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  1. Same with this guy. Thought since he's quite into the "self improvement comunity" He'd know better, bur he's somewhat passively supporting trump.
  2. Dont overcomplicate things, you can sit down for 20 min a day and stll focus on stage orange materialism or ego developement. Put into perspective : what are 20 min of meditation in 24 hours of your life? Nothing. You will reap the benefits of those 20 min x10 in terms of insights for your day to day life.
  3. I don't want to start a conspiracy theory, but today I was thinking about what plot twist or recontextualization of life would blow my mind, and this one now I can't get out of my head : Leo had a ponytail all this time!
  4. With the power of Wikipedia, I present you this humongous list: Also, I encorage you to share your favourite ones, preferably that are aligned with Self-Actualization. For me they would be : Biking Calisthenics / ring training / Weight lifting Dance, Shaking, Vibing to music. Beatboxing. Journaling, Writing posts, Brainstorming. Targeted thinking ; Contemplation. "Visualization" Aka imagining how could things be, how would I like them to be . . . Doing Free asociation Improv with friends to vibe. Improv Rapping . This one is actually an activity of letting go , wittiness , connecting dots in the moment and literaly getting in Flow state. It's really cool and if you strip it away from all the cultural baggage, the ideology and whatnot, it ends up being pretty cathartic and fun if you are willing of letting go of the need to look cool / controll that you don't say something stupid, etc. Researching on Google / Youtube, going down some rabbitholes, clearing my recommended videos so that I get access to that new juicy stuff I know nothing about rather than being stuck in the same content I normally consume. Work in progress. Your turn!
  5. It's pretty much what is refered to as " The gateless gate" . If you realize things don't actually have names, and you manage to melt the imaginary boundries between objects, and melt the conceptual duality between subject and object, you enter this state of non-conceptual awareness aka samdhi where you are one with all percepción. Watch video on "What is Actuallity"
  6. Huh, simple yet didn't cross my mind
  7. "Possesion" doesn't exist. These shoes being mine is an idea, asigning imaginary boundries to reallity. Nothing actually changes if I say that my new Crocks© belong to you, besides implied behaviour between us if we socially agree that this or that belongs to one of us. It gets freaky when you realize that this would mean that "my hand" is not " mine" , because posession doesn't exist! And same goes for thoughts. These thoughts, this inner voice, it is NOT mine! Because posession doesn't exist! This realization helped me to get some distance and de-identify myself from "my thoughts" All of this as seen from the absolute sense, relatively speaking and as a social construct, posession does exist. Don't walk into a gas station and simply snatch yourself some honey-roasted peanuts, saying to the cashier " Mine, yours, whats the difference? ?
  8. Imo it's complicated. If you get exposed to various languages since a young age, you are likely to be somewhat more openminded. I'd say the age of being exposed to languages matters a lot, aside of many many other factors. My mother for example, has been exposed to german and Spanish 20+ years and knows virtually nothing, simply because of the mindset of "I don't want to have anything to do with that "
  9. All jokes aside, the insight of " the back of my head existing only in my imagination" while I was on 'shrooms did recontextualize my experience still until today. Feel free to share your anecdotal mindblows as well.
  10. @No Self I'm not implying there is anything wrong with being intelectual or knowing some history. I'm pointing at what many times may be what is fueling one's actions : Search of aprooval of others ( "wow you are smart for knowing this and that " ) , Feeling like you are developing yourself without actually doing it ( memorization of stories and dates is just adding more files to your brain, to say so) Desire to flex on others. Actually looking to get in a conversation to show off your knowledge. All I'm saying is that these are possible reasons why he may feel guilty not knowing history. I dont know him and im proyecting a lot, but it's difficult to be authentically interested in the topic of history if your house is on fire ( analogy for him not having his life together and on purpose) By all means, go read as much as you desire and research all you want. It would be ridicoulous to say " Stop reading! Stop thinking! "
  11. @PurpleTree Good video. In short, you may call anxiety the "shadow" of freedom since visualizing a possible better future and life circumstances entails exactly that : visualizing into the future, aka worrying about what could go wrong. It's the same thing that is appealing in joining a Zen monastery, or a university, or beliving in a supreme Being : being told what to do and think, releaving the burden of having to think by yourslef
  12. Is the "giving a name to your baby" cultural norm stage blue? What I'm trying to say, your parents choose a name for you, "against your will" in a way , and indoctrinate you to belive that you are actually called " Joe " , when it's a totally relative and meaningless label. You are totally free to introduce yourself to others as Arnold from today on, and refer to yourself as Arnold. If you want. Same goes for last names. The pride of your last name, the desire to get married and pass it to your children, etc.
  13. Very good point. The specific scenario I was imagining was a broke young guy with real family issues (stuck at home in a toxic environment to have a roof over his head) with no job or work experience, stuck in some dead end studies, looking for some distance from that whole environment to think through his life. Indeed, it would be really difficult to get anything positive from such experience from an untrained mind.
  14. Why do you want to know about history, like actually? Do you feel not intelligent not knowing what happened where and when? Do you desire to flex your knowledge and memorization of facts on others for aprooval and feeling of superiority? Take a moment to clarify the reason why you think knowing some history is suposed to be valuable for you. How to develop curiosity in History? Handle your needs and wants first. You could use Maslows herarchy of needs to get an idea, but what you actually need to do is to sit down and pin down the actual burning desires you may have : More sex; constructing a life that feels meaningful for you; having a vision for your life so that you feel some kind of peace and groundedness in that regard, etc. Those are some examples. Ask yourself what do you want really often, and work on fulfilling that, because those are your ACTUAL REAL INTERESTS. You can watch some history movies and some youtube curiosity history compilations to spark your interest, but in my opinion you cant fake real interest. Once you got a lot of shit handled in your life, your field of interests will expand organically. " Dont sit down to write poetry when a tiger is chasing you " BTW, this is also one of the things you gotta do to find personal development books interesting : choosing books related with your needs and wants.
  15. Now that we are on the topic I would like to share this : 18 yr old guy spent 6 years in jail for threating another dude while playing Runescape ( wow) And here is the youtube channel of that guy if you'd like to hear some prision sotories : Quite eyeopening. That's america though. I'd like to hear more from other parts of the world. I heard terrible things about prisions in Morroco since there are lots of Arabic people here in Spain. Things like 1x1 meters prisions, extreme violence and torturing, beheadings, etc.
  16. @Applegarden @Applegarden You didn't read the post, did you? x D Quote: During this time, you would have access to food and shelter, and the most important thing, TIME FOR INTROSPECTION and maybe journaling and reading lots and lots of books. After your lawbreaking ass gets released, you would have ( at least in my country ) some kind of pension from the government for the next couple of months and a deeper understanding of what it is that you want from life, besides getting jacked and not being able to get into Canada ever again. End of Quote. I'm not defending the idea. This is an open discussion
  17. This would be one of the ways. Give it a read and suck in the concept of 1000 true fans. Quite eyeopening.
  18. Take notes when you watch a video X D
  19. @dflores321 ; ) would be a damn good bestseller rag to riches story, wouldn't it?
  20. I did think about this aspect. A coworker of mine who has been in few times told me at least here in Spain there are different kinds of Jails depending on who you are and what you did. He told me that it was pretty chill and he would definately go back if things got rough for him. Again, this guy knew nothing about personal development and was kind of dumb. Also, my dad had been in jail for few years (long story) and he came our incredibly well read and not f*cked up at all. Again, there are most likely more people who wont be able to get anything positive from the experience and will get involved with gangs and get a facetat and that sh1t. Feel free to share your thoughts / anecdotes and experiences. Ni judgement zone here ( at least from me lol)
  21. Got a thought floating around that you may like these sites that hook you up with farms where you can work for food and acomodation. Like Workaway or another one which I dont remember. These oportunities are everywhere and you may live that kind of 'monk' lyfe that you intend with lots of time for spiritual work or w/e you want to do with your time.