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  1. @Realms of Wonder Hey, I work in hospitality too. First of all I'd suggest to plan and strategize to move towards working only part time or exiting the industry completely and doing something less soul grinding and less body exploitative. Second, I sometimes work up to 9-10 hours a day on my feet as well and transitioning to barefoot shoes over time has strengthened my actual feet muscles enough not to rely on some artifical foot padding. I don't wanna say your feet will never get tired but it's a gamechanger. I used tro have crippling heel and hip pain, shin splints , and also knee and back pain. ( all from shitty footwear. your posture is a chain )
  2. I'm excited for ALA. In 7 more DMSA rounds I'll start ALA which actually pulls heavy metals out of your organs and croses the BBB ( Blood brain barrier ). That's where I'll start seeing the real MENTAL GAINS.
  3. I'm not sick anymore. It was probably Covid . I got myself new Vitamin C and vitamin E bottles. Im ready to start my third round today. 50 MG of DMSA. It's not ideal to switch too many things at once because then I can't track WHAT makes me feel HOW: Upping the DMSA dose , Different vitamin C, different vitamin E, less magnesium ( I was taking 800MG /day or more, Now around 400MG I won't be using liver or adrenal support supplements this time to see if they make any difference... I'll see what happens. I don't think I'll die or harm myself so let's go. Start of Round 3 : 23 / 06 / 2022 at 18:00. Finish is in 4 days 27 June at 18:00. Reminder to drink water.
  4. Roses are Red Violets are Blue There is allways an Asian Kid Better than You
  5. nah, it's easy to logically understand that it's a coordination of muscles you have to train to obtain a desired sound. What the biggest hurdle is is that the progress is so minimally slow it's demotivating sometimes. But over time it does compound. And it's fun to sing around and let go, so that pulls me through. + a list of 120`+ YT videos that motivate me to keep going .
  6. Selling your organs for quick money , not ever starting your journey to learn a skill or career " because it's too late " , not detaching your self-worth from your physical looks and attractiveness, perfectionism , Inaction, not learning how to be content with absolutely nothing, rejecting the material world and humanity and living in a negative solipsistic hole, analysis paralysis, investing your little resources into ding-dong coin lured in by Logan Paul ,Getting in huge non-strategic debt. Not taking care of your physical / mental health, poor nutrition, cheapest food , not introspecting and therefore never getting to know yourself, creating pet theories of spirituallity, beliveing your life will " take off " some day without ever cultivating the habits or wisdom needed, not strategizing and planing your life, not figuring out your Life Purpose, living day by day with no personal goals or objectives, not fixing your self-esteem and self-image issues or crippling social anxiety , getting caught in academia and prestige chasing, doing things for money , sex and fame rather than to increase your love and passion for life , becoming a parent in your teens or twenties or even thirties, getting caught in family drama or relationships drama, getting in legal trouble, giving into provocations and physical fights, not having a strong morning routine specifically designed to chip away at your goals and cultivating skills needed for your specific Life Purpose, being dishonest with your desires and not burning through karma, doing ilegal things for money like drug dealing , purchasing courses and not taking action to implement the wisdom, not appreciating and milking free content because it's free and it lacks " halo effect " , not appreciating and leveraging the infinite power and resources of the internet, getting STDs because of unprotected sex and not carrying a condom / beliveing in the pull-out method, investing your very limited money in the stock market or lotery or gambling. Getting scammed online by phishing, getting convinced by acquaintance to get a loan for a house or a business idea , not forgiving yourself, holding grudges and poison dripping others, not cutting toxic relationships, not keeping healthy distance from family, learned helplesness, not developing a marketable valuable skill, purchasing bling and expensive clothes with your limited money, consistently focusing your time and effort on manipulating how others thing and view you, not having a specific healthy way to relax and have fun and therefore turning to bingeing netflix, tik tok or youtube, not aligning in the slightest your 9-5 to be somewhat relatable to your LP, physically being consistently surrounded by low consciousness toxic people ( In your house, at your job) . . . And thousands more .
  7. I started a 1 year singing challenge December 2020. It's going good. Bursted through my life long Limiting belief of singing being an innate skill. I bought courses, hundreds of videos, i went to voice coaches, practiced with gifted friends... I'm still not that good since singing is such a vast and complex skill but im getting better and definitely im better than 1.5 years ago.
  8. Limiting beliefs Google Chrome Dark Mode Plugin works 100% for PC
  9. Have you seen this?? I posted it 3 times already. Extremely key to know her absolutely f*cked upbringing. I wonder how did she turn out so functional after a this hell.
  10. Would be cool for your clips channel. This guy gets it
  11. To give opinions about her y'all should watch this episode of hell on earth first. It's almost 3 hours but you get a first hand explanation of her upbringing with a cult leader.
  12. Still sick so ill wait until like Thursday to start third round of Chelation ( I'll go 50 mg DMSA) Btw ACC doesn't recommend dosing more than 50Mg dmsa ? they say it may flare yeast and is not needed since it only picks up Heavy metals from extracelular spaces and lead from inside the bones ( which is a slow process in itself. i remember Leo recommending up to 300 MG because of a few research papers he linked. ALA you can go all in on it. 300 MG and more ( build up over time) Restock vitamin c and vit E.
  13. Healthy modern purple wedding ritual: Moving Hakas are amazing overall. You can look up dozens of them. It's a lighter and more socially acceptable version of Osho dynamic meditation. Still cathartic.
  14. Research the concept of " Vocal twang " to avoid sore throat and to protect over the music. Thats why owen has sometimes a duck-like high pitch voice ? Most likely you have underdeveloped voice muscles but as well using wrong technique.
  15. Eben Pagan is one amazing dude. Too much intimacy for me though. I did get kinda triggered by the amount PDA. You would have to find a man who is developed enough to be in keen touch with his emotions, who's got the awareness to feel you out AND has to care enough to consistently go through these feelings with you. I have done lots of emotional and awareness work ,but for me to care for a girl to that degree she would have to be smoking hot - therefore pretty young which entails she'd most ikely be as shallow as a chiwawa. And she would have to be developed enough to be receptive to such behavior instead of unconsciously craving a macho man. So that's just a phase I need to go through and I don't expect to be out of it any time soon. Looks like Eben Pagan burned through that phase to some degree but this does not speak for the majority of men. TLDR : Very rewarding relationship. Requirements : extremely high contrasted with the average couple. Chances: Very slim. Good luck ?
  16. Is it her birthday? Alabama? Both?
  17. Yup. Spiritual content definitely is a potential pitfall for young people. I discovered at 17 and now im 24 . My very authentic and congruent goal was to improve social skills, dating skills, self-esteem. My curious nature hooked me to Leo's content and my agenda was pretty much overwritten by his at that time ( as in what I find interesting) . I vividly remember scrolling on YouTube, seeing the title : spiritual enlightenment : the most shocking truth you will ever hear and my intuition instantly went " Not yet, leave this for later in my development ". But i did watch it eventually and i fell down the rabbit hole. After barely making it out alive and extensive mental and emotional chaos, the overarching result was extreme positive. At this point I may say I've won the inner game lottery , although my material life is seriously lacking ( still working on it). Sometimes I wonder how my life would have unfolded if I hadn't found Leo. Definitely I'd be way worse off.
  18. Just finished last dose of day 4. i feel i could keep going for a week no problem but I've been advised to stick with the 3 -4 day rounds for the begging. I'll see if redistribution feels different from last week. ( lasted 2 days) Taking some selenium after finishing the round this time. Apparently it works like magic for the symptoms. Besides that, im sick aF right now. Idk why exactly . Intuition telling me it has nothing to do w/ chelation
  19. Well, both give certain value. I'd rather listen to arguments and contemplate them rather than going with what the most popular opinion is.
  20. Be glad you're not in these shoes : F*ck. If i was to replay this daily I'd feel obligated not to piss my life away. I was literally born in the most amazing time in history ever.
  21. @Danioover9000 raw number have very little importance. What's important are very inteligent and nuanced arguments for and against.
  22. As I'm going through this heavy metal detox challenge I had decided to do a hair test in spite of it not being strictly necessary for the ACC protocol but I found I'm Nickel toxic. I was confused. Where did this come from? I began brainstorming. Is it because of the 5 years of brackets I've worn? Is it the retainers? Is it the dental implant? Is it because I've been consuming lots of tozix raw flaxmeal? Today it hit me: last year I thought I had upgraded my cookware from a chipped teflon covered pan to a cheap 30€ stainless steel pan from Ikea. As I finished cooking and sat down to eat i noticed my habit of eating straight out of the pan. I noticed the sound of the steel spoon scratching the bottom. Could this be it? Turns out I've most likely gotten Ikea'd. How do you pick stainless steel that is not laced with toxic metals that leach? How do I even retox Nickel? I started having the weirdest symptoms. Dizzines, a second tinnitus ( I've had one my whole life - I swear I started to belive I'm picking up wifi waves with my ears lol) short term memory loss, poor concentration skills ...
  23. * reminder to complete post when I'm home*
  24. From andy Cutler's book about hair test interpretation