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  1. Informing other they are not enlightened yet ...or is not there yet...or has a lot of work to do arrogance, you fall into your own trap that only you are weaving for have no knowledge of other. You can only know yourself. Get that right and there is no need to pick out the failings in others...for they are you too. Get it right. There is no such thing as nondual awareness. Knowing anything is always within the dream of separation. You cannot con a con.
  2. Takes two to catch a ball you are falling into your own self made trap again..
  3. Oh but according to Leo we’re not allowed to have nonduality wars...are we? Leo said it...
  4. I wouldn’t take too seriously a fictional war was all in your dreamt it all up.
  5. There is no one in the nonduality realm..get it right.
  6. Oh My god I'm probably going to be accused of starting a nonduality war now...where is the oh peace and love...there’s just no hope for this self expression..sigh...
  7. Nope...nothing ever was all in your mind, the one you only think you have but haven’t. wait for the echo.
  8. Don’t tell others what to think...just listen and then make up your own mind about what feels right. Wait for the echo.
  9. That which appears to make a shift in awareness consciousness perception or what ever....never shifted...get it right. but thanks for the humour at trying to put silence into words.
  10. I get nothing out of Leo that is not my own knowing reflected back at me. the opposite is also true not false it’s wrong to assume otherwise when preaching nonduality to the masses it’s not wisdom to give half baked ideas...that’s not’s confusion
  11. I am awareness. no character in the dream has non-dual awareness for one very good reason...go figure! you are confused...awareness is silent...utterances are the dream, total fiction. its what you feel that matters not what you say...don’t be a parrot
  12. Can we talk about real issues here ? and not just project our own biases and ideals. I'm bothered because half truths bother me, lets just say it right if we are going to say anything at all. This has nothing to do with being friends or enemies...I don't see other people as my friend or enemy. I'm saying No one can change the world, you can only change you. If you want to preach God then get it right at least. Notice God doesn't say I am God, in the same way the clouds do not say they are clouds. But if God does want to play the teacher / student role then lets get proper Godlike and get it right and perfect.. not preach half baked truths. Spreading mis-information is not changing the world.. it is making it sicker. Of course Leo wants to change the world, it's making him a multi-millionaire...just like the OSHO cult......and the Mooji cult. And now the Leo cult. It's a filthy job ..The only goal of this forum is making Leo a very rich and powerful man. If he's going to act as the Second Coming of Christ, and put himself out there in the spotlight where all the attention is on him then it's his responsibilty to get it right before disclosing information to world. If your going to play God then you've got to include both sides of the story, be dualistic about this role. If there is such a state as being happy or blissful .. then there must be it's opposite...there must be despair and grief and the feeling of hopelessness. So include them both. It's no good telling a mother grieving her murdered child that it's ok you can still be happy about this, why not just tell her the real truth that it's ok to feel sorrow and deep grief which is a very unpleasant sensation. Why the obsession to deny those feelings's all wrong, just so wrong that teaching the right course of action to make a better world? Leo goes way too far with his metaphysics...there is just no need to go that far, it's absolutely ridiculous...he needs to be more consistent and stop info bombing the general unsuspecting people ..people who will never get what he is saying to them...does he even for one minute think they will?...this goes against everything he is trying to achieve. .
  13. Stop wishing what's happening not to happen. If I'd wanted to do it in private I would have done it in private. Are we not allowed to be free now...? Who is going to stop God doing what God does? Is anyone being murdered here, is there a crime being committed? You know what I find so really weird and disturbing that Leo can say things like when your child is brutally murdered, you can still remain in a state of bliss and happiness. He can say shocking things like that and yet no one bans him from Youtube for saying that, but then Leo thinks it's quite alright to ban people from his forum for saying what they say...but he is allowed to say what the fuck he wants because he likes to play fucking weird and retarted is that. Do you not see how the human ego is so totally fucked up...and crazy...but then it's all ok, to be totally fucking crazy because well's all just God So really, you should just remain calm and blissful and happy happy clappy happy when i have my meltdowns ok...stop resisting what's not happening. Why are you bothered?
  14. So what? Who the fucking fuck gives a fuck... who the fuck cares? ...stop taking this all so seriously, stop taking yourselves seriously, it's all just God banter appearing from out the empty fucking void anyway...who's to stop it what appears, it's just what it ever it comes's no big fucking deal. When are you going to Free yourself of having to correct yourself or do another way what is already happening the way it is meant to happen? ...there's only one way life ways is going live right now...this is not a fucking dress good crying over split milk. Fuck it!! said OSHO Chuck it in the fucking fuck it bucket...and shut the fuck up. Not you personally Shadowraix..I'm just venting off some energy, it's ok to do that, it's what energy builds up and then blows it's top...nothing is ever personal.
  15. Yes of course you didn't ask for lectures on oneness, you don't need to hear anything from me, but that didn't stop you from replying to me did it? had to make sure you put your two pence worth in...when you make a response to someone, or ask them a question., you might just not get back what you want, don't cry about it...also of course my replies to you are going to bore the fuck out of your tiny little mind because at the end of the day we only like the sound of our own sweet voice don't we !! ...It's always about me, me, me, me, me...isn't it...? you fucking rude dick head. .. oh I'm so enlightened, please don't tell what I already know ..I've got such a big fat spiritually enlightened head it could almost block out the sun makes me want to vomit, the people on this forum are total idiots.