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  1. Hi guys, I've been doing Kriya for 5 months now. I do the techniques described in the book that is in Leo's book list. At the end of my practice i always do the concentration on Bhrumadhya, but yesterday I had a very strange mystical(?) experience while doing it. While i was concentrating, i tilted my head forward just a little and that somehow made me get a really good angle towards Bhrumadhya. Then my state of counsciousness shifted. It felt similar to what i feel when i do the wake induced lucid dreaming technique. Then my heart started pounding faster and this strange feeling in my chest emerged that got stronger and stronger every second. After about 30s the feeling in the chest went away, but i was still all dizzy and shaking for a while. It was really intense. I was just wondering if you guys ever had an experience similar to mine and could explain it in greater detail. Also, is it the case for you guys that the sudden mystic experiences happen to you in the concentration period of the practice?