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  1. If you've got some cool idea for one of the hundreds of videos without an digital art thumbnail share it here and maybe yours get chosen! :0
  2. This is not some simple Youtube Drama. These people uncovered secret under the dable deals between the heads of YT and the Russian Kremlin's world wide 39 YT propaganda channels. In a nutshell, these channels funded directly by the kremlin chronically inflict blatant copyrighy infringements earning over a million dollars PER MONTH while spreading propaganda and missinformation all over the world. The kremlin has stated that if they do ban the channels they will frame it as an ATTACK on russian media. These channels HAVE to be terminated according to YT's own policy BUT instead of YT being simply a passive video platform they decide to take matters into their own hands and bend the rules, manipulate and lie. It's no surprise corruption and nepotism go hand in hand. I strongly recommend this one in spite of it being almost 2 hours long. It's beautifully eloquent and the hard work of the production is admirable. Very insightful.
  3. I was using the word as in " favoritism between people in power " . My bad. is Cronyism or simply corruption a better term maybe? The extreme rule bending is hilarious 1- They are not banned. Quote : As of the day of making this recording, YouTube has temporarily blocked worldwide access to all videos hosted across all of Russia’s state-owned channels. This was done a few months ago following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. It’s a step in the right direction, for sure. But a temporary “blocking” of RT’s videos is not the same as the termination of their accounts 2- Why he's Suing YT : The rule-bending in a nutshell : 350 days ago RT arabic channel is banned. Only 3 hours later its world wide news and it's framed as an american attack on russian media. The channel is back up inmediately by orders of the kremlin. / Time stamp is below) Quote : " This. period. matters. ( The 350 days) It matters because it represents the day that YouTube made the decision to violate its 3-strike policy by reinstating RT, through the day that all of RT’s videos were blocked globally. For nearly an entire year, YouTube complied with an order from the Kremlin NOT to terminate RT’s channels following its threats that Google’s billion-dollar business in Russia would be banned if YouTube did not immediately stop its “Western censorship." I am going to say that again because it’s important: YouTube complied. YouTube complied with a written order — from a senior Kremlin official — with knowledge that that order would have a direct effect here in the United States, affect an American citizen, and violate YouTube’s repeat infringer policy. THIS needs to be investigated." Here is a relevant time stamp for ya.
  4. TLDR : YouTube is turning a blind eye to OBVIOUS repeat infringers ( Russia Today's 39 Channels ) who file frivolous DMCA counter-notifications to avoid the termination of their accounts.
  5. " You don't know your credit card details!!?- (disgusted surprised face ) Thats a sign of such an AMATEUR " - - - * looks at card number to order smth on his phone *
  6. Curb your - blank - videos are a compilation of double standards basically
  7. Woah they pulled this thread deep real quick. It got me thinking how much integrity you must lack to have a career as a lawyer. Funny how phonetically lawyer sound like liar😂.
  8. James Marshall hits all the checkboxes for a high quality masculinity role model. His focus is mostly daygame. Also Alex James ( ex RSD coach) One of his core concepts is deep self-love" and " There is no reason you're not good enough " . This guy turned down the toxicity from pickup to a minimum. Todd Valentine is okay as ( as in effective ) but idk about his ethics
  9. And this was only finantial and emotional rape
  11. IDK if anyone posted this yet.
  12. @hoodrow trillson Todd Valentine used to work for RSD and he has stayed in that nieche even after RSD transitioned. So this is one of the few " healthier " sources you can switch to.
  13. he gives me the same vibes as this guy here
  14. 3 weeks have passed since my last chelation round. I've re-stocked on ACE and I have everything I need to start round 6. After round 10 I will start implementing ALA which is the goal here .
  15. okay but why isn't anyone talking about how his name literally means black dick 😂🤣