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  1. Mathematically i like to think of it as : " ∞ + 1 " Physically it's equivalent to " The Universe is in constant expansion ". To attract insight you must make space for it. It won't appear if your mental bandwidth is busy. I love brainstorming and then wiping the board. Flex your mental muscle and release. Then repeat. That's how you fish for them. One insight I had from the episode is that I took from granted that I have the ability of having insights. It didn't even cross my mind that it's possible that some people aren't capable of having them. This is how insight feels like in my mind :
  2. In my mind i had this funny idea that you could turn into an absolute beta simp after s*x so that she finds you repulsive and doesn't want to see you again so that you don't really hurt her emotions ( as she rejects you) if you don't want anything serious. But actually it's not funny and actually pretty manipulative. I think that would feel as if you've had done a purchase because of deceitful marketing and it turns out the product is crap and you can't even give it back. Had to get this one off my mental bandwidth. Enough chimping around for today 😬 Edit: ok maybe it's a bit funny from an immature male perspective. As in using reverse psychology so that she doesn't develop feelings for you ,the expense of your external pride
  3. Got a 16. If i had done this before i got into personal dev i would have scored way lower
  4. I was having this when on keto diet. That's as close of a taste as it gets to sugar. Note its been said that sugar alcohols can fck up your gut microbiome over time. Alternatively, you can look into a drink called water kefir. Its a SCOBY that feeds on sugar. With some experience you can make it taste 10 times better than regular soft drinks. + its a raw probiotic bomb. When i drink it regularly, my gut becomes a volcano and could digest half a horse no problem. Also eating sugar seems to be no problem because the kefir feeds on it. Water kefir bible: Second fermentation : ( my fave part, literally infinite fizzy soda potential)
  5. Roll up your sleeves and DIY a portable version that you can take with you even after moving
  6. There are companies that bring you huge glass jugs monthly to your house and you give them back the empty containers. I don't trust them with what chemicals they bomb the jugs to clean them after use though. I may be overreacting. Good option for some.
  7. I'm in Southern Spain. Bottle water comes from different mountain tops and tap water is from a desalination plant. Do not drink it.
  8. How much sun is too much? How little sun is too little? Can a Vitamin D supplement completely replace the need for sun? What about tanning beds?
  9. Damm i own a small camper van and I had planned to install a small gas stove inside. Didn't think about this one. How do you think i could minimize the harm? Getting an electric stove would be ideal then but not possible atm. Maybe different fuels are less harmful? Propane, LPG, alcohol. I have a small extractor on the roof as well, 10cm diameter. May have to upgrade. I may also get one or two air purifiers with activated carbon filters while cooking. I would never cook longer than 10 min at once. Perhaps twice per day. Kind of answered my own question but maybe you have more.
  10. Crystal deodorants yay or nay? Stay the fk away from these :
  11. Good work! All part of the learning curve. Keep at it. If you've never went home at night sobbing and hyperventilating you haven't started learning game 😉
  12. You may have issues digesting lectins. If you don't, you're good to go. Otherwise than that, know handful or even less raw kidney beans can kill you. Careful if you had the idea of making legume flour and undercooking it.
  13. 8 golden rules to destroy her ego going viral 🤦🏼‍♂️
  14. More heavy metal filled foods : Baby formula. Also, to top it off, here is a brief video on the absolutely sociopathic and insidious story of Nestle's Baby formula: + the fact that the actual ingrediends of the baby formula are pretty much garbage. ( ignore the conspiracy theory stuff from this guy ) Gotta say im astonished that we have made it over age 5 .
  15. They can contain arsenic, microbes and chemicals. I trust purified lab tested water more than the watter from any random puddle or stream.
  16. If you deeply belive you're sick, you actually get sick!! I wish I knew this back when I wanted to skip school 😉 --- Anxiety, worry and stress , if chronic, are a big health hazard. Look at that strange loop 😉