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  1. there goes another fail
  2. fun little trick to experience some wacky visuals with no psychedelics required : close your eyes and liglty rub your eyes for like 2 min. You'll see some crazy stuff trust me.
  3. THIS IS JUST THOUGHT EXPERIMENT. I've never been in jail and I have not made any extensive research into the topic, besides some anecdotal stories from friends/family and some shallow google searches. The idea is commiting a stratetic not harmful not life-ruining crime that would put you in jail for a year or whatever. During this time, you would have access to food and shelter, and the most important thing, TIME FOR INTROSPECTION and maybe journaling and reading lots and lots of books. After your lawbreaking ass gets released, you would have ( at least in my country ) some kind of pension from the government for the next couple of months and a deeper understanding of what it is that you want from life, besides getting jacked and not being able to get into Canada ever again. If you got your shit together you could just skip all of this entirely and just do what you want and make ends meet how you want, but if you are bouncing around rock bottom surrounded by a toxic environment and stuck in a rut, maybe this would be something to consider. Again, this is just a thought experiment.
  4. @The Don You seen this one ? Its a brutal representstion of what real absolute freedom looks like. I'd rather have some rules to keep autistic sociopaths in check. It's not exactly on the point of "freedom of speech", but it does show how the nature of freedom works and how it can be co-opted by devils. It would be survival of the fittest. We Don't want to go back the the jungle do we? Also it shows a beautiful transition from red to blue at the end, when captain butt naked , the ex general praises the lawd for his second chance in life. Paradoxically, leaving freedom unchecked hinders freedom.
  6. check out Poland if you want an European country
  7. Right now you may feel like you are having a human experience. You may contextualize it as that . Because you are currently experiencing the consciousness level of " ego " . Ego , the present moment experience as you are experiencing it, your identification with your PoV, is a state of consciousness. And there are various states of consciousness. You can do some serious Kriya or Kundalini Yoga, Meditation techniques, have Out of body experiences ( Like lucid dreaming, Astral Proyeciton . . . ) , Near death experiences or simply take some Psychedelics, and you will experience what " different " states of consciousness feel like. Then you will not feel that " you are simply human " You will have what is called " A mystical experience " . You will realize than there is more depth to what you are . And you will not understand untill you manage to have one of these Mystical experiences. Ego would be in this case the baseline consciousness level, the most consistent one . That would feel be like water for the fish in the ocean. In the meantime, you can clarify what are you confused about, and look up your questions on Leo's Youtube channel, or ask them directly here. Or, you could read to all three books from Neale Donald Walsh, " conversations with God 1, 2 and 3. It's quite damn on point. And no, it's no religious BS.
  8. live in your car / van. Only real men are capable of pulling that one off ?
  9. dafuq did I just watch ? this animation is golden
  10. I'm curious about y'all opinion on cops having tasers. Inspired by these videos . That looks deadly tbh. Imagine it gets in someone's eye or spine discs. Thoughts?
  11. @Striving for more Try a clean Keto diet. Not for weight loss, but for mental clarity. You will be amazed at how carbs, insulin and blood sugar fluctuation affects your mental clarity. I CAN NOT EMPHASIZE ENOUGH how much Blood sugar fluctuation affects mental performance . Also get into fasting / intermittent fasting, quit caffeinated coffee and get your electrolytes in balance. That's as far as nutrition, then there is all the other medical stuff. Also research some nootropics. Modanafil / Armodanafil may be usefull to try.
  12. @Lyubov some people can play it out better than others. Managing to make it look good is an exception. Id say the average bald guy is rather ugly. Imagine bald head and patchy/ non existant beard, or ugly facial structure. If you bald, your better have something that compensates. Most people have deformed bumpy skulls btw. It shows hard when you bald. That's if you even want to put thought into if looks matter or not
  13. @How to be wise like it or not 95+% of psychedelics are done recreatively or in not optimal conditions. If someone is openminded, he will be able to discern the bad use of psychedelics from their amazing positive potential. And many noob trip reports end up being positive. Feelings of overwhelming love, realizations of the nature of reallity, experiencing other dimensions , experiencing God, etc. Ofc there are stories of people getting fcked up and seriously hurting themselves. There is no harm in exploring this huge side of psychedelic use if you learn from their mistakes . We can call it out , learn and have some laugs or leave that 95% as taboo. Mods decide.
  14. huh,
  15. In Barcelona they use guns that shoot rubber ammunition that is allegedly not lethal. For the common riots that happen there.
  16. @Leo Gura I've seen a gun once here in Spain
  17. @Striving for more so, I dont like gossiping and I may be just making stuff up, but the trend I see with Elliot is that he tends to double down on his own stupidity rather than evolving if we may call it like that . Overly macho-man behaviour : overcompensation for insecurity : " I don't feel good about myself if im not in controll ; if I dont command respect, if I come across as beta. MUST REMAIN ALPHA AT ALL TIMES . etc. Obsession over family, wife and kids : double down on blue, rather than embracing the love for the species as a collective rather than your tiny bloodline. If he accepted that marriage is not that important, that would mean that the last 20 years of his life or whatever were delusion. He demonizes casual sex and sleeping around. That's the thought that made me think that RSD influenced his regression to blue to some extent. It was like showing the alpha gorilla of the zoo the real jungle . And he comes back scared saying it's all bulshit, I want my cage. Stupid jungle gorillas they are f^cking whores. Come worship me you zoo betas. Sloppy writing and pointless topic but there you go. Anyway, it's a phase for every man to go through imo. Weak kiddo / soyboy evolves into muscular assertive macho man that turns into a cool chill guy that's okay with not puffing his chest with every guy. Watch Leo's episode on " how to be a man 2 " for a clear explanation of the third case . And Elliot makes a living on the second case. Teaching weaklings how to be a over-compensating macho man. Not hating though.
  18. Ughh kind of bs. When you actually learn what Happiness and how it works, that is ironically your " happiest age " . See episodes :
  19. you can watch this video that anwsers it for the most part : On the other hand, and the most practical and down to earth advice there is, is learn to listen to your deep intuition. You are literally " being told " second to second what would be the "wisest thing " to invest your limited time in before you die . Imagine as if you were surfing though radio stations, and you gotta find the right frequency. Sometimes you tune into something that you think is right but is actually shallow, downright deluded, a waste of time , etc. This needs practice , and most of all a quite high baseline of awareness. You can journal, talk to yourself in the mirror, think deeply, contemplate, take psychedelics and ask yourself questions ,etc. The bottom line is the anwser for this question needs to be tailored specifically for yourself. Yes, there are general overarching things that make an individual of our species fulfilled ( given that is what you want to make your life about - fulfillment , ) like creative expression, meaningful contributions to others, intimacy, likeminded friends / " tribe " etc, but the nitty-gritty details must be found out by yourself.
  20. watch this episode : it anwsers the question, and if you're lucky it will break you through to experiencing " Mu "