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  1. @universe What are you talking about for the 1st half of your post? I'm not using them to "justify my problems" They came as very big shock to me because I grew up repressed. I was never allowed to view women as free human beings and then learning at 13 that people get off to female domination is what's got me fucked up.
  2. Alright, moving on. I feel like I'm in withdrawal. Since a young age I've bought into this delusion. I feel like my life has taken a blow. Edit: I feel like there's a big empty void that needs to be filled now. I mean, I now feel free that I don't have to hurry up with my life to meet the age range requirements of a military officer. And even though America makes being in the military look cool and glorifies it like a golden calf, I stand by knowing they are just deeply ignorant and unconscious. What else can I do besides pursuing enlightenment further?
  3. Then I simply can't care. Do what makes you happy and don't care about others.
  4. People here talking as if they know what a strong AI would do... Futurists think that advanced life is A.I. and don't think it would even be made of matter. All this talk of A.I. being evil... It isn't. It will only be as evil as the programmer. Like Leo said, technology is evolving faster than humanity. Most of humanity is in stage blue and orange. So if a stage blue/orange person programs it, it will behave at the level of blue/orange.
  5. I suppose I wouldn't care if people perceived me as feminine? I mean so long as I'm not wearing dresses or putting on make up and "feminine" things alike?
  6. Okay this thread can be lain to rest now. I am not joining the military because it is a highly unconscious organization and antithetical to enlightenment. Case closed. Edit: This all reminds me of the Flash in Injustice Gods Among Us video game, when he realizes that what he is doing within dictator Superman's regime is wrong, and he can't do it anymore. For the longest time I thought that joining the military is how I could repay America for giving me the life I have lived. That it has a place as a world protector. But it isn't. America is heavily stage Blue & Orange, and it keeps you stuck really hard. "Thou shall not commit idolatry." America does make being a military man look cool. "Be thankful for what you don't get. It's a blessing in disguise." At least I learned now instead of being in the military and realizing then. Well now I don't have to worry about hurrying up with my life so I can be an officer. Now I can live the rest of my life freely. The truth hurts, but in the end it shall set you free.
  7. @Emerald I watched your video. I'm gonna have to be ELI 5 Lol (Explained Like I'm 5) Maybe I will have to see a professional psychologist after all. I know what I'm in for looking for a girl friend/spouse. I plan on opening up to her when the time is right, and maybe have therapy sessions with her
  8. @NoSelfSelf the issue isn't me wanting happiness, it's me fearing the female after growing up repressed and then seeing female domination porn and learning people actually get off to it. @Samra So you've actually seen people get off to action scenes of death and destruction? All the things you listed aren't arousing to the straight male. What about them are so arousing, actually? They're action scenes, not a porno. Big difference.
  9. @Samra How are these men sexualized? About your statement about strong women, 10 years ago was 20008... Lara Croft, Wonder Woman and Black Widow have been around for a long time. I actually don't bat an eye at protagonists like Samus Aran, Aloy, Faith Connors, Jill Valentine because they don't make them look hot while being in action. I don't enjoy being afraid of women and the female nature. I want kids and I can't choose my kids gender, and I can't fathom being a bad father to a girl. Maybe you're right, I may as well see a professional psychologist about it. @Shin I suppose that's how you drop all of your stigmas? Am I supposed to tell random women my fears of femininity?
  10. @Emerald Yea, I'll get to what you said. Not something you can digest at 1 look. I said *most* of the responses are just "go out and stop being afraid" which just can't happen. I didn't say everyone had a overly simplistic answer.
  11. Yes, let me just go out and stop being afraid of women. - Most of the answers here. You know you can't feel what someone truly feels until you walk a mile in their shoes? @universe I'm not claiming war veteran PTSD level flashbacks with this. I just vividly remember breathing heavy and having a pounding heart when seeing it for the 1st time. I grew up with a repressed Islamic culture. You just don't "let it go." Notice I said they made the women look sexy while beating up multiple men. Yes I have seen many movies and games with killer men. But they don't make them look sexy doing it. It's more of an action thing. I'm still young, so yes, I do have high sex drive.
  12. Just so easy to let go of traumatic events, isn't it?
  13. @brugluiz Link to that TED Talk please. And There is no war worth fighting for right now.
  14. @Pharion I already have. I have introspected with the questions @Emerald gave me. What am I hoping to accomplish being a soldier? A sense of valor? Defending my country? Why are America's enemies their enemies? What are we fighting for? It all leads back to the sense of self/ego. Like Leo said in his Mechanics of Evil video, minuscule amount of people think about the suffering of Iraqis. I'm not even Iraqi, I'm Pakistani. But their suffering hits close to home for me since I was a kid. After being enlightened about how evil is created, I can't in good conscious join the military and I am awakened to how deeply unconscious the military is and those who glorify them.
  15. For the longest time I let my self believe fighting for America was about fighting for American values such as freedom and everything that it made it so prosperous. But it isn't. We're not fighting for something anymore. There isn't anything Like Hitler or the Soviets anymore. Why does America have 800 Military bases around the world? America is just another ego in a power struggle. You all are right. The military is not a place for self actualized people. Like Leo said, Thank you all for your insights. Paradigm shifts are the hardest things to take on in life.
  16. @Emerald You ever hear the saying "Be the change you wish to see" Do you think it could apply here?
  17. Like Leo said, follow the bread crumb trail. Even if you're not in combat, you're still maintaining their infrastructure which they use to carry out their own agenda
  18. The key is not to be become dependent/addicted on the idea of having the dream woman. Then it becomes the Achilles heel
  19. @Emerald @GenuinePerspectiveXC would it be okay if did something that wasn't involved in combat like reservists or does everything lead to devilry?
  20. Youtube philosophers ain't shit. Leave it at that.
  21. @John Iverson Iron Man, Batman, Brainiac, Damian Wayne and Jason Todd. I'm more internally motivated and see greatness in myself, rather than getting inspired by others.
  22. @Emerald I have ultimately decided against it.
  23. Leo does, but I have found motivation in fictional characters, mostly.
  24. @Emerald America isn't superior. At least I don't believe that. PragerU is the one saying that, and I don't agree with everything they have to say. To me, it's just that people flock to America for a better life, and America has stood as a hope against communism and nazism.