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  1. @BlessedLion if you don't see the problem then you don't understand the basics of being alive. Imagine if you're could lie in your bed permanently hooked on heroine high without drug side effects. It feels good, cool, but the very basics of life requiere work. And if you want a good life, blissing out is a counter productive temptation It turned me into an animal in the sense that I felt such a deep sense of confusion and lack of ground, combined with the despiteful attitude towards " thinking" from eastern spirituallity, that I barely thought about anything and just reacted to my environment and emotions, almost like a chimp. The good life requires planning, strategizing, long term thinking, willpower, avoiding traps, etc
  2. @OBEler I happen to naturally make deep sense of logical explanations about the nature of reality. I had a few mystical experiences sober and all of this happened before my very limited psychedelics experience It's was a combination of dark night of the soul and deeply understanding nihilism/morality/unconditional happiness, "infinite love" ( whatever degree is possible sober) , meaning , value , purpose that feels like permanently rewired my reward systems. It's not too good to be true. It's a trap. Doing nothing feels blissfull. Working hard and doing chores feels like a grind (duh) which makes me rather not do anything. I can train myself to enjoy that as well but it doesn't come as natural as when doing nothing Then again I intuit my potential and feel guilty about wasting my life because I realize than there are more rewarding things in life than feeling blissful Then again when these emotions arise I can release them and feel blissful again Spirituallity is dangerous, but even more so if you haven't built a strong work ethic and good habits and a fulfilling life from before Again , it's been a bittersweet journey. There plenty of upsides and downsides
  3. When I went through the beginning of a dark night of the soul I laid in bed for months and months and barely moved my body, which I feel the symptoms of years after . My back is fcked ' I stopped thinking because of eastern spiritual brainwashing which turned me turned me into an animal ( no thinking , just reacting to instincts and environment) which had set me back years in development . My natural reward system is f*cked till this very day from 6 years ago. I have the capacity to lay in bed and bliss out as if I had archived anything in the world. What the f* can I leverage to work hard now? Archivements don't mean anything anymore. The way I coped with this is by finding what am I naturally drawn towards and loose myself in it, with no purpose to archive anything In specific but just enjoy doing Sometimes I wish I hadn't found spiritually at age 18. I remember reading the title of a video called " spiritual enlightenment, the most shocking truth you will ever see ". My mind immediately went : not yet, too soon, without knowing what it is But curiosity kills the cat so I fell down that rabbit hole. It has been a bittersweet journey
  4. "Crocodilian Symphony" features deep bass and low frequencies, natural soundscapes, steady rhythmic patterns, and minimal melodic elements to align with crocodile nature, psychology, anatomy, and social behavior. The deep bass tones resonate with their sensitivity to low-frequency sounds and vibrations, which they use to detect prey and environmental changes. Natural sounds of water splashing, river currents, and rainfall replicate their habitat, providing comfort and reducing stress. Consistent, repetitive beats (60-80 BPM) avoid startling the crocodiles and help maintain a calm state, mimicking the rhythmic environmental sounds they are accustomed to. Simple, droning tones and minimal complexity prevent overstimulation, keeping them relaxed. Understanding that crocodiles are territorial and sensitive to environmental changes, this music creates a sense of security, reduces aggression, and facilitates a natural, less stressful environment.
  5. I'm enjoying the crocodile memes but unlike Leo I don't believe crocodiles are the perfect allegory for life. Yes, crocodile-like dangers have the most severe consecuences : sudden death or setting you back decades in life ( picking up a hitchhiker at 4 am, falling for scams, not looking before crossing the road... Similar to the crocodile trap but not that immediate, I'd like to add the avalanche-like traps ( you can screw around minimally. Minimal leeway before the inevitable pain/ danger . Very shortly an unstoppable world of pain arrives . Just one step in the wrong direction will trigger the cascade : debt, doing drugs, getting in fights, unsafe driving practices, doing crime , unsafe s@x... But actually the more accurate allegory for life more like a Glacier: A slow , predictable, gradual mass of pure danger that slowly inches towards your demise over time. These are the long term EXPONENTIAL threats, THE MOST overlooked because they develop so gradually . In this case failure is the result of small mistakes repeated over a long period of time, not an one time big event. Not working out, never going to the doc, smoking, substance abuse, chronic stress, laziness, addictions, bad spending habits, lack of work ethic, bad company, poor diet, bad sleep habits, stuck in comfort, procrastination, bad time management... Once the glacier gets your feet, you have a small chance to break off, IF YOU DON'T react, soon enough you will be swallowed by the ice. Note : sometimes massive chunks of glacier snap off causing an avalanche ( a slow threat can become dangerous sooner than expected) Answer this : What are the glaciers in your life? But yeah if you get snatched, life is unforgiving. Sometimes it's just natural selection . ( Sorry ) So I'd like Leo to give a public apology to the intelectual community and feature my ambush predator mega- thread on the junk sub forum. Cheers
  6. Dancing bachata/ salsa, contact improv dance, extatic dance, singing with people/ Acapella groups / choirs, doing music ( guitar, drumming, beatbox) , giving massages , teaching personal development in coaching calls, paying with animals / my dawg, Hatha yoga classes , acro-yoga, improv theatre, charity / volunteering for free help to people, going to clubs and bars for non goal oriented results besides perfecting social skills and vibeing ( boosting my own mood and others in the process) performing stand up comedy , language exchanges for German and french , day game cold approach , doing prepared Toastmasters speeches, doing tabletopics in toastmasters and just shooting the sh*t with normie friend and wingmen. I enjoy this forum as well for this purpose . Speaking to myself out loud is good or to the selfie cámara I'm looking into ju-jitsu and busking That's to scratch the social itch in a casual way. Then I have an itch for deeper more meaningful activities A big part of me is introverted so sometimes I dont interact with people at all for a week at all
  7. You are projecting your pessimism about going out. I literally described the opposite of what you understood There are plenty of ways to scratch your socialization itch besides bars and clubs, do what works for you
  8. Extatic dance is clubs for hippies. You mind feel more at home at hippy raves Personally I mostly go latin music nightclubs/bars to dance and have fun. Everyone is in a great mood, very open and you have a new girl in your arms every few minutes basically which is a cool bonus
  9. Dogs sticking their nose out the window on a car ride is like TV entertainment for us
  10. @Leo Gura " I'll send fork-tongued demon crocodiles to love-bite your last precious testicle in your dreams"
  11. Interesting . I fortunately don't need it but regardless I'll share this because its fastcinating.
  12. Nah, if you are a sociopath/psychopath it's mostly upsides and you can't help it. It's just so juicy its like honey for an ant. You don't understand how many people get away with sketchy sh*t. The upsides are real. Ofc don't do it though
  13. Notice how the crocodile trap is deadly , but mentally challenged If you get snatched by such a trap, sometimes it's just natural selection ( no offense )
  14. @Clarence Thats a good start. Let's put it on save for now. What are some statements about the situation that you find yourself in, that you would like to be true, and if they were true and you managed to embrace them, they would solve/ease your emotional issues? For example : It is absolutely okay to be selfish. I do not owe anything to anyone. It is not my job to save others from suffering. ( imagine what this would mean for your emotional wellbeing if you managed to embrace this as a truth - as a thought / emotional experiment ) Come up with personalized ones. Really take your time with this.
  15. @Butters think in terms of an entire new intelligent, higher consciousness species. But it's interesting to imagine what that would look like for humanity too. I think being able to live and strive without policing is the golden standard of what a species' society strives towards development wise in the very long term. Honestly I don't even think if we would be there in 40 generations ( 1000 years ) Neale donald walsch describes a society along these lines in his 4th Coversations with Good book, in case you have only read the trilogy
  16. Imagine a civilization so advanced that policing is not required. What would that look like ? 🤔