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  1. They need to be waterproof so that you can use It in an isolation tank. And then control the movement with your eyes and brain waves or maybe finger micro movements That would be trippy AF. You could make the dopest slow paced story games, like from telltale.
  2. Sooo what about abductions? Plausible? Thoughts?
  3. Cant wait for 7D midroll ads and being bullied & peer pressured into purchasing products by Apple holograms
  4. Honestly it's because I've watched all your content multiple times, that's why I've never watched the clips channel. And I think that's the case for your active fanbase. It was like watching a tv episode you've seen before. Of course you can still juice every episode even more. IMO you would have a bigger impact and draw in larger following if you focused on finding accurate translators for your full videos rather than a clips channel in your case. This way you would be likely to hook new core fans and dont need to whore down for clickbait and gold-fish-attention-span monkes. There could be someone saying exactly the same things you're saying in a different language with a different face, making $£¥€ - and you would most likely never know. I'm just saying the market is there.
  5. a friend of mine thought he found a tremendous deal for his electric scooter . His wheel broke and he found an aliexpress ad for a wheel on scrolling through the internet. he ordered two and they turned out to be donut sized. not scammed really he just stoopid. But the cookies fed him misleading info I guess.
  6. cell phone companies claiming that there is no small print and they are transparent about their conditions, when in fact there is small print and they are not clear about their conditions .
  7. I like to call it / see it more as the concept of "personal evolution" , as in you taking the actual process of EVOLUTION into your own hands and taking responsibility for shaping your development . In the end its just splitting hairs, but I resonate with this idea more.
  8. Conservative stance done right IMO. Just discern psychedelics from the crap. Thoughts?
  9. Hello??? How did I not know how badass Salmons are? Their life is so tragic it's poetic. That's nutss. Legitimate underwater cleaning business. Underwater Life never dissapoints me Video speaks for itself ?
  10. "To have bang" is my new favorite terminology
  11. This one is everywhere around Spain: Translation : "Prohibited to post signs, responsible advertising company." So they're breaking their own law AND fining themselves ? For y'all pranksters: joking that it's not a joke. You may joke about that as well ?
  12. What about solo door-to-door cold-knocking daygame? That will grow a full beard on your babyface in no time
  13. Has anyone tried hitchhiking daygame in the suburbs yet?
  14. Why does Mario grow huge when he eats a mushroom?
  15. Oozing buddha bowl
  16. You are instructed not to follow the instructions
  17. My dad: complains about cramps at night Me: here, try this magnesium My dad : it says it hasn't been tested by the FDA! I don't trust this. My dad the same day: the FDA can't be trusted! It's a bunch of liars and government puppets
  18. If you want to know if your DMSA has expired, one factor is checking if your DMSA has that rotten egg sulfur smell. If It has lost the smell, its expired. I also happen to get stuck in a comically bad mood when it's poop time, and im back to normal after d*fecation. Sort of like a baby. I think its because of all the toxic sh*t I'm expelling ( pun not intended )
  19. Real men sip on ayahuasca kombucha throughout their day