that could help to find real psychics or is it more about the gut feeling? Does this difference make sense at all? What were your experiences with psychics like? Why did you consult them anyway? Could they help you? How did you find them? What sort of skills did they have? I talked with two psychics about my genetic disease a few days ago and will share my experience in the upcoming posts of my journal. ?
  7. Jep, you are probably right. I also like his writing style and the person behind the words. What workshop was that? Did you read Lifecycles? In LSD and the mind of the universe there is a chapter where he talks about reincarnation and I found the topic extremely fascinating. He says there noting less than that reincarnation has been scientifically proven and quotes a University professor. @Deezeetho You're welcome!
  8. @John Iverson Ok, now I get it. Thx.
  9. @John Iverson Thank you for your infos. I get what happens in the first video, but not really what is going on in the second. I saw the guy has a well vistited YouTube channel.
  10. In his book LSD and the mind of the universe Bache speaks about how science has evidence for past lives and reincarnation: "After years of study, I have come to accept reincarnation as a natural fact of life. I accept it not on the bias of faith but on the Basis of strong empirical evidence. […] The discovery of Children from around the world who have active memories of their most recent lives, memories that have been documented and verified through careful Research, stands as one of the great Achievements of our time. With decades of meticulous Research, Ian Stevenson, the Carlson Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Virginia from 1967 to 2001, has proven beyond a reasonable doubt, I think, that reincarnation is simply true." (p 89)
  11. How exactly did you confirm her skills? Thanks for the tips.
  12. Interesting... does the other persons have to be neraby so that you can 'connect' with them? How do you practice psychic ablilities?
  13. Thank you for the infos. This reminds me of the talk I had wit two psychics via skype. They tapped into my Energy system and at the end of the session I was quite exhausted but felt at peace and liberated.
  14. In the end that seems to be how it is.
  15. That sounds convincing. Thx for the tip. I have actually found two psychics in Germany. They do skype sessions together. They told me something about a past life that touched me quite hard instantely.
  16. Here you go:
  17. Hi there and welcome to the forum. If you are serious about meditation I recommend the book "The mind illuminated" by Culadasa to you. It is definitely the best book about meditation I read so far. You can also find a lot of infos about the TMI System here:
  18. What exactly was the difference between them?