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  1. Thank you @egoeimai for stating this thread and allowing us to meet each other in a different way. I really enjoy seeing the eyes behind the keyboards The latest mugshots from where the grass is green and the girls are pretty...
  2. @Austin Actualizing The guided meditations from Dawson Church have shown me how to love myself more fully. https://www.eftuniverse.com/meditations3 To summarize the idea behind it in a few words. First I charge my heart in energy, then send it to a place/someone/a memory that I love and then finally bringing it back to the part of myself that needs it. I found this sequence really helpful because by adding the intermediary step of loving someone else before sending it back to myself would allow me to receive my love unconditionally. I hope you find the way to your heart soon
  3. Existing thread in the relationship subforum that you might have overlooked.
  4. @d0ornokey Beautiful question @Serotoninluv 's advice is what I am striving for in such interaction. When I don't know what to say, not say, I ask myself: "What would love do now?" listen to the answer and flow with it. It feels great and leaves no wondering of should I have done that, said that etc. I did the best I could. @tsuki Thank you for that insight!
  5. Dear @gahzito thank you for these resources and pointers. I don't have as much of an understanding of the field of relationships as you do but it is true that the abovementioned books left me hungry for more.
  6. How to eat move and be healthy by Paul Chek is what made it for me. Comprehensive, practical with questionnaires to help you determine your priorities and clear action steps and recommendations. Then you apply it for a few weeks, retake the questionnaires and keep iterating until you are happy with your health. Tip you might come in wanting to fix your diet or exercise routine only to realize you first need to improve self-care and rest. This book helped me identify a yeast overgrowth in my gut which was critically hampering my progress and completely outside of my attention. https://www.amazon.com/How-Eat-Move-Be-Healthy/dp/1583870067/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=ow+to+eat+move+and+be+healthy&qid=1578030296&sr=8-2-spell @Sri McDonald Trump Maharaj Thank you for the book recommendation it seems to be following the same thread as Weston A Price's research: https://www.amazon.com/Nutrition-Physical-Degeneration-Weston-Price/dp/0916764206/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=weston+a+price&qid=1578030805&sr=8-1
  7. I am enrolled in the CHEK academy training program so far the teaching is to my complete satisfaction. A great teacher just like leo, curious, nondogmatic and iconoclastic. I would encourage anyone who would like to dig deeper into health/healing/nutrition and overall development to check him out. His podcast living 4d is a great place to get a better sense of the depth of the guy.
  8. Travel without money Dress up as someone from the opposite sex and go to a place with people you know After earning some cash you needed, give it away Get into some public speaking/debate club and start defending outrageous topics Take the train/bus/hitchhike far away from home and walk back non-stop
  9. This speech has had a profound effect on me! Thanks for reminding me of it ! Here is a beautifully crafted musical interpretation of the introduction speech.
  10. @capriciousduck You can check out focus at will, it offers many playlists that are engaging just a part of the brain but has nothing close to speech or lyrics. It worked very well for me and offered different playlists that I could change depending on my mood. https://www.focusatwill.com/
  11. Dear Forum, I have been on the path for a few years now, meditating, going to retreats, doing psychedelics and experimenting in a broad way with the tool and techniques to expand awareness. Favoring the ones that worked and abandoning the low yield stuff. I happen to have some free time in the months to come and thought about serving a Vipassana course. I attended two such retreats as a student. My intention was to give back and take some time off society. I filled the questionnaire about my health and other spiritual practices honestly. Mentioning about my occasional psychedelic use in a PD context and the other practices I have explored in parallel with Vipassana meditation / strong determination sitting. I told them about holotropic breathwork and Kriya yoga. To my great surprise, my application got rejected because of having practiced other techniques since my last course. This situation is confusing because I thought that when people increase their awareness they would come to the realization of the validity/utility of different practices for different goals. Do you guys see any legitimate concerns in a person like me cooking and cleaning a meditation center or is this stage blue conformism entrenched in the Vipassana structure? From your POV are there some obvious things that I don't understand about the working of such a system? Thank you for your time
  12. An album about Archaic revival, culture and history: https://open.spotify.com/album/7DpYdMnYjs5SezRW7QdPeu An album about clockwork elves: https://open.spotify.com/album/721wDuw7wWAbKAasb09tB5?si=AQOZq5jFS7CR0478CgJl3w Both are absolut gems
  13. Thank you all for your insights! @mikelyons @Aeris Solo retreat it will be! Thank you for the encouraging words
  14. @oMarcos The curious part was that they only mentioned the Kriya yoga and breathwork in the refusal email as the reason why I wasn't eligible.
  15. An introductory speech regarding the purpose of the civil disobedience movement of Extinction Rebellion. I highly recommend this speech to people who struggle with listening/hearing someone's message based on the speaker's appearance. The parrot is probably her spirit animal but she is definitely not parroting. Her speech is well constructed and can serve as a really good summary of stage green's preoccupation and worldview. IMO this seems like a healthy expression of green trying her best to enact change in policy and convey her message.
  16. This discussion was interesting because of the highlighting of a blue world view from an individual day to day perspective all the way to the worldview. Dakota seems to have a healthy blue ego transitioning into orange. It is interesting how in order to get into the military it seems that a good vs. evil worldview is necessary at least in the beginning. I found it quite enlightening to see the limitation of this worldview when dealing with PTSD. Dakota details how he killed an Afghan fighter in hand to hand combat using a rock, looking in its eyes and bashing his face in. He goes on to say very humane things about how both of them were just men fighting for the cause they thought to be right before diving straight back into stage blue thinking and saying that he would do it 1000 times over. But now, he has been struggling with anxiety and panic attacks. I am intrigued by this situation because he displays quite a bit of self-awareness regarding the situation but not enough to question the fact that he got into the business of killing people.
  17. The interview mentioned in the video is hard to find, here is the segment where it was mentioned -) https://www.foxnews.com/world/turkey-syria-invasion-special-forces-soldier-kurds @Odysseus Heavy news, thanks for sharing though.
  18. @Margo89 CBD oils between 5% and 20% with low THC contents below 1% (due to Swiss regulations) works like a charm. I only take it when necessary because it affects my REM sleep. @youngshinzen Here are my best finds against anxiety: Break a sweat first thing in the morning. Magnesium supplements daily. I change the brand and the ingestion method every time I finish a pack. Check your allergies! I have realized that I have many mild intolerances (rubber, raw fruits with seeds, peanuts) that would make me more anxious due to general inflammation. Minimal sugar intake. Krill oil, daily for 90 days. Then I take a 30 day break and cycle again. I live in Switzerland and also struggle with sun exposure. I consciously plan some holidays in November in a sunny place. A big big one has been cutting all social networks and going back to an old school phone. It really simplified things.
  19. @SunnyNewDay 🙏🏻 Thank you very much
  20. @Gili Trawangan I have gone back and forth with some of the organizer on WhatsApp. The girl was really helpful and nice but I got a light red flag when I told her that I wanted to postpone my retreat due to personal problems ( suicide of a friend and a knee surgery). At this point she started telling me about how these retreats were the panacea and the one and only cure and I got a bit worried. I recognized my tendency in my first years of psychedelic exploration to be a bit too much of an advocate. Anyhow, I ll go this autumn and will keep you posted.
  21. @Pilgrim A very practical thing I did last year was to leave where I live with no money with the ambition of traveling around France for a few days. I titled it the no-money challenge. I went and hitchhiked with whoever wanted to take me somewhere new. I met tons of people, asked around for food and shelter. This was a huge experience in letting go. No plans, no idea of where I'll be in 2 hours, just some persistence and the conviction that it will work out. This wholesale surrender of trying to control my circumstances really extended my vision of what is possible and helped me develop using a more ying energy. It was very uncomfortable at first yet powerful.
  22. @TheAlchemist This is the current set up where I live (Geneva, Switzerland). You can go there, get registered, shoot with clean needles and then focus on getting your life back on track. I often see people go there in the morning and then head straight to work. There is also a lot of social programs available in that place. An average of 140 people a day visit it, they use mostly cocaine and heroin. This program was implemented following an opioid crisis that hit Switzerland in the late 90s early 2000s and led to the decriminalization of consuming. This place is by no mean sketchy or scary, you just see people get in there with a slight hurry and come back out at a more leisurely pace. It has proven to reduce the evitable fatalities, illnesses, and criminal behavior linked to such addictions. From my point of view, it seems to be an excellent tool for keeping people from falling off the edge of society and monitoring drug use threw time. I grew up knowing about this program and took it for granted. I came across this map confirming that it is such drug consumption rooms are a stage green initiative. https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1MEbZ_OJyO2GVvYrN7mN8aymx2LA&hl=fr&usp=sharing
  23. @herghly I came across a guide on writing essays that Jordan Peterson made for his student. ( https://docs.google.com/viewer?url=http://jordanbpeterson.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/Essay_Writing_Guide.docx ) I don't know what your background is but it gave me many rules and actionable processes on how to improve the quality of my writing and it did. I wouldn't follow Peterson's advice on postmodernism or politics but he is with no doubt a better writer than most of us.
  24. @Fortunate Son I completely relate to your difficulty of using a calendar/time management tool and I still struggle with it myself. I heard a really good practical tip that is to plan the day I want to have, instead of the day I should have. I kept failing at using such tools because I would be a tyrant planner, 0 fun, doing doing doing, discipline, should should should. I now understand that I have much fewer genes in common with Jocko Willink than previously thought. Nowadays I include, calling friends, mountain biking, swimming in a lake many things that I really enjoy doing and are the things I would naturally gravitate towards without a calendar or any particular productive aim. I recommend a book called daily rituals by Mason Currey that gives examples of notable historical figures from Marx to Victor Hugo, Darwin, Kafka, Simone de Beauvoir. Many artists are included and some had some really unconventional but apparently successful routines. Your activities reminded me of this book and not in a Hunter S. Thompsons kind of way