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  1. @Tim R "MR.BEAST as an example of transition towards stage GREEN business"
  2. Well macbook is thinn as fucc and also can be charged with an usb c power bank which is great. If I was sitting on cash I'd definately do the same.
  3. Windows 7 ? I was really dissapointed with some aspects of windows 10 , like the heavy operating system. Pretty much impossible to use even for web browsing without an ssd. I considered switching to linux, but my non existant codeing skills and the linux ideology spamming in the comments of any linux video threw me off
  4. Uhh camper vans are amazing.but Maybe he did stretch it too far with the pedobear graffiti and the lay count on the back though lol
  5. Yes only English is to be spoken on this forum, but what I want to talk discuss here is the uncharted depths of Youtube that we are completely blind to because of our English paradigm lock and the inmense inertia of the American culture. The goal is to directly expand our notion of the scope of humanity. You understand that other countries and continents exist. But to what depth? The idea is to idealy post videos in your language / culture, the more diverse and unique the better, giving an insight into how different cultures can be, shown from the INSIDE. Alternatively, use google translate to get access to hidden parts of Youtube and explore a new digital world ( I do this a lot when I'm specifically lookint for a tutorial or something and there is nothing in English or Spanish. This also goes for shopping online. If you live in Europe, you'd be amazed how cheaper you can find things on the Polish Amazon aka " Allegro " . Also there may be more uses that I haven't thought of yet. Post away.
  6. Couple of them, as seen in the picture. Don't call it "rape van". It's an amazing idea and as a fellow white camper van owner I feel ofended ?
  7. It's not ACTUALLY dead. They had to take down 90% of their content. Visa and Mastercard decided to make them take responsability for ilegal content. Interesting how such a GIANT business that is able to compete with Google and Apple can be kicked in the nuts from one day to the other. The internet is evolving lately huh. Thoughts?
  8. @marinaaniram What else is there to do? How long do you want to stare at a wall? It's a strange loop. A paradox. It does and does't exist at once. What is history? It's the past that we are told that happened. But you may say, past and future are imaginary! Only present exists! But apply this to your life: Imagine you eat a slice of chedar cheese for breakfast.Then you go to school to take an important test. You bloat. Your stomach aches. You sprint to the bathroom and your diarrhea leaves you sweaty and shaking. You flunked your test because you spent most of the time at the bathroom. Oh sh1t. Now , time goes on. You learned your lesson. Life goes by and you tell your story to a skeptic friend. ... " So then it shoot out my ass as if someone had left the tap open - you say." Him : Woah... ( ... I don't belive him. That just a story... That's his-story - he thinks. He wasn't there. He cant know if it happened or not. But there is value in a hipothetical story.e There may be value in avoiding eating cheese if you have lactose Intolerance. Now , life is imaginary at a whole different scale as well. You can call this whole "life" thing a dream, just a more coherent and consistent one, contrasted with those you have at night. Everything is made of dream stuff. But you are experiencing the dream in a sense, right? So why not explore the dream? The fact that cheese gives you diarrhea in the dream is still a "fact". You run around with your pants leaking liquid poop screaming " It's just a dream guys!! " Or embrace how cheese makes you feel inside the dream and do something ool with your dream life ?
  9. Huh yeah. But now imagine being hired as a full time evaluator as your 9-5 job in an office of horny dudes LMFAO ? I can't get this picture of my head. Jesus f*cking christ ( pun not intended) Anyways, 3 million of porn videos left is more than enough IMO lol. They took a big L but they can handle it no problem.
  10. @electroBeam your mom is imaginary as well ?
  11. @Bojan V in my opinion you lack social skills to feel the nuance between someone ego and flex diven and someone who is authentically genuine, but that's just my opinion. You can give away 10 $ on your own without no one watching, or give away 10000€ with millions watching and being able to leverage that to give away 1000000$more.
  12. @Felli So how was cyberpunk? ?
  13. I said ROOM, with random normies. Forget about whole aparments that's 1300€+ month and like 2 months of deposit when you move in , they usually sign contracts for 6 months to 2 years and they NEED YOU TO HAVE A JOB CONTRACT otherwise they wont even consider you. I find that attitude great, but consider that by doing a rushed unplanned not-strategic move you actually may be wasting your resources and therefore wasting your youth.
  14. btw feel free to dm me anything about Spain
  15. I've lived in Málaga ( bottom of Spain) for last 16 years . I've lived 6 months in Barcelona. That's how long 5k€ lasted me there. Housing is really expensive, dont expect to get a decent room under 450€/ month. In my opinion, Valencia would be the best bang for your buck in terms of cheap rent, life quality, populates city etc. It's the 4th largest province in Spain. But why Spain? . Consider Germany / Netherlands or even Swizzerland. If you want to live cheap in a big city for pick up and work online go for Warsaw or Krakow in Poland. It's expensive from Polish POV but still way more cheap than other European countries. 1 room in center of Barcelona = 500€ = 2200 PNL. 1 room in center of Warsaw = less than 1000 PNL, like not even 200€. You do you, but if I could travel back in time I'd definatelty go to a big city in Poland or Netherlands / Germany / Swizzerland. Whats with the rush though?
  16. Thing's escalated to red there. But the ending ain't red. They just pinned him down.
  17. Lmao can't belive someone on this forum just wrote such petty victim generalization. Read Byron Katie - loving what is. It will save the rest of your life from hurt. Sending some ❤❤ to your wounds. Plot twist : everyone on this post is a virgin andd we are all just mentally masturbating ??
  18. This is the kind of attitude you need to quit sugar ?
  19. @Eren Eeager Hey I used to have exactly the same issues. Let me share something with you. Don't squeeze your penis muscles while masturbating / when about to cum. You want to be relaxed the whole way. Squeezing will only lead you to pain and a bad orgasm. When you are about to orgasm, you want it to feel like you are about to pee, and let that " Pee " out naturally. No squeezing. No tensing of your tip muscles. No tensing of your pelvic floor. I bet my wallet that you squeeze everything as crazy. It takes a lot of effort to relax the muscles. Like when you notice how hard you squeeze it's like jesus fuckint Christ what am I doing. After cumming, stop masturbating. Some pain is normal if you keep fapping after you are finished. Kind of ironic that pain can come from the same action that just gave you so much pleasure. Two sites of the same coin. Lack of motivation? Completely normal. Most likely your depression is multi - dimensional and rooted in the very core of your existance. There is something essential that you havent worked through, like the meaninglesness of life, having sex and women as a priority for your life, lack of effort to create a life you love, etc. So after jizzing it's like Uhhh what now, there is nothing more for me in life ( untill you're horny again) Less energy is normal as well. Super common to get sleepy. Masturbate at night, not first thing in the morning . Anyways, some basic energy tips : work out a little even though you have little energy. Couple of squads, pushups, jumping jacks. Ironically exercise creates energy. Hydrate. Way more. I'm from europe but if you weight 170 pounds, divide it by half, so 85, and drink that in Oz. In that whole water jug, add at least 3 grams of quality salt. Dont eat shit, dont overeat in one sitting, 30 min nap when you are tired and download an app that tracks your micronutrients ; minerals and vitamins. Also get some sun. And get your life together in terms of Life purpose and overall love for life. Untill you do all of this, you are not allowed to blame cumming for your lack of energy. Pd. Remove ANY GUILT from your sexual desires and pleasure. Embrace it completely. P. P. D try eating your own jizz to test for allergy ( just kidding LOL) or not