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  1. Classic idealization of purple. Ancient cultures were extremely brutal and would go to war witch eachother, kill all the men, enslave your children and rape the women and place your corpse skewered on a stick at the entrance of their tribe to repulse strangers. Life is extremely complex and the bulk of people will never be satisfied with food, water, shelter and company.
  2. Just so you get an idea, this is what I get .ánulos-Kéfir-Agua-Cultivo-Kefiralia/dp/B014SUV2BS/ref=sr_1_10?__mk_es_ES=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&crid=1DQ2JW7WHVZBQ&keywords=kefiralia&qid=1658051539&sprefix=kefiralia%2Caps%2C793&sr=8-10 I should probably make a separate thread on Water kefir instead of us hijacking this one
  3. watch the two videos I shared on the topic before . Writing about all of it even though the process is simple is kind of exhausting. You should have little questions on the basic process after watching this. all you ever need there
  4. Re-read the answer. I told you they multiply forever as you take good care of them ( feed them consistently, no extreme temperatures... ) from 100 g grains I got 1.5 kg before screwing it up and a fly got in there so I had to throw it out.
  5. Very cheap for the return on investment. 30€ to buy around 100 grams of high quality grains. Once got that, you just need to buy sugar ( i buy organic) , mineral water and optional fruit for second ferment (recommended). The kefir grains multiply pretty much forever as you feed them sugar. Ive gifted grains to some friends and they started their own culture which is pretty cool. And if they stop multiplying for whatever reason, as long as they keep turning sugar water into kefir water you can keep using them. Ive heard of people having the same grains for a decade. Some other stuff you may need are a quality glass jar , a strainer, some glass bottles... Etc.
  6. How has your recent awakening of Infinite Gods affected these claims ? Ever since you posted that video I don't see you expanding knowledge in that direction.
  7. You said you wouldn't let your GF go to vegas. Is Miami much different ?
  8. Read through the journal, I've documented everything. Yes, I do feel improved mental focus for now to a degree and im just getting started
  9. Its a bit of to work to learn the procedure and them its minimal effort, like 5 / 10 min every 2/ 3 days. Normal water kefir fermentation takes 48/72 hours depending on the climate and for second fermentation its another 12/48 hours depending on temperature. It's an enjoyable and rewarding process once you learn it and requires minimum effort.
  10. i do it from time to time but the gut benefits are nowhere close to fresh water kefir
  11. yup
  12. bump. Would be cool to have some more opinions and ideas. As of now I'm tempted to just do it at home locked in my room and keep the dose low. I plan just to sit around and contemplate.
  13. Screenshot from the " Start Here " section. The purpose of this thread is to recompile FAQ's , resources, recomendations , tips and tricks about bloodwork . I decided to get tested for vitamin D few days ago (42€ here in Spain) . The results came and I'm LOW. What's the best form of Vitamin D supplement that I can take? I do live in a super sunny area but I intuit that I'd have to sit in the sun for 2 hours a day for a year to compensate for my deficit. Got recommended this from a trusty source . Liquid vitamin D3 Thyroid seems fine?. (57€) So I want to get checked for all vitamins and minerals. I guess I need to get a bloodtest again ? Is there a way to maybe pick your finger with a machine and get tested at home ? ( maybe I'm talking sci-fi stuff, but would be cool if that existed ) Is a cortisol test the proper thing to do to check for proper adrenal gland function? What other tests would you consider to be important? I'd like to get tested for mold toxicity as well. Got a record of living in moldy spaces.
  14. Sup, 2 months since last update. Would be cool to have this thing up and working already, its been literally 4 years since I started the project. We're doing the interior furniture . I had to argue with my dad for how to make it happen. I'm not 100 % sure what I want but he's pushing things his way and I didn't like his idea. I comunicated this with him and after a few weeks he understood that he is helping me out to do it how I like it, and he's not doing it for himself. The foldable bed is welded. My friend's mom runs a tailoring shop and she said she would sew covers for the foam mattress for free. I'd just have to pay for the price of the cloth. I thought about installing a foldable desk arm at one side of the bed, a tall closet at the other side and then just a kitchen worktop at the lenght of the van. Also I'll put a rubber carpet on the floor soon together with some cool material that I'll glue on top so my knees don't hurt when I'm walking on them. I took some inspiration from this design. Although we will keep it dead simple with as little gadgets and non essential things as possible.
  15. Dropping this here real quick just to get started with some momentum. I've been procrastinating on building my camper van for over 3 years now and that's getting ridiculous. Remember : it's the single most strategic structural life change I can do as an introvert. For an introvert it's the equivalent of becoming a turtle : you carry your home on your back and are free to retreat whenever you want. I'll add more details soon. - Brainstorm to do list for next post -
  16. I was destroyed for a whole week after this last round. woke up extremely tired every day. That is suposed to be a singnal of crashing my adrenals. I did the whole round without taking ACE for adrenal support or without taking Liver support and my poop indeed was yellow. I'll start soon round nr 5 and this time I'll take the adrenal and liver supplements . I'll dose 50 MG of DMSA every 4 hours this time, since it's suposed to be it's half-life. 3 hour dosing is only for ease of taking when taking in conjunction with ALA. Taking 50 MG dmsa every 3 hours is suposed to be the same as taking 67 MG DMSA every 4 hours. Apparently . `[...] Starting dose depends on the severity of the illness. Those who are seriously sick or frail would start with a LOWER dose. Always start with one chelator and find the appropriate dose for you before adding a second chelator. A general suggestion for adults is to start at doses of 12.5 mg for trial rounds (frail adults start at 6.25 mg or even lower). If side effects are too much then stop the round and trial half that dose in the next round. If there are no side effects at all then the next round trial double the dose. Once you find the dose where side effects are manageable stick with that dose for several months before increasing. Increases are then generally 50% of the current dose. If you are using 2 chelators (ALA and DMSA or ALA and DMPS) only increase one chelator at a time and adjust to that dose before increasing the dose of the other chelator. When you can chelate at 3 mg/kg doses of ALA without any side effects on or off round and there are no further improvements to your health conditions, chelate for another 6 months and you are done. For DMPS and DMSA there is not much extra to be gained by going above 25 - 50 mg doses (except in some special circumstances). One of the things you can try if you are struggling with chelation is to take the chelators more frequently. It is somewhat common for people to feel a smoother chelation experience when they take ALA every 2 hours, DMSA every 2 or 3 hours, or DMPS every 6 hours.
  17. these two were good on the topic
  18. With no power comes no responsibility - my prefered alternative quote
  19. Im laying here suffering from covid for the 10th time. I was to take some random anti-inflamatory as recommended but it feels to me that it's an extremely un-hollistic way of treating your body. ( I'm no doctor though and im doing this on my own risk) Wage slavery as a waiter during a pandemic is a serious strategic failure with real consequences. Anyways, it got me interested to look into the the god-like intelligent design of our inmune system. And i trust THIS to get me back up on my feet, for the 10th time. Its a very brief introduction but you can just intuit the depth of the complexity of the system. It's a beautiful example of the concept of survival at the micro scale, a very tangible example of the importance of selflessness of your cells for the sake of a bigger complex organism, and overall a window into a beautiful intelligent design.
  20. @TheSpiritualBunny @Leo Gura Book : Hair Test Interpretation Finding Hidden Toxicities by Andrew Hall Cutler . Page 249 [...] If hair thallium is elevated then careful investigation of whether thallium exposure and problems exist is appropriate except in the unusual cases where many toxic and essential elements are vastly elevated (in which case reasonable elevations of thallium are likely to be an artifact rather than reflecting body burden). For detoxification, activated charcoal (and in a medical situation where it may reasonably be prescribed, Prussian blue) are given to prevent thallium from being reabsorbed in the intestines. DMSA or DMPS are given to reduce body levels and ALA is added after 2-3 months as is done in mercury toxicity. If DMPS and DMSA are not available or if it is known that exposure was not recent then ALA can be used immediately. A high intake of potassium increases the rate of thallium clearance and also partially corrects some of the biochemical imbalance thallium causes. The easy way to arrange this is to use a potassium chloride containing salt substitute liberally on food. Potassium should not be taken by itself without food as it can cause dangerous irregularities in heart function. Taste should be relied on as a guide to preventing too great a potassium intake - that is, only salt the food to taste with potassium containing salt and do not eat it if it tastes bad. Some modest metallic taste is to be expected but should not be unpleasant. In any case, intakes of potassium exceeding 1/2 tsp. of potassium chloride based salt substitute spread throughout the day and mixed with food require a physician's supervision and relevant testing. Due to the colorless, tasteless nature of thallium salts some diligence is needed in ensuring any possible source of exposure has been identified and eliminated. Other supportive therapies that oppose the toxic effects of thallium are biotin 510 mg with meals and at bedtime, riboflavin (most easily obtained as "B50" or "B-I00" tablets at any grocery store or pharmacy) and magnesium (in the citrate, malate, aspartate or amino acid chelate forms) with meals and at bedtime, plus heart supporting supplements like carnitine, hawthorne extract or other relevant herbals, and coenzyme Q-IO. Despite the fact that blood tests may show low thallium levels in the presence of toxicity they are sometimes informative. At the time of writing this book, the Great Smokies Laboratories erythrocyte element (red blood cells) test checks for thallium which other labs offering similar test panels do not. In addition it checks for potassium and magnesium levels which are relevant in thallium toxicity. Page 104: It is relatively difficult to establish good reference ranges for every element under every circumstance. Despite the fact that the statistical definition of the Doctor's Data reference ranges would reasonably be expected to lead to a bar on the plot for thallium most of the time, it is common not to see one. Blood thallium levels are often falsely normal (low) in poisoned people. Urine levels in a 24 hour collection are somewhat more reliable but false normals are still common. Hair levels are often informative but no estimate is available at present regarding false normal thallium levels in hair from toxic people. Most thallium salts are colorless, odorless, and tasteless. Thallium is concentrated into certain cells because it binds to a specific site on a cell surface mineral transport protein that is normally used to take potassium up in exchange for sodium (the biochemical term is Na,K A'I'Pase). It concentrates particularly well into the brain, kidney, and the part of the heart called the 104 myocardium. In addition to binding to the sulfhydryl groups of various enzymes, thallium specifically attaches to vitamin B2 - riboflavin - and inactivates it. Without vitamin B2 fats can't be burned for energy and the main route that carbohydrates take into the energy producing Krebs cycle through pyruvate is also blocked. Citric acid, succinic acid, suberic acid and adipic acid go up on an organic acid test. Only protein can be easily used for energy. Thallium is also reabsorbed in the kidney by the same mechanism that retains potassium, so people with low serum potassium or low potassium intake retain thallium and are more susceptible to its toxic effects. The half life for thallium elimination from the body is variously given in the literature as 8 to 30 days. It apparently does not clear from the nervous system at a significant rate since neurological problems may persist for years. The majority of excreted thallium leaves the body in the fluids the intestines secrete to help digest food. Lesser amounts are secreted in the bile and also are excreted in the urine. About twice as much thallium leaves the body in feces as in the urine. The medical literature is full of descriptions of acute poisoning by large amounts of thallium. Typically the symptoms start 12-24 hours after the thallium is eaten. When smaller amounts are eaten the symptoms might not appear for 24-48 hours. The first symptoms are from the digestive tract - abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea, perhaps vomiting, with constipation later. One to a few days later neurological symptoms appear. There is hypersensitivity to touch and pain, unusual phantom sensations, as well as muscle weakness that often begins in the soles of the feet and the big toe and slowly spreads up to the body. Movement may also become clumsy. The pain hypersensitivity can be so extreme that the brush of a feather can cause intense pain. The victim may salivate excessively. There may also be excessive thirst. At this point a variety of other problems may appear. Psychic disturbances such as delirium, restlessness, hallucinations and delusions are common. There may be eye turn or crossed eyes. Color perception may be altered or reduced. Blindness (due to optic neuritis) is frequent. Convulsions or seizures are occasionally seen. Liver and kidney damage often occur. About a week after the thallium is eaten the head hair falls out and the outer part of the eyebrows is lost. Children tend to develop the psychic disturbances more while adults are more prone to the weakness, hypersensitivity and heart regulation problems that come from impairment of the nerves that run the body. Heart function is affected and victims are at risk of sudden cardiac death' for at least several weeks. Heart racing is a common symptom as is elevated blood pressure. Chronic toxicity does not have the digestive tract problems or dramatic onset of symptoms that acute toxicity does. The neurological, psychiatric and vision problems described above are prominent, hair loss does occur, and there can be heart problems and high blood pressure due to impairment of the nerves that run the heart and other intemal organs (autonomic neuropathy in medical terminology). There are typically also sleep problems. Tremors sometimes occur as well. The neurological and psychiatric effects can be severe enough to lead to dementia or psychosis. A slow blurring or dimness of vision is characteristic, with loss of both central vision and also mild constriction of the field of vision. Thallium does cause toxic porphyria through its effect on the liver. In chronic toxicity the symptoms may come on slowly and will usually be subtle rather than dramatic. Mild to moderate chronic toxicities are quite unlikely to be diagnosed (e.g. the combination of hair loss, heart racing and high blood pressure might be misdiagnosed as too much thyroid hormone). Some Thalium Sources : Thallium is used in pesticides and rat poison though this is no longer permitted in the United States. Thallium used to be ringworm remedies creams. a component of and depilatory Thallium forms a stainless alloy with silver and is used in jewelry, it forms a corrosion resistant alloy with lead. Thallium has innumerable industrial and scientific applications. Among these are its use in optical glasses, in radiation detectors, in low temperature thermometers, in a very dense liquid used for sink-float separation of minerals, and in the synthesis of organic compounds and in luminescent tubes, dyes and pigments. Thallium imparts a green color to some fireworks, Radioactive thallium compounds are increasingly administered to people for use in medical imaging.
  21. My dad: complains about cramps at night Me: here, try this magnesium My dad : it says it hasn't been tested by the FDA! I don't trust this. My dad the same day: the FDA can't be trusted! It's a bunch of liars and government puppets
  22. Stalking, swatting, mentally ill people and the consequences of making a living as an online persona.