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  1. I wanted to mention that skin lotion / moisturizers can contain chemicals and your skin is like a sponge that absorbs everything, but its worth to mention how bad the ingredients of make up can be: ----- Wear a mask when working doing woodwork. Sawdust or other small Airborne particles can stay with you a long time and cause issues ( to be specified) . That brings me to the time I almost died when I was 3 years old. I breathed in a lot of concrete dust while we were remodeling our kitchen. I got a terrible lung condition that was treated with a horse dose of penicillin that left me with skin marks till today. Cement dust is a coctail of heavy metals ---------- If you are a handy craftman or you work in a workshop of some kind: careful with welding fumes. You dont want to develop Welder's Lung ( from breathing in iron fumes) . Circular saw disc dust may be toxic. If you paint or work with glue / solvents, invest in an adequate mask and ventilate the area. ---- For 'Muricans : be aware of lead or leaded ammunition. You will breathe a lot of fumes if you frequently visit the shooting range. ---- Old buildings may be painted with lead paint ( and have lead pipes) . Kids love to eat the chipped paint pieces as they taste sweet. Also the dust is a concern. If the paint looks like reptile skin and wrinkles, its leaded. ---- We dont really know how dangerous radiation is but I'd keep your phone away from your crotch. Perhaps someone could invent some material that isolates your phone when its in your pocket. How you'd still get service is a question to solve as the inventor 😉 --- Be mindful of spending long time in a heavy chlorinated pool. It may give you alergic reactions and potentially screw with your hormones. Conspire with with friends to pee extensively inside the pool to save your citizens from the chlorine ( jk, but would be a cool batman spin-off) If you own an RV and have a second battery for your electronics, make sure its not a lead-acid battery as it produces toxic fumes. Rather go for AGM or lithium as they are sealed and are safe for indoor use. ----- Restaurants use tap water to cook your fancy pasta/rice/potatoes. Same goes for pizza or any baked goods you buy. T A P water Cook your own food as much as possible. I need to do research into activated charcoal as ive heard that it potentially could be used to soak toxins from your current meal. It would be a great crutch. --- If you're goint to drink from plastic bottles keep them the hekk away from sunlight and heat. I know a guy that worked in a supermarket warehouse and told me the pallets are left in the sun for hours as workers do other stuff before bringing them inside. --- Replace your AC filters every half a year ( depending on use). Use the best you can afford. You may also invest in one / multiple air purifiers, specially if you live close to a road. Look for True Hepa air filter ( for the dust) + activated carbon pellet filter ( for gases) . Not sure about the actual effectiveness. Guide on what is or isn't important on air filter --- Dont spray toxic mosquito repellent on your skin or into the air. Dont let them in in the first place with mosquito nets around your windos or do your own mosquito repelent spray with lemmongrass oil, lavender oil and peppermint oil --- Avoid drinking bone broth as lead mimics calcium and is stored in the bones. --- many nuts may contain mold because of storing conditions. Raw Linseed contains cyanide that gets released if you grind them ( i was doing raw linseed bread. I loved it. My throat started getting swolled AF. --- Peanuts= Glyphosate + mold?
  2. Careful with coated knifes and utensils. I just had a look at my drawer and I've seen at least 3 with chipped paint ( or whatever that is) Also look our for Teflon coated rice cookers. Non-stick = no-no. Cooking eggs without sticking to the stainless steel pan Also rice is apparently high in Arsenic and soaking / washing reduces it's ammount
  3. Have you ever thought about how your clothes / bedsheets could be actually toxic? You may be totally fine for your entire life wearing 5 € shirts. Or perhaps you've just found the source of your mysterious chronic skin rashes. Everyone is different. Your skin is your largest organ. Fabrics to avoid and better alternatives
  4. On commercial mouthwashes: What the nitric oxide that they speak of is Alternatives : Tongue scraper. Oil pulling. Diy mouth wash with salt, peppermint and clove essential oils.
  5. Did you know Botox is THE strongest poison IN THE WORLD? The biggest example of "the dose makes the poison" ( most toxic just second to Tik-Tok actually) Better alternative Alternative 2 : Learn about self esteem & self- image work. Im not exactly in the upper class to be aware of more alternatives 🤔
  6. Tatoo ink full of heavy metals I guess that if you wanna try out a tatoo you may try non - permanent tatoos. Get stickers or have it painted on top of your skin by a pro with non toxic ink. Check out Henna. It also contains toxic chemical but at least they're not injected into your skin.
  7. I see you found the 80-20 of the equation here 🤣
  8. Obviously avoid smoking / second hand smoking. Try nicotine patches (?) or look for the proven methods on how to quit smoking. Hookah has tobacco as well. Apparently cadmium is added to tobacco for it to burn slower, besides dozens of other toxic chemicals. There have been reported deaths of people dying because of vaping in less than 10 years.
  9. Barefoot shoes + thicc socks / multiple layers. I wear these. Barefoot shoes have madea huge positive impact in my foot health and posture. Edit : don't " What are thoose?! " me
  10. do you have people over at your place often? not just girls, people overall.
  11. I could totally see some autistic superpower that can prefectly guess RGB values.
  12. Would you say there is much difference between organic and non organic meat besides the amount of vitamins and minerals?
  13. Russian slapping tournament with JP. You elaborate your argument between swings but if you pay an extra 7000€ bonus fee you are allowed to dodge the slaps. Otherwise its just a plain 5k and you must take his wet noodle hits
  14. All of the while you must eloquently argue with a mildly tipsy JP about Post-modernism. Please release this game in a 8 bit street fighter style 🤣
  15. I've finally picked up "Think and Grow Rich" on audible after hearing about it for years. I haven't finished it yet. There is plenty of good stuff , but this one concept resonated with me profoundly. The analogy he used was the following: Imagine it's the middle of the night and you find yourself stuck in sleep paralysis : you are awake and conscious but absolutely cant move your body. Breaking out of mental inertia ( I. E breaking out of mindlessly scrolling, procrastination, paying attention to gossip... Etc) takes that same amount of focus , willpower and conscious effort than waking your body up from sleep paralysis ( clenching your muscles like your life depends on it ) If you have experienced both scenarios before, you will appreciate how beautifully accurate this example is. Im guilty of scrolling on YT and also vegging out on my chair wrapped in blankets, alternating between daydreaming and thinking in absolutely nothing, and overstaying in bed in the morning cause im cozy. That's all good but when sh1t needs to be done its frustratingly counter productive. When do you see yourself in the need of snapping out of mental inertia? Edit: looking at my words i should heat up my house more lol
  16. Tate exactly the kind of guy that if he was born 500 years ago and was left unchecked would try to conquer a third of the world.
  17. We literally are all family. We are all the same species of monkey in a building with RGB lights and loud music. Imagine if some aliens were observing you from the sky. They would be like: why are these monkeys not interacting with eachother?
  18. This. I had some blood sugar problems and insulin sensivity after about 6 months of a very bad junk food diet and I'm glad to say that I've completely reversed it with about 3 months of keto diet. I don't know your details, but I wish you strenght and wisdom.
  19. I didn't know toxic masculinity could get worse than the new Elliott Hulse. Oops Edit: now that i think about ir it can actually get way, WAY worse.
  20. That would mean literally even 95% of supplements... 🤢🤮
  21. This is good if you havent seen it My personal preference a: as high quality animal based foods as possible. Grass fed grass finished beef, pasture raised eggs, high quality goat cheese, etc. For carbs fruits ( mostly bananas ) , legumes, maybe rice. I used to avoid oats and wheat like a plague but since i fixed my gut issues i can have them no problem. This gut has pretty good eating habits and recipes ( thats the whole playlist) . Allways adapt to what feels good specifically to you. Warning : this guy fell down the conspiracy theory rabbit hole so be careful not to get infected. Pd: the highest quality foods diet can get expensive. You may need to adapt to your budget. Having a good income obviously helps.
  22. Great!!! Love those breakdowns of specific actual mainstream characters
  23. I don't think you would be able to 🤔 Anyways how is there not a movie with that plot?
  24. Why did i have to stumble upon this channel? The level of cringe is simply criminal. Edit: i hope its just deepfakes, but after the vin diesel king of cringe video I can see putin having that kind of sense of humor 🤦🏼‍♂️ -- now i need a 1 month break from the internet