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  1. Haven't done some MEO in a year. And a year before that. I get a lot of fear (which I know is the ego being a pussy) Curious if anyone has tried breathwork beforehand, like whim hof then just dived in after a round? (of breathwork)
  2. Consdering the large vaiation between ROA doses... This comes off as sketchy to me. I would just stick to one ROA if I were you
  3. In my 13 breakthroughs... I've never realized god "in the world" But you know what? I think that's okay. As I know what god is now. And, you even said it yourself .... "there is an infinite number of ways to experience infinity"
  4. Best thing is to start low. Some people have low tollerance while others like myself have a high tollerance. If you have a low tollerance and take a high amount that will definately not be good. With a high tollerance, it will take you a while to find your right dose. But in eaither case, start low. Once you get your breakthrough dose... You'll know
  5. I'm currently on day 7. I've tried so many times before. This time, I am trying "light mode" ... Not hard mode. Basically the main focus is just not to release. And it seems less of a burden not having to not look at porn honestly. Try to keep it to just cam girls as they are more natural. The goal will be hard mode eventually. But I think for someone like me whos basically jacked off every day for 21 years, trying the light mode seems easier. But again the goal will be to go to hard mode , eventually. I've given up weed and booze for almost three years, quit smoking cigs, meditate daily for an hour for almost a year and a half, cold showers every day and also gave up red meat and chicken. No fap , historically at least... Has been the hardest thing I've ever tried to do.
  6. I just watched "Jeffrey Epstein filthy rich" on netflix. His story, control and sexual exploitation strikes me as heavily induced by red.
  7. Meditate daily for at least an hour. I did that for 30 days before my first trip. Definately helps letting go.. Cause you will need to LET GO 1000%
  8. In all its forms, I think it would be great to have a mega thread of Love here. Could use as a great pick me up for some that need it. Inspired by : Can be teachings, real world examples, or anything else that makes you feel the vibration of love <3
  9. Very good sign here :
  10. That being said, I still think it would be interesting to see what our hive mind can come up with here
  11. @Username - You can always just get a regular mod for vaping, then get a ceramic tank. That's what I did. Haven't used it for 5-MEO, but for NN-DMT. I imgaine that it would still work, you would just need to change the temp. I also have a "dry herb" tank for it as well, which I never used. But really, best method I found for 5-MEO is sandwhiching with mullien leaves in a simple glass weed pipe.
  12. A simple glass of water requires the whole universe to be.
  13. @KingCrimson - Damn I was literally about to post that "systems thinking" speech !
  14. So 7.83 hz is the schumann resonance of the earth. The frequency that's all around us, all the time. What if, when we smoke DMT or do any other types of Drugs , 5-MEO-DMT, ACid, Mushrooms, Ect... That SOUND that we hear ... Going to a really high pitch... Is us transcending into a completly different frequency? I'm completely sober right now, but was watching a David Wilcock video and they mentioned the 7.83 being all around us and the basic frequency of the earth. I think it perfectly makes sense.
  15. It took me about a dozen tries to breakthrough with plugging. My "breakthrough entry" dose ended up being 60 mgs. I started with 17mgs and kept upping by a couple of mgs until @Leo Gura suggested that I start upping by 5mgs. Withing 4 sessions from there, (He told me at the 40mg mark), I hit the breakthrough. And again a "entry breakthrough" as you'll find the nature of infinity is... Well... Infinite lol. So you can go a LOT deeper. Just gotta be careful and know your limits. I started with vaping. I still vape it. It's great as you don't need to use much substance and it just smacks you over the head. I still suggest vaping to people who haven't tried it yet. So I also agree with @Leo Gura here that you too, should start with vaping. To me, plugging is more advanced. As it took me so long to find my dose and get the technique down. But vaping you won't have that issue. Just staight to infinity.... And beyond !
  16. Please don't judge this video off of just title alone (extra hard now that I basically asked you too haha) But this video goes wayyyy deeper than just that. Actually talks about a LOT of stuff Leo talks about.... And more ! I was honestly shocked when watching it last night. Bottom line, if you like Leo's content, like DMT and you also want to actualize... I suggest watching this. Lots of gold nuggets in here. LOTS OF THEM. (And I've been watching Leo's content for 6 years)
  17. Since I have no experience with a oil pipe I'm staying away from it. Too much room for getting it wrong. That was what I used for my first experience Friday night (read a few posts above for exact tank/ atomizers to use) The advantage with vape mods and these types of tanks are a) consitent heat no matter what & b) knowing that you can set it down and be good (no need fumbling around with a putting a hot oil pipe down afterwards... Yet alone taking a second/3rd hit when the first hit has already hit you) You'll need that specific tank verses a dry herb tank. You can probably make a dry herb tank work with some mullien leaves, but I haven't done that yet so I can't confirm. I think after reading @Leo Gura 's reply here I'll just stick to vaping. No need messing around with MAOI's to complicate the matter. As it seems people have been vaping with effective results for decades. Will report back after my next go
  18. @Leo Gura - Beautiful thank you. If you prefer vaping now, do you still plug harmala first? How many mgs are you vaping? and (if) using the harmala before vaping, how long do those trips last? Mine was the typical 10 minute trip.
  19. Well, I just read this entire thread. Thank god its shorter than the 5-MEO one lol. That one was a mutha to read through. Anyways... Is this the method that you are still using? I checked on ebay for the harmala. Some are selling is as seeds, some as extract, I even saw a HCL extract version. Wondering if HCL would be a good version for plugging (my guess is yes). I did my first nn-dmt trip Friday night. I vaped it through a ceramic vape tank and mod. They said that I maybe did 20mgs worth. But I definately hit what Terrence describes as the "Chrysanthemum" . If I took another hit after that I probably would have broken through. When hitting it with a vape mod you have to "long tap" instead of just pushing the button down as you would normally do. I was doing short taps first then they said that I should try long taps. Deep breath... Long taps... Held in... Exhaled leaned back and just noticed the ceiling change into a almost fractal type state with rainbow-ish "lining" . I remember thinking "this is god mode" . So it will be interesting to try say 40mgs from here. So today I went out and bought the exact vape tank and ceramic atomizers that I used at my friends place friday night. They were nice enough to give me 2 viles of nn-dmt for free after I gave them some 5-MEO. Pretty resassuring reading in this thread on the 1st or second page that conuctivitiy is the best way to do it for vaping. And that's exactly what the tank that I got and the ceramic atomizers provide. Also set to 300 degrees. I've included a picture of the exact tank and atomizers purchased (tank brank "yocan" ) @Leo Gura I'm wondering how to plug the DMT now? Do you just mix the raw freebase dmt in water? For your 50mg example... How many MLs of water? Can you use the HCL harmala for plugging as well, with the same amount of water used in the nn-dmt mixture? How long are the trips with this method? Considering this sounds like the most effective method for reaching the highest levels of consciousness for you, it would be nice to have a detailed explaination via either a post here or even a full on blog video (maybe even youtube?) . NN-DMT is super rare and hard to source. I had to drive 3 hours both ways to get mine. Couldn't even find it for a year prior to that. So I don't want to waste it all trying to figure it all out for myself. The vaping method seemed pretty efficient, I can see how plugging it and vaping after would be highly effective. Just wondering if your still doing 50mgs harmala and 50mgs plugged and also vaping. Again, just don't want to waste this stuff cause I only have so much for now. Thanks and much <3
  20. No no no. Vinegar FIRST. Mix well. THEN water The goal is to make acetate. You cant mkje acetate by adding water first lol. This has been covered extensively on this thread.,
  21. Make sure you poo yes. But after, have a shower and clean your bum with soap, I usually clean mine with a finger covered in soap and try and go as deep as I can, do that like 2 times and you'll be golden !
  22. Yup. God is utterly terrifying. But also paradoxically sheer bliss. Curious.. Is DMT that "new" substance you were talking about on your blog a month or so ago? (Likely not, but hey... I thought I'd ask)