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  1. Quick recap for any lurkers. Yes, you right there, i smell you through the screen 😉 The context of this post is OP shares results of unprovoked heavy metal urine test, mentions life long concentration problems and asks if chelation is worth it. What I said is that doing an uprovoked urine gives little and inaccurate information. It must be contrasted with a provoked urine test if you want actual numbers. And repeating this process over time is what shows you more accurate data. Yes, If you want numbers it's costly. That being said, I only (barely ) did a hair test, for different reasons. I won't do urine tests as they are not in my budget and I dont care about the numbers, only about how clear my mind is and how energetic I feel, and that's real time feedback. Yes, ACC group is group think and people challenging the status quo are banned. That is partly because strict posting guidelines must be followed as as only two dozen mods moderate over a group of 80k people. It stops clueless people from hurting themselves and sharing potentially harmful info. It is not the place to innovate and shake the boat. It's a place for helpless newbies or intermediate people. Therefore paradigm lock is assured. You can poke holes in any scientific model and I encourage you to do if you have the requiered intellect, but in the context of this post, it's the best resource. The process outlined is begginer friendly, there is a place for feedback from " knowledgable " people and enough info for you to chelate as safely as possible TODAY. 90% of your question are easily anwsered there. I also shared Leo's video for contrast. Yes, chelation is not the cure for everything. There are dozens if not hundreds of different factors that could be contributing to your illbeing. Obviously go for the low hanging solutions first. So is chelation worth it? It depends on how serious you are on doing accurate personal science and finding possible solutions for your chronic fatigue and brainfog. You will most likely never know the exact reasons and you must work with the best you've got. It depends on how much you value potentially improving your mental clarity and becoming more vigorous. Put a price on it. 150€ a month for a few years. Is that how much you value it? Would you pay 3000€ for a more clear mind? How much would you actually pay ? How much time spent is too much for the cause? Only you can decide. PD: take responsibility and double chek any info for yourself.
  2. if thats true then you should be eager to give chelation a real test instead of brushing it off and blaming it on genetics. But i'm not here to convince you. Concentration problems and emotional instability are very often linked to heavy metal toxicity. Also mothers can transfer heavy metals to children, the most vulnerable stage of development. If you don't think heavy metal toxicity is your problem, then why did you do this test? No offense, but that's half-assing. An unprovoked test won't reveal toxicity, as discussed before. The other lowest hanging fruit would be taking a hair sample and sending it to a lab for analysis. Everything you need is found here What you also could do is a chelation trial. You do one round of DMSA and any reaction, positive or negative, is sign of toxicity.
  3. Does anyone here have any experience with making their own supplements? Specifically with a gadget like this : I mean if I buy Sodium Ascorbate powder or Magnesium Bisglycinate and just measure and put it in the capsules, I'd save around 15x, minus the initiall 20€ of the machine and the empty capsules. Aparently you can also do it to reduce the cost of DMSA and ALA, but I wouldn't take that risk. Yes it's less convenient, but I feel that over time you will become more efficient and it will be very worth it. Thoughts?
  4. This is a good idea. Leo said he does have a second PC with this forum blocked so that he can work on his book without having to resist temptations So this would be the equivalent.
  5. Looks promising. Cant wait for a deepfake AI VR version of this.
  6. @UnbornTao I mean I imagine the kettle can leach aluminum into your water, and even worse if you boil it ... I'm no scientist but I wouldn't take the risk. I eat canned legumes every other day. If you want the full list of things to consider: Choose organic if your budget allows for it. Ive had both for a decade and im still alive, who knows the real difference. Who knows the quality of the water they are cooked with and kept in. You would be better off rinsing them off with reverse osmosis water. I eat them with the liquid and im alive for now idk what the compound consequences may be. Even the label advises to rinse them off. Choose as little ingredients as possible. Water, salt and legumes ideally. The most common preservative is EDTA, which is a heavy metal chelator that is advised not to take, but aparently Andy Cutler said that small amounts found in food in this manner are okay. It's used so that they don't turn grey and funky looking on the top. Choose glass jars over tin for obvious reasons, specially if with tomato sauce ( the acidic liquid may react with the can and leach nasty stuff. You may get a pressure cooker and do your own baches higher quality and cheaper, at the cost of convenience. Also you you may have trouble digesting lectins, but that depends on your gut health and maybe genetics. Only you know how they make you feel.
  7. @kamill Watch this. Be very careful. The vocal chords are just 1 to 3 cm long and the chance to seriously injure yourself and need surgery is very real. But mostly because of improper use and unconscious dysfunctional posture habits. Notice how babies can scream all day long and they're absolutely fine. Aparently the capacity to do vocal fry is a clear sign for vocal health. For the future: study Alexander Technique. It's a holistic posture technique that will bring your vocal health and vocal skills to the next level. Much vocal damage occurs because of the Mouthbreather pose. To combat this, keep your sternum tall ,push your chin in with your index finger and then imagine someone pulling you from your crown up with string from the ceiling. Rotate your head forward and up. That's the gist of it. You have 15ish kg of weight balancing up there, you can imagine the ripple effect in terms of tension and posture. Some of the highest quality material for you: Alexander Technique Intro Source : teaching myself vocal skills for the last 2-3 years. I still have much to learn. Cheers! Edit: this herb is known as " Singer's Herb " . I gifted it to my singing teacher when she told me she had chronic faringitis. No clue if it worked though lol i swapped teachers
  8. This should answer everything I like to think the admins are an authority and are trustworthy. If you want to do further research and validate their claims that's on you. Povoked urine test means that you have taken a certain dose of dmsa (calculated with a formula provided in the video) and then send the urine test for an heavy metal analysis, so that you can contrast provoked with unprovoked urine test and see what is being pulled out of your body, which is pretty much the only way to assess toxicity. For example: Unprovoked test = pretty clear Provoked test = toxic Conclusion : chelators manage to pull out toxic heavy metals from your body that otherwise you don't pee out. If you decide to do the provoked test, remember to directly transition into a 3 day dmsa round right after taking the dose . This is confirmed missing information in the video. Mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic , aluminum and more are heavy metals that are not essential for the human body and don't have any known biological function, besides being toxic and harmful in multiple ways. Chronic fatigue, poor memory and concentration problems among the most commons. Small amounts may not kill you instantly, perhaps they never will, but depending on your genetics they can insidiously diminish the quality of your life. If you wish to potentially lift the life-long concentration problems you've mentioned, it may be worth giving it a real try.
  9. @The0Self i haven't seen you mention adrenal support in any of your post, whats your take on it? Aparently adrenal glands are the organ that is hit by mercury the hardest. Chronic pressence of toxic heavy metals in your body is a burden that can fatigue your adrenals. ACC heavily recommends taking Adrenal Cortex Extract. I was actually skeptical of its effectiveness and i've one half a dozen of rounds with ACE and then one without and I gotta say if I don't take it i feel destroyed for a week. ( a. .k.a adrenal crash) Everyone is different and I haven't seen actual science on it but for me it's essential.
  10. @Jannes Andy Cutler Chelation group, what the admins answered me when i asked about Nickel. Also is this urine test provoked or unprovoked? Know that no ammount of lead, arsenic, cadmium or mercury is safe
  11. aparently you sweat nickel out. Joining a sauna may give you decent benefits
  12. Sounds cool. I cant even hold the image of an orange in my mind for 2 seconds though 💀
  13. I found this pretty insightful regarding electical concepts. I value accurate understanding and I feel often that many models and analogies leave me scratching my head.
  14. I may be stoopid. I just drove 40 min with the car air heater on wondering why do I feel lightheaded. You're literally breathing in exhaust fumes. Had you thought of this one? Can i even build in a carbon filter into the heater system? I don't see why not. 25€ should do it. Edit. I'm stoopid again. Puting coal into the engine, what was I thinking? "Activated carbon itself is not flammable, and it does not readily support combustion. However, activated carbon can adsorb flammable gases or liquids, and in some cases, this can create a fire hazard. For example, if activated carbon is used as a filter in a system that handles flammable gases, a leak could result in a build-up of flammable gas in the filter bed, potentially creating an explosion hazard. To mitigate this risk, it's important to follow appropriate safety guidelines and to monitor systems that use activated carbon for flammability hazards." There must be some way. Edit 2 : Pretty insightful
  15. Do people really still use aluminum kettles? 🤦🏼‍♂️
  16. old Elliot Hulse was great. This is free and readily available. Note: courage is required.
  17. @The0Self few things to add on top of what you said: Since lead is stored in the bones, and the process of chelating it is chelating it from the blood, waiting for the bones to leech lead and repeating the process, the benefits may come and go like a rollercoaster for as long as you have lead stored. Aparently you recycle about 10% of your bones a year, about a skeleton per decade, ( between slow and quick recycling bones) so lead chelating may be a quite slow process. Aparently the max speed is about a weekend of chelating per month. Ignore the part where he said that for lead chelation you don't need zinc and magnesium. You will be passively chelating mercuri along with lead anyways, so supplement for both. From Andy Cutler's Mercury Detox Manual book ( fair use) Edit: just sharing a perspective , which is obviously open for disproving as i'm no biochemist.
  18. I think its fine as long as you don't re-use it. I may be absolutely wrong though.
  19. @Rasheed your view on how the mind works is very linear and simplistic. You don't need to keep everything in you conscious mind as if it were math fórmulas or memorized facts. As you read / think / contemplate your mind learns new concepts / paradigms and ideas. That's what you're fishing for. You can take notes and outline books if you'd like, but you will remember what's relevant to you when you need it. And if you don't, it wasn't important to you anyways. Your mind is a very holistic system and therefore as you read you will feed your subconscious mind, evolving your web of beliefs. You may not remember what idea you got from where but that's okay. Also engage with the text and ideas. If you don't understand what you're reading, it obviously won't stick with you. Remember, the more relevant to your life the ideas are, the more you wilm absorb it effortlessly.
  20. @Nilsi Hey your homework is due 😉
  21. @flowboy here is a concept for you @MichaelJohn it feels like you want to feel more authentically and redent living passively, going with the flow of society. You are on the right path but start adjusting your life snd actions with what you've identified you're lacking. You also have some of these: But that's okay, you can use these negative thoughts to pull on the string and contemplate why do you feel/ think that way. This would be an introduction to shadow work and you would start to understand yourself better.
  22. If I get to use an amazon item and give it back thats great. If i recive an Amazon item and i see its used im disgusted. So unless you're me, keep the items you order.