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  1. what do you speculate is the evolutionary roots of this reproduction strategy? getting the genes from the alpha and then relying on a provider beta / your family / your tribe to help you to raise it? Biologically speaking a healthy woman in her youth is capable of birthing more than a dozen kids so it would make sense for her to want to seize the oportunity when she smells "quality survival genetic material " with her attraction triggers. And as far as i know 100 years ago you couldn't even tell if a child was truly yours or not . it's hard for me to belive evolution it's a bug and not a feature somehow.
  2. all pranks are pretty much just recontextualizations PD: Really good one 🤣😂🤣
  3. @Leo Gura how do you think would your life have unfolded if you had stumbled upon psychedelics in your early twenties? Would even exist?
  4. The chelators are as safe as they get. What's dangerous is the metals moving and redistribution. Learn and follow a proper chelation protocol and you should be fine. Nothing is guaranteed tho. And don't take random doses of chelators.
  5. My logic is that's I'm definitely toxic as it's impossible not to have accumulated heavy metals metals throughout 20+ years. Chelators chelate. They take them out. I don't see the reason to take a huge megadose of more than 4000mg of DMSA in a single day just to have some numbers. Leo recommends urine test under your own risk. It also bumps up the price a lot.
  6. Initially I wasn't going to do any kind of testing and just chelate as its impossible for me to have absolutely no heavy metals. The only reason I did the hair test its because it's suposed to be an accurate way to measure cadmium levels. If you're cadmium toxic you need to take baking soda pills to regulate your urine PH and measure it with urine strips as cadmium is chelated by dmsa but it's not soluble in acertain PH and therefore accumulates in the kidneys. I suspected I was cadmium toxic since it's added in cigarettes to slow down how fast it burns, and I've been a life long passive smoker. So that's why I took the test. It's not a good assessment of mercury toxicity as it could be burrowed deep down in organs and not show up in your hair. Turns out im not cadmium toxic. Hair falling out turned out to be covid aftermaths 90% sure. I do supplement selenium.
  7. @Devin I ended up doing a hair test as recommended by ACC group. I didn't want to take such a huge dose of DMSA without knowing how I would react, since i do not care about tracking how much heavy metals were in me initially or how much is left. It's an unecessary risk for the sake of measurement IMO. I'll just keep chelating for years . The way you know you're done is when you can chelate your maximum dose of ALA for 6 months without side effects.
  8. I accidentally watched this and it's been in my head for three days. They manage to make it sticky AF
  9. You ain't woke if taking a few upper cuts makes you forget God 😉
  10. here is another tool for y'all artists ; i love so much that he shared an exact step by step of his exacty style. This made him explode in popularity as his style has become to be known as the " joel haver style " . and also hundreds are using it in their own animatons and they refer back to Joel. A true abundance mindset, " I wanna get this info out there, because the more creative toos people have, the better " .
  11. when I burp: hey, it's natural When a girl burps : gross
  12. Yeah, about that... Can't wait to enjoy some AI generated p*rn for VR with my Google Cardboard 😂 Or 24.99 to mod your metaverse harem 😉
  13. Currently doing a 4 week keto challenge with my brother to get off all the sugar, pin down possible alergic reactions to foods and for mental clarity, but I have to say that simply drinking the water kefir makes me feel amazing, my digestion is pretty much perfect and I dont really crash unless I have some really trash food. I'll need test how keto diet affects chelation and cross reference the thiol list with foods that I consume
  14. @trenton look up andy cutler heavy metal cheating. As far as i know its the # 1 environmental factor for autism