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  1. Little more progress. Im proud of myself for keeping It Up. I almost stayed in all day yesterday but the momentum made me leave the house. I went to the city center in my kick scooter ( i actually face planted because of irregularities in the pavement!!😡) Its a super fun and casual way of getting through the city people watching, and ofc selecting girls for cold approaching. First girl, cute body but I didnt like the face that much. Dressed un right gym shorts. I wasnt actually very attracted but I felt anxiety ( I have the habit if re-framing It as "excitement") so that means I should have opened. Thing is she caught me off guard, but I could have catched up to her no problem like I allways do. Second girl was astonishing. Cute pale blonde super thicc and pretty slim. Super asthetic face. Initially i thought she was with a 10 people group. I challenged that belief by keeping an eye on them. Eventually just her and her friend were left! I was like 20 meters away and I was mustring the courage to open her. I hesitated a lot, for like 4 min as they were just standing there. My girl was on the phone with someone ( Inmediately I thought with her BF) which IS pretty bs lol ) I was second guessing too much. I decided to open a second girl passing by alone. She was also blonde , more petite and a little older. Pretty often I beggin speaking in english because I think they're foreign but actually soon I find they are Spanish so guess experiencing that familiarity is a little plus. She's dressed all black. I compliment her on her style. I adress that shes all black like me. She scans me and gives a little smile. She instantly begins to invest in the conversation by asking me questions. We speak for 40 seconds as we walk a little fast ( It may have been her being nervous, she was pretty inexpresive but the fact she was asking me questions ment I had reached the social hook point. My verbals are pretty unoriginal πŸ˜… I struggles to find stuff to say and I just ask her if she'd like to go for some drinks with me right now. I didnt even know a place or want to spend the money actually, but thats what I came up with. She told me she really had to get home. My dumb autistic ass wasnt present enough LOL after the first sign of resistance I gave up, excused myself and told her to have a good evening. I SAW IN HER REACTION SHE WAS DISAPPOINTED TO SEE ME GO. 😭😭😭 I should have plowed and vibed a little more since all was going good. To add insult to injury indidnt even number close in spite of her clearly being interested in me to some extent 🀦🀦 Just the fast walking there me off but its normal for a girl to be nervous around a cute guy if shes single!! Lesson : Be more present. If shes investing in the convo stay as long as possible. 1 obstacle or curveball IS nothing. As long as she's still there, hasnt told me to leave and she's talking to me, keep in there. If instant date doesnt work ( which wont be that likely since many things need to be aligned) dont just FKN eject. Keep plowing, ask for numba , seed a date, build more rapport... I scooted back in the direction of the other thicc girl from before, with a smirk on my face even though I Inmediately recognized the mistakes I had done. She was not there. I spent two minutes looking for her as I felt I was ready for the open. I became pretty sad πŸ˜” but i felt that I'll see her tonight again, which I did 2 hours later, with a group of 6 more girls! She was on the phone with her gfs before and not her BF , I knew It. Man, I got the biggest smirk on my face because of the challenge that was ahead of me . I was pretty nervous / excited. BRO. I scooted down the road and back as I was summoning some courage and I EFFIn lost then again. Oh my lord such an epic fail. I didnt feel sad or dissapointed. I felt freaking GOOFY as fk. I chatted up some people with dogs. Two Girls sitting on a bench. I pet their dog, tell them a story and dip politely. I Talk to a 45yr old lady with a fat wiener dog! So cute! We talk for 10+ min and I dip. I saw a petite blonde girl with blue eyes, around 20 yrs old, walking with her friend. Absolutely my type. Not extremely beautiful face but ok. I saw them once. I second guess 5 min, man... I nervously scoot on my kick scooter ( lmfao) and approach them from the front, slowly gliding towards then. I ask her if she speaks english. They giggle and say no no no. I thought that they are foreign and dont speak any language that I know and I say okay good night. I should have stayed in there. They were walking pretty slow and nothing was stopping me from plowing more and more just speaking, grinning , making eye contact and seeing if I manage to break the ice. I dont need to have verbal confirmation of them understanding english. If I do what I just wrote, and they respond positively, in some sort of english.... There is my fkin anwser!!! If they are giggling its a green light. I scoot down the road. I see a russian blonde walking slowly. Well dressed and hair ironed ( or however you say in english ) I gotta patt my own back for this one. I thought she was walking with this guy. I challenge that belief. I wait a bit more. They are not together! But they still walking very close. I open her in spite of the dude being there. It was one of my "fears" for a while. It goes good. I compliment her on her all white dress. She inmediately invests in the conversation. Her english is not very good. I ask for her numba but she has a BF. We part ways with a smile. Then I chickened out on two girls. One group of girls i really should have opened as they were in party mood, with a little speaker, good vibes , drinking a little beer, giggling and having fun ( It was 11 pm) I passed by them once. I skipped. i saw them again 30 min later again walking in my direction. They entered the bar in front of which I was sitting ( shitty bars here, only tables... ) The only cute petite blonde walks out the bar giggling and literally walking up to me to a meter of distance. I wasnt in that kind of high energy mood so I didnt manage to open. I should have gone for the reference experience. They were very open. On the sidewalk there was a bolivian dude Singing Michael Jackson in a pretty shitty way. He couldnt sing really and I was amazed hes doing this. He looked very very nervous. I was the only one around at that moment. After he finished i started a conversation with him . 10 min after he borrows me his microphone and I do some BeatBox. Im pretty rusty but his sound system is pretty nice. Some people pass by and glance and keep walking. It was a cool experiencie. I wanted to hang out more with him to practice a gig with him or smth but he did not want my number! Lol. I couldnt read him at all. Pretty cool experience anyways. Im proud of myself for keeping the momentum going. I literally almost stayed in all night lost a day of action taking. It looks like i may have a wing for today!! I was going solo all this time. Two more days till friday. Cant wait for nightgame. Today more daygame . Reflect, visualize , field test and analyze.
  2. GJ man ! Wish I had more nightgame options here besides 2 nights a week lol. Going through a similar challenge to yours. Keep It Up.
  3. Super cool date idea that i come up with 4 AM : take her for a small Photoshoot Im downloading tinder Badoo and bumble boys. I literally dont know if I have the looks for It. I have never given It a fairy try
  4. Today your boy grew a few hairs on his b@lls 😁🀣 I woke up 8 AM to go shower at the beach showers. as im under the shower a girl and two guys join to the showrs in front of me. I offer them shampoo and they accept, Inmediately I can tell they're from colombia ( the accent ). I guess right and they laugh. Colombians are allways in a great mood I swar. He joked that I guessed they're colombian becouse of how dirty they were πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ we had a little chit chat for vibe and momentum building purposes and they moved on. next girl came by to the showers, I offered shampoo again lol and she was supper happy about it. more chitty chatty for momentum purposes. I had a job interview. I arrived extremely sweaty. EXTREMELY SWEATY because I went to the wrong place and I had to run for my life to the other place 1.5 KM away ( 1 mile for y'all murricans ) . Β΄The interviewer lady was super cool, she actually told me the story of the restaurant for 5 minutes and then asked me about my story. Pretty damn cool, never had such an experience. I got to talk and be listened to, which further built my social momentum. It felt like the lady loved who I am and I feel I'll get called for the position next week , which is great because I'm absolutely broke, got like actual 120€ in my pocket ( and 900€ coming as a potential refund + my dad owes me money ) There i was , on the streets on my own. I started walking home as I saw a blondie with blue eyes and some tight leggins walking fast. Intuitively I started walking after her to catch up ( she was carrying two smoothies and I instantly thought it's for her boyfriend) but I went for it anyways. I made myself smile as good as I as I made eye contact with her and made a sing for her to remove her airpods. She removed them and looked at me, I didn't even get a word in and she told me she's in a rush. I stopped insisting inmediately, said " oh okay, goodbye " as she kept walking away. There I got the insight that I must react quickly, and expect that if she's walking was I will need to swing through the opener and be ready to walk with, a little in front of her . From there on, as I felt the " rejection " , which wasn't really a big deal , It kickstarted my momentum even more. From there I lost count how many girls I actually approached!!! My momentum building strategy was starting to bear real fruits!!!! I did like 4 hours of solo daygame as no one was avaliable from the telegram groups. The next girl, spanish petite blonde with blue eyes, with tight short sportswear ( ABSOLUTELY MY TYPE , besides the spanish part) crossed ways with me on the pedestrian crossing. I looked into her eyes , felt attracted and after 10 seconds of hesitation and walking the opossite way, the momentum made me walk after her, I started speedwalking and hard stopped her. I told her in spanish that she has something attractive about her but I cant tell exactly what. She responded with a big smile and a thanks. I swinged through the opener, pushed the gas on plowing and free asotiation. She was talking to me from the very beginning. Attention from a cute female feels so nice We got to a red light and a guy started staring at us. I noticed it with my periferial vision but It didn't bother me at all. I tried to number close but aparently she was in a rush ( I asked if she was, and she simply agreed, which is a bad habit I guess as it kind of is shooting myself in the foot because she just has to agree with me and has an excuse to leave . note that . Get my foot in the door by doing a " false time constraint" if she is in somewhat of a rush ( i saw she was walking pretty fast ) , as in " I actually need to go in a moment ". It gives a little more importance to our present conversation and allows me to build more rapport before the number close. Ideally Id try to push for an instant date but she actually was busy. That felt good . Again, I crosed paths with a petite blonde in a fluorescent green dress. I hesitated for like 30 seconds and ran back to catch up with her. She wasn't extremely pretty but Ive lowered my standard a bit. She was pretty confused as she didnt speak none of my languages. She understood the compliment I think but she just said " no " and disagreed to the rest ( she had no clue what was I saying ). It may have been because I was speaking too fast as well. Most likely it was that to a large degree. It didn't really sting though. I literally can't reacall all the interactions of the afternoon. lol Next was an argentinian girl. I spoke english to her. we had big grins throughout the conversation and she took the complement well. I made some funny comments about argentinian stereotypes and we laughed. I high fived her bcause she told me she's studying music and sings. Ive been learning how to sing for the last 3 years and I'm getting into music slowly myself. we connected on that . Pretty damn cute. That's one of the things that I screen for. I almost missed her becuase I hesitated like three times and she got pretty far away from me before I speeded to her. I swear she saw me " following her and hesitating a couple of times LOL, but she had headphones in so I think she was in her own world . She was super receptive to the open and she hard stopped , and I offered to accompany her , which she agreed to. I found out she was leaving today and was on the way to meet her friend so the close didnt work. Next was this THICC slim almost albino dutch blonde. My opener was sloppy af. She had headphones in. She removed them but my angle was pretty sloppy which caused me to have a moment of awkward silence after the open which almost killed instantly the interaction ( note taken ) we talked a little, she said she's looking for her friend. I asked if I'm bothering her bcause I saw hints in her look. She politely said " yes, and sorry but im in a bad mood, with a little guilty smile " . I excused myself and said goodbye. Next argentinian girl almost inmediately after her went pretty good as I just had talked to an argentinian minutes before and I could follow a similar structure as before. I was pretty damn charming. She told me she had a boyfriend a minute in which is great. We had little laughs and smiles the whole time. What I say when they say they have a BF is to tell him what happened and that he should appreciate her more, with a grin . they allways smile . I walked by two girls. The blonde was slim and dressed in a red top and tight mini jeans. when we crossed she was talking with her friend with an accent that I could tell she was " choni " which means shes that kind of urban subculture, I was turned off by that but physically she passed the test. I literally second guessed so hard that I had to sprint to reach in front of them about 100 meters if not more. I complimented her, made a little observation about her blue eyes and left them with a smile on their faces as I wasnt REALLY interested but I still wanted to take a little action . the next one was pretty effin crazy!!!!!! I opened this little quiet slim spanish blonde girl on my way to my next job interview. I'm talking for 30 seconds. she's a little cold as I struggle with verbals she told me she's in a rush to cath a train . We HARD stop. A FUCKING TINY DOG fell off the balcony and lays there paralized bleeding off his face. she gasps and tries to help. A 30 year old girl is trying to help it but is afraid to touch it . I take initiative, buzz all the bells, shout to some neighbours at the balconies. I get into a farmacy literally next to it. I tell her the clerk the situation and she gifts me a blanket. I give it to the lady and help her to wrap it up and carry it properly. My girl knows where the nearest vet is ( suddenly shes not in THAT MUCH OF A RUSH ) We all three start walking, we chit chat and empathize with the dog. I lead a bit and tell them to hurry because he was in a critical state although I belive he made it since he was moving. he was small and very light therefore I belive the fall wasnt super hard ( sorry IDK physics ) We rush into the vet. the 30 yr old stays and I head back to where we came from with the blonde. We vibe on the way back, she takes my lead running on the pedestrian crossing as it was about to turn red for us. We part ways and she gave me her IG even though I asked for her number. She travels quite a lot aparently and wont be here for at least a month. I said I was cool with that. I didn't see any explicit attarction signs but the biggest one is she didnt tell me to leave and was talking with me, which is actually a passive sign . One thing i learned is if its IG I need to make her accept me inmediately, as if they are private it may take them hours to accept me or even forget to do so. She still hasn't accepted me but that's okay. Next was kinda cute 30yr+ argentinan girl. Pretty receptive and good vives. I stopped her at her first Word and guesses shes from Argentina. Very soon I asked if she had a BF and she does, so I wapped It soon after and we left with a smile. next on the way back I opened two italian girls. They spoke very little language and I struggled for words as well. Didn't go anywhere but I'll take the 20 seconds of experience. The blonde was pretty cute but not exactly my type. I almost skipped it because initially I thought they were part of a 8 people group but with a little more observation I saw it was just the two of them. I also second guessed a lot and took me like three minutes to open them after just observing and trying to get the courage to do it. im still glad i did it. I walked by a buss stop. there was a petite girl with a tall black bun hairstyle, dressed all black . She looked pretty cute. there were 2 unrelated dudes and a old lady sitting by. I chickened out that one, It's okay. Almost inmediately later a group of thee girls walked by. around 22 yrs old i guess. the one walking in the middle was petite and smoking hot . Canadian, very aesthetic face, beautiful smile, slim and pretty THICC. I walked past them 100 METERS!! and turned back to hard stop them. I " confessed " that I had just past by them and I wanted to say that there was something about her friend ( pointing with an open hand ) that was cute. they smiled. We talked EXTREMELY briefly and I said I was in a rush and had to leave ( not true ), but that we could hang out sometime if she'd like. She agreed and gave me her IG. There was a little awkward silence as I pulled out my phone bcause it was in battery saving mode and was going very slow ( my bad for slow thinking ). She actually accepted me but said shes temporarely leaving to mallorca and we agreed that we " may meet " when she's back. No big hopes but I'm very proud of myself. I opened a spanish mom her daughter ( ofc i wanted the daughter ). I struggled for words and my open was lame. The mom " shoo" me away with words but she was winking at me. Im still confused. The daughter was not receptive. Ill take the 30 seconds of experience no problemo. I went back " home " , changed clothes to shorts , flipflops and a different t-shirt as I was dripping in sweat ( its extremely hot outside ) . I wasn't planning to do more approaches as I had exceeded my expectations for day nr 2 for a big and the clothing is pretty slack and lame. 2 minutes passed after i left on my kick scooter and across the road wating on the pedestrian crossing there is a cute slim brunette with tatoos . I didnt even know what to say but I let her come my way and I hard stopped her. She took her headphones off and I said that she has cute eyes . We looked profoundly into our eyes as they are the same coulor ( hazel ) . She loved it. we vibed a bit and I asked if she has BF. She said " yeah in an almost sad tone " . I told her to tell her bf what happened and that he should appreciate her more. We left with a big smile . Last was petite blonde in right leggings in a shirt with no bra. I could see her nipples pointy again she was italian, my Game was lame and she told me she had a BF ( may have been true, maybe not ) After that I did some random small talk with people asking actual directions and casual conversation at the grocery store to keep building momentum and vibe. So that was the afternoon daygame. It took me about an hour and a half to write all of this. As my action taking gets more exponential I'll distill it more and more because it's very time consuming. I was just proud of myself for today as it was the first time in a long time I had taken real action . more to be added soon - Jack
  5. guYS. Good news . My strategy of not judgeing myself too much and simply snowballing momentum with babysteps is starting to bear its fruits. Yesterday night after my job trial I met my first wing. Hes 38. He knows some game theory but I can see he's not very good. He has a strong portuguese accent, has a little lisp, pretty much non-existent facial expresions and a little creepy eye contact. To be fair I haven't seen him in action yet, but that's okay for me because I don't judge. Whether you're amazing or a noob, I treat my wings with respect and appreciation . Being with a wing triggered a " gun to my head " scenario. We went to the beach area where there were plenty of people. I was absolutely commited to making a good first impression on my wing since i don't know virtually anyone here and I wanted to be proactive about us having a good time . Basically in hour I may have opened about a dozen of groups, just vibeing, having laughs and good time, nothing too sexual or flirty. Some girls didn't speak any of my languages and it was a little tough. Some girls were a little creeped out because my verbals weren't on point or because they saw me opening a diffrent group of girls before or after them ( sometimes unavoidable and you must deal with the social pressure ) and I excused myself ( it's part of the process, and it's impossible to avoid entirely. I can Improve for these scenarios in many ways. -------------------- note : brainstorm ideas . I feel I can teach my wing a huge ammount of things and his simple company is enough value for me, even though he is not very avaliable atm. He does have an apartment that I may make use of later on , which is absolutely great. There is a lot of Italian and Dutch girls here. The dutch know english but Italian girls are absolutely clueless lol. Brainstorm as I said before, funny phrases, techniques, etc. I intuit language barrier sometimes can be a dealbreaker. Note ; Brainstorm chliches and funny facts about EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY. I should have it in the back of my mind memorized ---- ADD all of them here later on . High energy or little above their energy openers are amazing for groups. Opinion openers are good at braeking the ice as well and then you swing through them. ---- BRAINSTORM OPINION OPENERS. I have this little nag for Valencian girls where I say that I've been told that Valencian people are pretty closeminded, which inmediately makes them qualify themselves to me . Good one . Observational or circumstantial comments or openers are great or small talk. Sometimes I talk out loud stuff and people comment on it, starting a conversation which is good for building social momentum. I'm training to make myself genuinely smile right before every open, and reframe my anxiety or nerviousness as " being excited" . works to some degree. Sometimes I also sing out little popular spanish songs when I'm around groups of people , as a little social challenge, and somtimes people sing the next phrase of the song pretty cool vibe and experience . I need to brainstorm and research venues and locations for daygame and nightgame, I want to keep snowballing and babystepping my momentum every day for months. note for self : --- re read and contemplate this post
  6. I forgot to say when crossing through the club I Danced with like 10 groups. I really get into th dance and sometimes people actually crowd around me. Sometimes I see groups of Girls walking by and they stop right in front of me to dance. Also there was this latina girl, not exactly my type nor sΓΊper attractive but we locked eyes very intensely twice at a distance of two meters in a span of 20 second. I feel she was totally DTF. I didnt open because sometimes my bar is unrealistically high and its shooting me in the foot. I should definitely go for those experiences just for the reference experiencie and building momentum. Noted that. Also dancing works well. And high energy opens do well in the clubs , literally yelling and hypeing people up is enough to get a foot in the group. Im waiting to build more momentum to directly start approaching girls
  7. YT channel . go over post once posted to improve / reflect . didnt number close hottie my voice projects AF and doesn't get tired . GG annoying nagging dude . Disaprooval is effective i guess. Follow up on yesterday evening . I drove to the actual city center. Found actually decent parking close by . I took my kick-scooter and kicked away to the old town . I'm going easy on myself so that I don't get overwhelmed. My focus is on building momentum over the next couple of weeks and months . That being said, again, I did go out with the determination of doing some evening street game. Initially I didn't see any girl I'd like to approach but then I've seen about 6 that were decent over a period of an hour and a half. And I did not do it . I didn't allow myself to feel terrible about it but yes I was a little down. Some of the excuses I had : " There are people around" . Stoopid excuse , should not matter at all. Very worst case scenario they stare at me while I talk to her throughout the entire conversation, perhaps they smile or laugh because of the situation. I can take that sort of social pressure. It's just a problem subconsciously . Most likely they wont care because they've got their own business or perhaps give a brief glimpse . Talking out loud to people or even singing out loud could be good at getting looks directed at me as a drill to practice feeling social pressure . I remember Julien had this exercise where he would make his student stand in front of a large group of people, like a terrace at a bar or something, and speak as loudly as possible about things that he had learned today. I feel pretty cringe to speak about personal development more than the yellling I think. I should give it a try . I feel a lot of resistence towards it . That means that I should do it . That means I will do it . Matter of fact I'll get a list going with stuff like this to have at hand when feeling lost going out solo . There is also " speaking as loud as you can to your wingman, across the street, as he acts as if he didn't know you . This is also good practice of feeling social pressure . Another one was " IDK what to say " . Extremely common one . Some ideas : Do a direct approach : compliment her with something that I found atractive about her, thats not her titties or a$$ obviously. Her dress, her hair, her eyes, her smile, her style, the way she walks and carries herself, the colour matching, perhaps the symmetry of her face. Perhaps just say that I've felt atracted and I cant exactly tell what it is . That she's got " something about her that made me feel atracted " . If she's not reactive then no problem, have a nice day. If she's reactive trust that I will improvise. remember, swing through the opener and then gradually 90%10 lead the conversation down to a 50%50% ideally. First try instant date ( research coffee, tea, ice cream places, etc ). Otherwise number close ( make her punch the number into my phone, dont give out mine ). Seed dates, etc. Ask for opinion on something ( topics to be brainstormed ) ... - some chatGPT : Gives me lots of cliche pick up lines. It's good to memorize some of them and make fun of the actual lines . Ask her what are her favorite pick up lines . ( more for night I think ) . Some okay ones : "Okay, I need a woman's perspective on this: What's the best way to approach someone you find attractive?" "Quick question: If you were a superhero, what would your special power be?" "I have a debate with a friend. He thinks *insert random thing here* is the best. I'm convinced it's *insert something else*. What's your verdict?" What's the most adventurous thing you've ever done?" "I have a confession to make: instert random fact. "I just discovered the weirdest fun fact today. Want to hear it and then try to top it with one of your own?" "Do you believe in horoscopes? Have some canned lines memorized and practiced for emergencies when I pull a blank. Have some personal stories memorized and practiced for emergencies. Make it as relevant to her / us as possible. Or make it about myself, It's very good to talk about yourself as well aparently. Do a front stop, as learned at TNL bootcamp. the circling around and the "stop " hand gesture. Remember to genuently smile if possible. If she doesn't stop you can walk with her, a step or two in front of her, for a few seconds and calibrate. If shes receptive, keep going. If she's not, then excuse yourself and have a nice day. Expect 10% to go really bad , 80% neutral leaning to " no " and 10% really good . intially it may be even worse as I hone in my cold approach skills . There was this other exercise where you basically would ask girls directly to marry you and go on your knee. Pretty funny one. Allways gets a good laugh. BTW, pat myself on the shoulder for every single small personal victory, as small as it is . Be my own personal cheerleader. Do some social drills : There was this excercise with TNL bootcamps where they would go up to people and approach them and then just make eye contact and say " ummmmm.............." for as long as possible . Now that I think about it it would be good to get a big ass smile there as well . It practices to get " rejected " , not having things to say, and it gets your foot in the door of the actual " approach dynamic " . I could make a rule for myself that If I don't do a real approach on a girl that I'd like to, at least I have to do one of these exercises ( allways say sorry if I feel she felt uncomfortable ) Honestly I simply need more practice. I very rarely run out of things to say actually . I'm pretty good at plowing , free asociating and talking talking talking ( OFC I can improve more , specifically in topics, teasing, speech speed, emotion and tone ,etc ) Some things I did good : I went out solo with no wing. I looked people in the eyes. I made a commitment to take action at night instead ( which went good ) since I didn't take action in the evening and followed through. Some things I did bad : Didn't count approaches. aim for 5 a day . I didnt pick a specific thing to practice for the day / session . Remember about social fatigue, persona fatigue, and decision making fatigue . ( more for nightgame) Nightgame report : Free Tandem party at 11 PM following into this amazing triple club. I went out solo, My wing failed me again saying he came too late to come in free . As I walked into the place I did a minimal interaction wich is asking if its the right place to a group with my phone. They smiled and responded warmly. I could have plowed and make a group of friends there directly but I ejected. If they respond positively just plow and stay in there . I moved to the line. I saw a dude next to me alone . Again I asked if its the right place . He said yea. We had some small talk and it turns out he was tehre alone as well. Got myself a first friend. We're talking and I mention I'm polish. Girl behind us ( group of three ) says " im sorry to interrupt you but i've heard you're polish. My friend here is polish " ( she introduces me to her ) . Slow-ass me greets her as it was pretty damn unexpect and caught me off guard. I greet her , say my name and smile, and TURN MY BACK ON THEM AND GO BACK TO TALKING TO THE DUDE . Lol, that was so bad in retrospect its comical . I ask the dude if he has a GF. He say's yea but he can be my wingman . We walk up close to the bar to chat a bit more. We pick up our country tandem flags. We get some pics taken by the photographer . A 45yr old local woman comes to chat us up. I press the gas on the chit chat and we're all entretained. Another 25 yr old girl ( not very pretty but not absolutely ugly ) comes to usk ask about our flags. We chat a lot . We connect on anime and have lots of laughters . I see a well dressed dude walk by slowly with a spanish flag on his chest. I turn around and yell in a playful way " VIVA ESPAΓ‘A" . he laughs, we shake hands and we chat. IDK if this dude was into game but he has some notion of it . I see him talking to a couple of girls alone and I come wing him. 2 minutes in the girls leave politely. I chat up two spanish girls. tease them, we smile all smile a bit and they leave. The dude tells me to go talk to these two blonde girls. one is damn hot, a 8'5 +. As we walk up she's taking a selfie with her unatractive friend . I dont say anything and get in the picture, smile and do the peace sign . They LOVE it. the conversation starts flowing like crazy, it looked like she was ABSOLUTELY into me . She was my height, slim, blonde super cute smile and blue eyes, totally my type. My wing leaves to meet his friend that comes by a bit later . The attractive girl was looking me into the eyes so much I almost felt uncomfortable. She had a huge grin the entire time , laughed a lot and they both were listening to me super closely. We talk and talk and she mentions something about her boyfriend. LOL, how did I not find out sooner? Anyways perhaps something was possible anyways, she gave me signals like crazy but I turned it off after she told me she had a boyfriend . Good lesson there. ANyways, I keeped her around to have fun . I taught this other girl this fun dance with your legs, she was into it and we danced grabbed by the arms . All good physicallity practice stuff . I move my girls around a bit . we start walking. I ask her for her friends and tell her I want to meet them. She introduces me to her group. its like 7 people, there is a polish girl there and she starts talking to me a bit. we're in the middle of a dance crowd, we speak briefly and I just smile and really get into dancing . We dance 15 min hardcore . I tell the girls to go to the next club ( its 3 clubs in one here ). I lock arms with one of the girls and lead them through the crowd. We dance again. I grabbed the friend and danced with her by the arms . We walk out and I grab the cute one by the wrist and lead through the crowd ( again good practice ). My wings friend was nasty. I did some commend and he gave me the biggest disaprooval look ever where everyone almost felt uncomfortable ( I swear he was doing some game stuff ). F him anyways lol . all good stuff. I got a job trial today and I finish at 1 perhaps . I'll try another club next to my work tonight to keep the ball rolling . Also I'm going to the shopping mall this afternoon and try to do some game ( no pressure, but cmon dude ) Keep ya updated - Jack
  8. I'm pretty tired but I'll make a little effort to uptade. I drove with my Campervan from Marbella ( my home city ) to Valencia center. Around 800km away. Population : 800K people. Third largest in Spain . I've never heard anythign about it and I was recommended not to go, but my instinct said to try it out. Barcelona is amazing but I can't live my nomadic lifestyle there as there are restrictions for old vans like mine . I had spend several thousands € to get the van in good shape both aesthetically but more important mechanically, so that I dont break down on the road . TLDR : I broke down three times, but each time I managed to fix the problem by myself, which made me feel a sense of pride. I'm no mechanic btw . I was an inch away from paying for a toetruck with money I dont have and spending three more months in my hometown working at some job. I decided I really want this trip so I pushed and after literal blood sweat and tears I made it . I had researched a bit the city beforehand. Parking spots. Libraries . Clubs, bars, crowded areas, gyms. Even got a job interview lined up for Monday. I DM'd 45 guys in Valencia Game Global Telegram group fishing for wingmen. TLDR I actually have 2'5 wingmen from the group now + I joined a local spanish Game group of 25 wingmen by sheer luck. Jackpot! I'm meeting some of them tonight at Mya Club. Google it, it's beautiful, The dude I'm hoping to be my main wing was sick yesterday when I arrived so I went out solo to explore the city. Ofc I'm tense and in my head. I haven't gamed since 2018 and I wasn't even good to begin with . Therefore the title of the thread . I bootstrapped some quick plan just to get a bare minimum momentum snowballing over the next days months and weeks . I speak fluent spanish and the locals are pretty friendly. I walked through this huge beach road and started asking groups of 2, 3, 5+ about their opinion of safety in Valencia and general stuff about the city, + a little chit chat . It felt good to get a bit more loose doing smalltalk. Super friendly environment. It is allowed to bring out foldable chairs and tables to the beach and entire families have dinner close to the beach. Very cozy ambience. I went to the beach showers to clean up after 50 hours of sweaty travelling ( the drive was suposed to be 7 hours but complications extended it five fold... I chat up this dude at the beach showers, who clearly works out ( there is literally like 400 people around) - I compliment him on his physique and ask him if he knows about any calisthenics park nearby ( I'm skinny but I love pull ups ) . We chit chat and he invites me over to his towel at the beach to practice some kickboxing and muay thai ( I have pretty much no idea about it but he's very chill and goes easy ). His spanish GF came and we had good laughs and a good time . I got his number for more training later and got a first friend here basically . Pretty good step up from being lonely and in my head walking alone . I told them I had to leave but that we will see us again in the future . I went to check out Mya club and the logistics are absolutely amzing for me . Pretty much cant be better . It's also packed , free if you enter before a certain time and full of language exchange students . !!! I went out alone again ( wing is sick, doesn't want to go out tonight ) . It took me 2 hours to clean up my van after the drive and clean myself up and make myself presentable. It took me so long that I got late at the free entry ( until 1 AM ) and I'd have to pay entry fee ( 20 € ). I'm pretty much broke AF so I did not pay it . I observed the area and the beautiful buildings . I chatted up plenty of people doing small talk just to do smth rather than being in my head . I talked to a group of 4 girls for a moment asking about an opinion and then ejected myself. I could have stayed longer if I thought faster. I didn't want to overstay my welcome but after I left I came up with good verbals to keep it going . It's okay, im getting the ball rolling. I need to keep the big picture in sight or otherwise I'd overwhelm myself and crash. I'm staying neutral / positive / upbeat but not negative. Perhaps it's even bad that I don't allow myself to "fall into very negative states ". Perhaps I could use it to fuel more action taking . I don't know how good of an idea that is . They were pretty cute. I saw the initial fear in their eyes once I started the conversation . It may have been from them or it may have been reflected from my eyes / expresion, but as I shared some stuff about myself and I started smiling I instantly saw one or two of them smile as well. Whatever you feel they feel , they say . That was my clue to keep plowing, but I ejected and didn't want to overstay my welcome . I should have done it for the sake of experimenting . It's okay . I came up with a new banter. Basically ask some opinion and when I see the chance mention playfully something along the lines of that " I don't really respect the opinion of women" of course said in a cheeky way, and saying that I'm kididng . When I disagreed on her firm opinion they all started giggling. They love a little emotional drama. Note taken . Not gonna lie, I went out with the total determination of approaching girls , but I didn't happen. I was in too much of a logical antisocial state. That's okay for now . I've seen that street game is also good at around 3 AM when people are more loose hanging outside of the club instead of when they havent drank yet and are all self conscious ( to some degree ) entering the club . On the way " home " some hooker cat-called me saying me that I look like Dicaprio a bit . I've been told that a dozen times already but I don't see the similarity. Perhaps when he was young or smth. Whatever. Some girls were really cute and I honestly wanted to approach but it's extremely difficult to do it solo and out of state . I wont say impossible but I need way more experience. Still, it's okay. To master game you need to stay delusionally optimistic because of the extremely steep learning curve. I will not allow myself to crash and burn out . the next morning I woke up early , 7 AM. I had to move my van because you can only park overnight at that specific spot . I got finished my self care morning routine quickly and drove around exploing . I park my car, get out my kick-scooter ( not even an electric one lol ) and explore the city a bit . It's 9 AM and I go to a big Carrefur. for like 3-4 hours I do some social freedom exercises . There's mosly older people, 40+ . It's okay, im building state over the next months , thats my mind frame . I do little comments about the products people are looking at. " situational ""openers "" are very effective. Too effective almost . I talk about the heat, the AC, the high prices , recommendations... etc, taking the chance to pause , my speech, do eye contact and smile , all basic skills that transfer over to game . A new one I came up with in the moment was speaking out loud to myself, instad of thinking . It unstiffles me a lot if people are around hearing me . Great one . And actually, about 5-6 people that heard me talking to myself commented on the things that I was saying and THEY initiated a conversation with me ! Cool insight . I may have had around 40 interactions in that shoppping mall . between 5 seconds and 3-5 minutes . I see that as a win, contrasted with being lonely, quiet, alone and in my head . This talking out loud to myself idea was taken from the Freaks of Nature thread where there is a girl that literally doesn't have an internal monologue and the way she reads or thinks is by saying the words out loud. I imagined I have this condition and it INMEDIATELY made it okay and socially acceptable to be speaking gibberish, random thoughs and stuff alike out loud . Pretty kind people overall and it snowballed my momentum a bit more. I still havent directly approached a girl today and I hope to do so. Aim should be 5 per day and in this city there are no valid excuses pretty much. Perhaps I'd have to lower my ridiculously high semi-virgin bar lol . I absolutely love super asthetic girls but who doesnt . I have unrealistic standards . I'll take a napperoni today as im still sleepy. When I wake up I'll explore some more and if its not unearthly HOT outside I plan to do a liittle solo daygame or at least more social challenges / drills to keep the ball rolling . Keep ya updated - Jack πŸ˜‹
  9. Finished versiΓ³n 1. Tune in at : Please close thread @Michael569
  10. Dropping this here real quick just to get started with some momentum. I've been procrastinating on building my camper van for over 3 years now and that's getting ridiculous. Remember : it's the single most strategic structural life change I can do as an introvert. For an introvert it's the equivalent of becoming a turtle : you carry your home on your back and are free to retreat whenever you want. I'll add more details soon. - Brainstorm to do list for next post -
  11. Ctrl + alt + Arrow Keys to flipo screen on Windows. Disclaimer: Sharing this meme for humor purposes only. It does not support or validate the stereotype of women being bad drivers. driving skills are not determined by gender. Laugh along while promoting equality and challenging stereotypes πŸ˜‰ ---- Gives a whole different meaning to " f*ck her brains out "
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  14. not gonna lie sometimes I could use some accountability. Not to the extreme of getting physically beat up wow
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