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  1. @universe how to respond to people doing stupid things was my question, and tnx for the answer and the video it really helped @Nahm it just feels kind of selfish to me to mind my own business just working on myself and let them keep doing it, if i know how to correct it...but i have tried numerous times and it didn't work anyway, they just don't seem to hear me i guess leading by example is my only way
  2. I have a question, because i am kind of in two minds in certain situations as to how to respond where i see people doing stupid things and being completely blind and ignorant about it. One part of me wants to just throw it into their face as to what they are doing to themselves so they wake the fuck up, and maybe stop doing stupid shit. The other part ends up just noticing what is happening, but ends up being nice to them and just not take life that seriously (because i was the same a few years ago and i understand why they are acting that way), and rather crack some jokes and have some fun.
  3. Hello, i am thinking of going trough multiple affirmations every day but if i am doing one for 5 minutes, they might add up to an hour or so pretty quickly. Does anyone have experience working on multiple areas of subconscious mind every day ? I already meditate 30 minutes every morning before i go to work, and wake up at 4:30. If i decide to go trough many affirmations as well i would end up waking up in the middle of the night...or should i do affirmations before i go to bed? Also would you do affirmations in english if it isn't your native language ?
  4. @iGhost So you are saying if my consciousness is higher and i look at things differently then them, there is no point in expecting them to understand or behave in manners that seem right to me? So how can you be happy around those people that don't really share the values with you? Should i just take the world less seriously and start looking at it more humorously? @Epiphany_Inspired Interesting how you spotted this, yes openmindedness is really important to me. @Emerald So how would you cure my judgement? And if you are in a situation where you get mocked unfairly in front of others, but in reality it is them being stupid and unconscious how do you react? @Shadowraix So how should i tackle this? @Shin So when someone makes a stupid joke that is totally unfair and is doing it just to look good in front of others and they all start laughing at you, you do what? Should i just get my Ego out of the way and laugh at their stupid jokes? Should i hang out around those people or should i avoid them in the future? @katykat You have any suggestions how to be happy around people the way they are, accepting their levels of consciousness and not reacting to their stupid jokes or claims? I have a few at my current job so its not like i have a choice of not being around them.
  5. Hello i am interested in improving humor and confidence, if someone can suggest some quality books or has some good tips to improve those areas.
  6. I considered it, and i dont see myself as that kind... but from your statement it seems like you are taking a position that this is 100% the case and that there is no other way possible to explain what is going on?
  7. Hello everyonone, i have this problem that every girl i like at first ends up having such low consciousness, biased views, thinking rationally, like to jump on bandvagons without really knowing they are tottaly mainstream, that they are so closeminded and cant accept they are wrong and rather laugh in your face when you are experimenting with something that isnt accepted from mainstream not even considering they might be totally wrong in their thinking, and rather make a fool of you especially in front of other bandvagoners. The more personal development i do the further i feel i am from meeting a girl that will suit me. Anyone else having this experience? Am i doing something wrong?
  8. Today i am reading this book Taming your gremlin and came across this passage: Sometimes, when we're not consciously directing our spotlight of awareness, we slip unknowingly into the world of mind, which often is no more than a world of make-believe. If, for example, you and i were talking right now and i saw you looking at me, i might imagine that you were listening to me, that you were bored, that you were angry with me, or any combination of these or who knows what? I might even predicate my actions on my fantasy. If i imagined that you were listening to me, i probably would continue talking. If i imagined you were bored, i might stop talking. If i imagined you were angry with me, i might get uptight and begin communicating with you defensively. My action would be based on fantasy, and my fantasy would, in all likelihood, be based on past experiences rather than on the reality of the current moment. I guess this is what is happening to me, i might just be imagining things based on past experiences.
  9. Hi all, i was just wondering how would you suggest to respond to these types of questions that seem simple to answer to but you can just feel that the person bringing up a question is not really interested in your answer and is just hoping to make a fool out of you in some way. This happened to me a lot, i just happened to cut those people out of my life, yet i am interested in the ways of responding to them if they come up sometimes in the future. You can just feel the real intentions trough their body language, facial expression, or their voice. So should you really answer the question, or respond to their real intentions behind it? I would also appreciate, if you can suggest any books or videos that might help with social interactions.
  10. I appreciate your help guys! wish you all happy growing
  11. Thank you for your answers. I will try to explain the specific situation i found myself in i think i wasn't specific enough. This happened this week while i was reading a book called Verbal Judo, as i am reading it i am making a mind map of the book and also implementing it in real life because as it happens at the moment i work with clients at health center as a receptionist. Clients in health center can be really angry and if you are not careful, very quickly you can find yourself in a lot of trouble. So i implemented the stuff from the book and it worked wonders, even the most pissed of clients i have been able to calm them down even if they didn't get what they really came for (and i am only at the middle of the book). So i got really good results from this book already and they seem to suffice for now. A: Should i deepen my understanding, read all of it, master it and them move to another book. (it seems to me like i am trying to perfect my verbal skills, and using my perfectionism as a way of procrastinating) B: Or should i start reading a new book that seems more interesting and important to me at the moment? While still being aware of my verbal skills in every day situations and if i get some questions i revisit the book/or mind map.
  12. Hello everyone noob trying to self-actualize here :), i need some help while drowning in all the books i have. A: I can't seem to prioritize what is the most beneficial book for me. B: And even if i did, do you think i should just read one book, and then go to the next one or should i somehow choose for example...5 books that are most beneficial for my current situation and read each 1h/day or something like that? I was thinking of having multiple topics and spread them across the week, like in school where you have many different topics each day. For example Monday: Relationships, communication, purpose Tuesday: self talk, health, science Wednesday: history, self esteem, enlightenment etc. Trying to strategically learn as fast and as efficient as possible, but i end up totally lost and maybe over complicate things i don't know. Anyways i would really appreciate if someone can guide me out of this confusion (or perfectionism???)