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  1. Any raw vegans who go to the gym? What do you eat? How do you get your carbs?
  2. Ive had social anxiety. Went to a therapist too. Cbt and what not. All of it is bullshit. You can bullshit yourself all the way its not going to make a difference unless you feel it from the inside. Try meditation and yoga from a real guru. And go vegan. Trust me it will change your life
  3. Shambhavi mahamudra practioners did you feel your sex drive go down completely? Does yoga make your libido go down completely?
  4. @Salvijus has your libido gone down completely too after practicing the kriya?
  5. @Shin your profile. Plus that sunglass emoji. I just can't stop giggling for the past hour now . Idk why it's really funny.
  6. @Shin you meditate for a living? people pay you to watch you meditate?
  7. when i think about it. if i do my best in almost anything i start to love it. if i think about how i want to help people through my career i can do that in almost every field currently im studying for entrance to law colleges. im choosing law as a career. but idk maybe im just lazy asf because that drive to get out of my bed every morning and work on my dreams isnt that strong for did you all find your passion?
  8. I'm reading about mastering the mind.we say we are not our mind or body or thoughts . If we are simply watching them come or go . Why do we practice positive thinking why do we talk about replacing negatives with positives sometimes? What use are affirmations if we are not our thoughts? What's the difference between mental alertness and awareness?
  9. Ive had these feelings of not being good enough for a long time. like something is wrong with me. i dont like myself. i thought external achievements chasing after my ideal self would solve it but it doesnt. because achievements dont define our worth. ive learned that im not going to be happy if i dont accept myself just as i am right now. no improvement would feel good. hating myself while improving isnt working what exactly should i start with? leos self acceptance video ill start with the visualisation every night? do you suggest something else? watching and implementing all other stuff felt like no still theres still something missing .
  10. @RichardY this made me laugh so loud. I'm a girl btw ? I'll just stick with 1) and 3)
  11. @Saumaya i thought about this!yes agreed. when i was younger all i wanted was to find love. looking back that had been my main aim. to be near people i loved. i thought that would make me the happiest. but when i got rejected (which was obvious because who would want someone who had no life of her own?) i went mad i desperately began to seek attention and just wanted to fit in i fell into validation addiction. my soul began to rot. i think its not a good idea to have goals that depend on others. plus goals around stuff like money fame validation beauty success arent the right ones to chase too. i watched leos happiness videos. so should i base my purpose on those things which are truly going to fulfill me? i think so because i havent thought about it yet but i think i want to give people a homely feeling to those whove never experienced love or been in an abusive environment. maybe the women here in india who are poor and have abusive husbands provide them a living. ill think about it. life my life to the fullest while being passionate about this particular career which is going to move the world . that could be a purpose? im scared of chasing the wrong thing tbh i thought being accepted by people was everything and for that i chased beauty etc i had begun to rot from the inside
  12. This was what I was trying to ask@Saumaya
  13. @Leo Gura okay I get it . But then I was thinking is our purpose to create an impact on others while making the best of our own lives?