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  1. Holy fucking shit guys Eureka I came up with a way to absolutely avoid the risk of pregnancy without condoms, birth control or vasectomy and having as much unprotected sex as you want You need to deviate the flow of seminal liquid to a different exit instead of the urethra with some simple bioengineering Maybe that could be an idea for the useless male nipples Or make some sort of third empty testicle where the semen gets transfused to during orgasm and we can empty out manually later . This one is more realistic ideal actually Work in progress . Definitely revolutionary Anyways aren't IUDs very effective and non intrusive or are they toxic because of the copper or whatever
  2. True but not like you absolutely never notice it. You can notice Botox by that shiny aspect it gives their skin, and very often in celebs the fact that they are unrealisticly attractive and symetrical is the giveaway for plastic surgery. I quite often look up their before and after pics just for the thrill But yeah you mostly notice the bad plastic surgery
  3. That's fine, but I pointed out a real and direct way to be living the values you laid out here. And you answer implies that you value tripping and comfort more than travel I'm not trying to push any lifestyle on you, but this is what I see. People have done vanlife in Canada and more extreme places. But the point is that you can leave the extreme weathers because your house has wheels
  4. Can you plug pellets?
  5. Sounds like a quote from " One Pump Man" Anime ( One Punch Man spin-off) S3ks with a condom be like eating a sandwich with the wrapper
  6. Commitment contracts are cool, but who is keeping you accountable for your actions besides yourself ? Who's proof checking? How are you making sure you will give him the money if you don't follow through? The mind is extremely sneaky with rationalizations. You almost can't trust yourself A solid and fail proof web for accountability is absolute gold, but most strategies don't hold water and end up not being that effective . If you share your situation in more detail maybe we can learn something and perhaps polish up your model Id argue that if you trust your friend It would be better to already give him the money and videos and earn it back , and work to show him proof of archivement ( if its possible for your goal, but most likely impossible until full time commitment from your friend) Commitment contracts with cash work the best if the activity can be proved real time, like showing up to the gym and lifting the weights in front of someone, or giving your wingman 200€ and only giving it back after you playfully talk with 10 girls in the club, or after you loose X amount of weight, or finishing your product before a certain deadline... Etc The more personal and private these goals are the less likely this strategy will be effective But good post, this accountability strategy hasn't been shared here in a while
  7. Leila Hormozi had a nose job and it was well worth it ( she had brows done and other stuff as well though) Yes it's brutal, but plastic surgery is effective and maybe twice as much for women Don't go full MJ or Simon Cowell though
  8. One of my best friends is a natural that peaked in high school. He has around 100 or more body count. This dude is oozing testosterone . Super hairy and naturally twice as muscular at me without touching weights. He only learned from me last year that pre-seminal fluid can get a girl pregnant. Until then, he just pulled out, wore his lucky socks and washed his wiener with diet coke
  9. Am I the only one who read that with Jordan Petersons Kermit voice?
  10. He did look pretty hot next to that pineapple in that one blog post 🥵 no homo iykyk
  11. Make some good cash and fund the male birth control pills project
  12. @Nilsi How Hitler's Volkswagen Became A Symbol Of Free Love
  13. @Leo Gura have you tinkered with jailbreaking Chatgpt? There are ways to run it on your own hardware in an absolutely uncensored manner. That's where the jackpot is
  14. Let's goo! 😓🎉 Keep it short and sweet, one regret per post. You can always vent more later I kinda wished I didn't waste my youth playing videogames for 16 hours per day for decade and a half. Only now I begin to feel the guilt and resentment What keeps you up at night?
  15. @Nemra my friend mostly goes for freebies and leaks of Instagram influencers that have the link in their bio Idk personally 🤷
  16. At this point just automatize Chatgpt to argue for both sides, and have another AI decide who wins Jokes aside,it would be fascinating to have AI debate itself for 1000 hours about some topic and give you all the highlights
  17. I have been told it's up to the individual how far to take it. A friend told me
  18. Investigating and exploring all alternative scenarios is absolutely valid . You learn from what happened, but also from what could happen but didn't . Yes it's not historically accurate because it didn't happen exactly that way and to that degree. But it could have because it is congruent with the ideology . Saying we are " brainwashed" by movies and games is downplaying the atrocities of Nazism. The risks are in not taking seriously enough the dangers of Nazism, not in being too closedminded about it You can plow chatgpt for hours about the upsides of Nazi Germany. That doesn't excuse the atrocities Videogames and movies are valid real possible spin offs and ramifications of elaborating along the lines of the real actual Nazi ideology .
  19. @OBEler It's not an oversimplification, it's a congruent elaboration of the trajectory of Nazi ideology. It doesn't matter that Hitler himself wasn't blonde with blue eyes. Absolute logical coherence is not a requisite for ideology and close-mindedness. Even if not historically accurate, the movies and videogames are congruent with the ideology. Again, it doesn't matter that the absolute extreme or his ideology didn't manage to happen. It was clearly headed in that direction . So the movies and videogames are valid Yes, they would salivate at the idea of killing 6 billion people in the sake of racial purity including 80% of their own people to make an ultra pure race That sounds like a Nazi wet dream What are you defending? It sounds like you are cherry picking the noble parts of Nazism and downplaying the atrocities
  20. @OBEler It is not historically accurate, but it is definitely not nonsense. Yes, that was the ideology of the superiority of the Aryan race. In actual reality he didn't get to follow through on the extreme version of his vision of killing anyone who wasn't blonde with blue eyes. It was simply logistically not possible in his lifetime. Do not doubt, if he had the opportunity he would have done it. Even you yourself are startled at the idea: " that would even mean non Jews! " Sadly for him, he only managed to implement racial hierarchy systems , indoctrination and propaganda of the superiority of the Aryan race, racial hygiene policies and selective breeding programs , which is only just a few steps towards that extreme You're downplaying the severity of this by saying " well but he didn't actually kill people if they weren't blonde with blue eyes" It is absolutely clear he would resort to those means if given the opportunity. His speeches were filled with extreme racial ideology , propaganda of the superiority of the Aryan race, literally pushing the idea of the need to " eliminate inferior races", and his "Lebensraum" concept , of making living space for the superior Nazi population You can put two and two together ----- What you're fighting against here is that the games and the movies are not historically factual and accurate. But what you're missing is that they are absolutely congruent with the Nazi ideology , and therefore valid, plausible ideas and creative spin offs. What are you defending? The accuracy of the history books? I'm really trying to understand here It's more important to understand the possible ramifications of such an extreme ideology than what actually only managed to happen . If a terrorist attack hijacks a single airplane that kills 300 people, you seriously contemplate all causes, ramifications and the ripple effect of the tragedy. Hitler killed 60.000 times more people than this fictional terrorist attack Investigating and exploring all alternative scenarios is absolutely valid . You learn from what happened, but also from what could happen but didn't
  21. im glad to introduce you to the concept of " vanlife " or " carlife " if you weren't awere of it already. i've done it for 6 months and it can definitely work for certain people at certain points in their lives. if you do it properly, you minimize the cost of living while maximizing adventure and travel. It's not absolutely free, but it certainly is affordable. You decide how little you're willing to settle for . You can work at any job for half a year and travel for another half a year, and eventually save up money, or apply for goverment paychecks . In Spain we get 4 months off per 1 year worked , up to 2 years free time at once ( if you have legally worked for 6 years )
  22. That's the exception, not the rule, and the consequences of not publicly praising the regime and eagerly participating can be that immediate but also more of an insidious negative ripple effect on your life and your loved ones. Yes, the majority of people just wants a quiet peaceful life and will participate the bare minimum not to be seen in a bad light. Yes, you can say people willingly participated in the regime , if the negative effects are potentially so bad , and you are rewarded so good for fitting in. Sideing with power has an obvious appeal . As a side note, to this day I hear old people here in Spain saying " my life was better with Franco". It's a pretty common saying here , and they give real life tangible examples of how their life was better. And it's true. If you side with power you get rewarded. It's not apples to apples though.
  23. @OBEler there is overwhelming hystorical evidence of how the corrupt nazi regime influenced all aspects of personal life. And even without that evidence you can simply understand how if corrupt people are in power , rules and morality fly out the window "Lead a normal life and feel free to cancel if you don't want to do some dirty tasks"? Do you understand what politely declining a task from that corrupt regime means for your family , business and possessions? Why do you have so much faith in the good will of the members of a corrupt system not to abuse their power? Not actively participating, non compliance or God forbid, opposition , in an authoritarian corrupt regime means blackmail, torture , imprisoned or worse, of you and your loved ones. A corrupt regime uses propaganda, coercion and absolutely whatever dirty means to maintain "their order" and power What are you defending here? That Nazism was bad but not that bad? I don't understand If you have an interest perspective I'm open to hear it but this is getting more cringe by the hour, nothing personal. I'm sure you're have good takes on different topics