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  1. There are also a lot of interesting videos with him on YouTube: etc
  2. @Waken Cool, yeah his trip reports are amazing! But the dosage is extremely high - at least from my perpective - if you follow the modalities of Stan Grof's therapeutic protocol like he did. Low-dose psycholytic therapy goes from 75 to 300 mcg (typically around 200) and high-dose from 300 to 500 mcg. The most I did until now is 150 mcg lol.
  3. Just for information: The rainbow body seems to be the same thing to which John Kreiter refers in his 'Magnum Opus', when he talks about the creation and refinement of the philosopher's stone or pearl - the final goal of alchemy after lifelong accumulation of energy. He describes a lot of practices there to achieve this - but you don't have to aim that high. Quote from the book: " And most radically, the true practicing alchemists of the world, state that this energy accumulation and storage once it is properly processed into a tight and powerful stone or pearl, becomes a highly concentrated sphere of pure and stable energy that can then be used to transcend this dimensional range. […] they also begin to realize the possibility of becoming true immortals, as a type of non-organic being that is no longer bound to the three-dimensional causal'ogical rules that govern the rest of humanity." (144)
  4. @LfcCharlie4 Okay cool, I thougt the map is only about stable states, not about temporary peak experiences. What makes 640 so special? By the way: Do you know Ramaji's view on the psychedelic path?
  5. I would consider myself at LOC 570-579. However my path begun after I a had a so called spiritual shock (ego death, cosmic self) produced by my first 3,5 gr. mushroom experience. I think the map is interesting, but doesn't take into account psychedelic experiences. Mapping somebody, who has a lot of deep psychedelic experiences doesn't seem to make sense - at least this is what I think.
  6. Is this channel not a high consciousness resource or why was it moved to this category?
  7. Sounds tasty. This is my smoothie I drink every morning: 2 Scoops of organic plant ProteinÜßT-Proteine/dp/B01MSKL92Z/ref=sr_1_42?__mk_de_DE=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&crid=1HAJST7ZOBVL8&keywords=vegan+protein&qid=1573209024&sprefix=vegan%2Caps%2C191&sr=8-42 1 banana blueberries raspberries 1 small spoon of olive oil 1 small spoon of honey sesame linseeds sunflower seeds pumpkin seeds chia seeds
  8. @pluto You're welcome.
  9. The channel offers more than 800 very interesting videos about breath work, nutrition, inner alchemy, sexual vitality, healing etc.
  10. True Detective Season 1 Some good quotes especially from Rustin Cohle.
  11. Infinite Waters has a Video on this Topic: Maybe that could be of use for you. By the way: a few days ago I was watching the series Sense8 on Netflix and somebody in the Show said: "Angels also have to earn their wings". Spontaneously I looked at my phone and it was 11:11 am.
  12. OK, I get what you mean. This sounds like fun - will try it out. Thank you for this advice.
  13. I started a daily meditation practice in august 2018. Since January 2019 I meditate at least 60 minutes a day – most of the time up to 90 minutes. Currently I am working with the Culadasa system from his book “The mind illuminated”. One big problem I struggle with is a lack of constancy in my daily practice. There are days where meditation seems almost easy to me. My mind is a lot quieter and more focused. I feel energy waves passing through my body (I felt an energy ‘explosion’ in my head, my spine energized and rose up on its own etc.), intense emotions coming up and being a lot more present. During these sessions I seem to be in a flow and I really enjoy the practice. Sometimes I have ‘afterglows’ from these sessions that last a few hours or even longer. But most of the time I struggle with my meditation practice. Especially the days after a good session my concentration ability seems to go significantly down. Nothing functions, the flow is completely gone and I have monkey mind. The more I try to focus, the less it works. I tried to figure out how I could overcome this lack of constancy, but until now nothing really seems to work. Here are some thoughts on this: - After a good session I am chasing the same experience in the next one, therefore I lose my focus on the present moment. - I am rather a rational thinking person. I try to solve the ‘problem’ intellectually instead of approaching it intuitively. - I am too hard with myself: During sessions I have thoughts like: I meditated every single day for over a year, I should be better by now. This puts pressure on me and obviously lessens my ability to focus. I should probably be gentler with myself. - Overall my expectations are to high, therefore I feel quickly frustrated. (That’s an attitude I also have to deal with in everyday life. In fact, that’s one of the reasons why I started meditating lol) - I try to solve the problem by force (trying to focus, push even harder). That isn’t working. Just letting go seems to be the right way. - I judge the session during the session (I am so good at judging myself and people around me ?), instead of just letting it be what it is. I don’t really know, how to stop this. Maybe by just being mindful. - Focusing more on peripheral awareness, because this seems to interrupt monkey mind. Do you encounter similar difficulties while meditating? How do you deal with these? Feel free to share your thoughts.
  14. Tank you for your response. I didn't known about the TMI reddit forum - that's a good hint.
  15. Following my breath as closely as I can and bringing my attention back to it, whenever I lose track of it.
  16. Cool! Currently I'm doing full glass of water breathing and bone breathing to raise my chi before my meditation sessions.
  17. @ardacigin Thank you for your detailed reply. Bought the book already. Will watch the Video this weekend. By informal session you mean doing the things you mentioned like walking, eating etc. really mindfully? I find it quite challenging to find a good balance between attention and awareness. Do you have any advice on this?
  18. @Freakyboo There are moments where I realize a shift in my perception outside of my meditation sessions. In these moments colors become brighter (red seems more red etc.) and have more contrast. Space then also has more depth, it sort of becomes more spatially. It feels like my vision has turned into HD. The things in my visionfield start to be more interesting and I begin to see/appreciate the complexity and beauty everything has. The world almost turns into a mystical space, so that I am really astonished, that reality is actually the way it is. In these moments, things that I usually take for granted, reveal their magic to me. How do your meditation sessions look like? Do you have a particular technique or follow a specific system? Thank you for your reply by the way. ?
  19. @Matt8800 Thank you for your reply. I will definitily continue with the exercices to raise energy suggested by Kreiter. I am also open to the possibility to communicate with spirits - in fact I find the idea really fascinating. Do you have a specific book recommandation on this topic? So far I found Dominguez' Spirit Speak, that sounds promising. There are also a lot of YouTube channels on this subject, but I don't know how legit they are.