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  1. @tsuki so everyone is using my spam box already, why not join the party, huh, ok then, here goes, a hug x
  2. Women choose, men approach. Assimilation is the woman's prerogative, this is what it means when one says a woman can only marry a Muslim whereas a man can marry a woman of any religion. Thus there is no reason for protectionism. However, to protect a woman's honour is the duty of all men. Protecting a woman's honour is done at the behest of women and that is the difference. Integration, becoming one with the woman's circle of friends and family, is one technique by which a man may gain the favour of a woman. Differentiation is another. Now does anyone have any questions? Thank you.
  3. So Class is not linear, a mistake that many naïve Marxists make. A country is a surface and thus cannot be linearly ordered. Usually it is arranged in what is called a "strict partial order". It can further be partitioned into regions bounded by a graph. When modelling the weather, and here I am guessing from my limited knowledge, one partitions into regions and then works out the dominant attractor in each region and whether it is strange or simple. One then repeats the process using a different set of regions. This is in stark contrast to elections where the set of regions is fixed, but quite close to how polling is carried out. I'm making a lot of assumptions here having never studied any of this. Who needs books? I'll return to that question tomorrow, when hopefully I can settle down into reading again. Thank you.
  4. 74 (Turkey invades Cyprus) 11 (Tai) 33 (Tun) - just wondering what my options are
  5. So I'm wondering what the attraction of ivory towers are to me, A bigger salary, but less independence, Greater pain in the workload, Right now I can only really tweet the odd ode to my admirers in the mirror, Research is great unless you have to document it as well, Teaching is fun as long as it is a two way conversation, Marking is ok if you set the questions I suppose, Conforming to funding applications is more focused than I am used to, So what am I really after, security.
  6. My friend has been talking about buying the U.S. for some time, I told him it was a bad idea, but we already bought MIT so hell why not a bit of hippy Crete as well
  7. So some reflections of my understanding of universality: Abandoning Cartesian co-ordinates is never truly possible as with the mind-body split, this is why I have always considered zen or chan a cop out. Hieroglyphs are at once symbols and syllables and they are arranged in a pattern that may or may not be linear in space. There has always been one language, for example yineka, "woman" in Greek, somethiNG, etc... so sounds are reflected and resonated around the world, I have heard something similar in Chinese, from where does the English word "Bow" come from? If you look at a fractal there is no origin, or rather every point is an origin. Leibniz's dream was to get machines to do our proofs for us, I read the other day on the tube that we are entering into a future of sex robots and the like, maths has always been poetic, I think art sells quite well, think of Kandinsky's paintings of music, to this date I know of no one who could actually play them as he intended. I believe the problem is in the direction of writing, top to bottom, left to right, right to left. Chirality (if you will forgive my use of the word) is statistical, even a matrix contains linear equations, personally I was born ambidextrous (both handed) but had to learn to conform to the right. I think science reinforces chirality through its use of language, yet I know of no culture that doesn't employ linearity in some way or another even if it is only through the tongue. The lungs are the closest thing to being ambidextrous. The heart is definitely biased. I haven't a clue about the brain, but scientists are uncovering biases every day now. Dialectics is inherently biased in what it reveals, a zen like lesson.
  8. When one talks to a psycho-analyst, it allows one to pursue self-enquiry in a safe space, the psycho-analyst is like a blank slate. When one goes to confession, the priest will erase the logismoi (thoughts of separation) from the confessor allowing them to start afresh. Is it wrong to assume the internet is a psycho-analyst or a priest? Does gossip harm the machine?
  9. A bit off topic but I'm still interested in how one achieves a rational state from a strange attractor... According to my Green Grocer, the Romanesco appeared in England some years ago: What is it's true origin, tasting as it does like a cross between a cauliflower and broccoli?
  10. Zen(0)'s Solution Fractal = lessons to be learned Rational state = lessons learned God(el)'s Solution The statement is false = fractal The statement is true = rational state
  11. I will summarize my intuition on the subject having only coded a Mandelbrot set from a book without actually studying the maths. Hearsay tells me that the infiniteness of the reals leads to undecidability and indeterminism, nevertheless attractors exist. The question to my mind is what is the difference between a strange attractor and a simple attractor for want of a better word. My guess/mental download is that a strange attractor gives rise to a fractal whilst a simple attractor gives rise to a rational state. Comments.
  12. Guilt is a word used without much thought, at most it is considered a base emotion, possibly in response to Catholic dogma or some other ideology. In fact it serves a very useful purpose in reminding one of one's separation. Sin is the separation of the human being from God, the splitting from the source, which is the meaning of the fall. Sin is not something inherently bad or wrong, it is simply a state of being, in separation from the almighty. Orthodox Christians seek to attain Theosis, union with God, which is also the meaning of Yoga, or so I am told. Guilt is the recognition that one has not attained such a state yet. Whether such a state is ever attainable whilst alive is debatable, as is the concept of death itself. Self-realisation, Theosis, Marriage, etc. are all ideals. The connection between the yi jing and astrology is well documented, it is not I who seeks to absorb but you as was indicated by the question mark, unless I misunderstood. Anger is a gift. Thank you.
  13. Serotonin, can I ask a personal question; do you think I have anything of worth to teach; if any number bigger than one is just money and a coin has two sides what is the point;
  14. So I am still trying to get my priorities sorted. In this information age it is tempting to want to buy and sell information or at least collect it and give it away as a profession. This is neither being a student nor a teacher, but a middle man, and thus pretty unfulfilling. I certainly don't want to be a political football, and being a referee is also quite daunting. What I want most is to have a family. I have noticed that many people here seem, at least from their writings, to dream of endless sex. This is not even animalistic, animals are far more sophisticated than mere sex machines. I am not really bothered by how much sex I have, there is a difference between short term pleasure and long term joy. Of course sex can be healthy, pleasure can be enjoyable and games can be fun, but raising a family is what brings true joy to my mind, that and being one with oneself which in a way boils down to the same thing. One of my teachers once told me I would be a perpetual student. I don't know if that is true. I am certainly happy with my life for the most part, leaving aside the nightmare scenarios I seem to keep experiencing on a regular basis, though even those can be exhilarating like a horror movie. I could possibly even learn to accept those as part of my life too, if they didn't leave me so confused afterwards and dysfunctional. At present, it seems to me that raising a family should follow a particular order, get into a secure position in life first, then meet the right woman, then settle down. However maybe this is not correct. I certainly couldn't financially raise a family at present on my own. So this is one of the things that I think I need to address. Also, I am not so young any more, and though I am a man, the clock still makes things difficult to some extent. I need to make some plans, rather than just be, at least that is how it seems to me. I is no harder nor easier to just go with the flow, just different. Structure is always there and always changing, and there are different ways of interacting with it. The eternal observer or stillness is something that I am often aware of, though to be honest I think that even the observer is always relative. Knowing that there is an observer who collapses the wave function, orders the world, and so on, gives me reassurance, but is no guarantee of pleasure, and that is something that many people have yet to learn. There can be joy in suffering, love in pain, these things are guaranteed by "God" if you want to call the observer that. However, the question of free will remains open. Thank you.
  15. The Sun and the Moon possibly. Being "Greek" I tend to think of Asia as starting East of the Bosphorus though most of my relatives think of such a notion as being far too antiquated. Whether that makes Europe Western or Centric... My apologies.