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  1. Would you say there is much difference between organic and non organic meat besides the amount of vitamins and minerals?
  2. Russian slapping tournament with JP. You elaborate your argument between swings but if you pay an extra 7000€ bonus fee you are allowed to dodge the slaps. Otherwise its just a plain 5k and you must take his wet noodle hits
  3. All of the while you must eloquently argue with a mildly tipsy JP about Post-modernism. Please release this game in a 8 bit street fighter style ?
  4. I've finally picked up "Think and Grow Rich" on audible after hearing about it for years. I haven't finished it yet. There is plenty of good stuff , but this one concept resonated with me profoundly. The analogy he used was the following: Imagine it's the middle of the night and you find yourself stuck in sleep paralysis : you are awake and conscious but absolutely cant move your body. Breaking out of mental inertia ( I. E breaking out of mindlessly scrolling, procrastination, paying attention to gossip... Etc) takes that same amount of focus , willpower and conscious effort than waking your body up from sleep paralysis ( clenching your muscles like your life depends on it ) If you have experienced both scenarios before, you will appreciate how beautifully accurate this example is. Im guilty of scrolling on YT and also vegging out on my chair wrapped in blankets, alternating between daydreaming and thinking in absolutely nothing, and overstaying in bed in the morning cause im cozy. That's all good but when sh1t needs to be done its frustratingly counter productive. When do you see yourself in the need of snapping out of mental inertia? Edit: looking at my words i should heat up my house more lol
  5. Tate exactly the kind of guy that if he was born 500 years ago and was left unchecked would try to conquer a third of the world.
  6. We literally are all family. We are all the same species of monkey in a building with RGB lights and loud music. Imagine if some aliens were observing you from the sky. They would be like: why are these monkeys not interacting with eachother?
  7. This. I had some blood sugar problems and insulin sensivity after about 6 months of a very bad junk food diet and I'm glad to say that I've completely reversed it with about 3 months of keto diet. I don't know your details, but I wish you strenght and wisdom.
  8. I didn't know toxic masculinity could get worse than the new Elliott Hulse. Oops Edit: now that i think about ir it can actually get way, WAY worse.
  9. That would mean literally even 95% of supplements... ??
  10. This is good if you havent seen it My personal preference a: as high quality animal based foods as possible. Grass fed grass finished beef, pasture raised eggs, high quality goat cheese, etc. For carbs fruits ( mostly bananas ) , legumes, maybe rice. I used to avoid oats and wheat like a plague but since i fixed my gut issues i can have them no problem. This gut has pretty good eating habits and recipes ( thats the whole playlist) . Allways adapt to what feels good specifically to you. Warning : this guy fell down the conspiracy theory rabbit hole so be careful not to get infected. Pd: the highest quality foods diet can get expensive. You may need to adapt to your budget. Having a good income obviously helps.
  11. Great!!! Love those breakdowns of specific actual mainstream characters
  12. I don't think you would be able to ? Anyways how is there not a movie with that plot?
  13. Why did i have to stumble upon this channel? The level of cringe is simply criminal. Edit: i hope its just deepfakes, but after the vin diesel king of cringe video I can see putin having that kind of sense of humor ??‍♂️ -- now i need a 1 month break from the internet
  14. Could you theoretically transplant a$$ hair folicles on to your chin? Two birds with one stone
  15. @integral what does a gallbladder even do? What do you flush it for? ?
  16. That line of reasoning is my one of my top arguments for certain depressed people. Enjoy this encarnation as long as you can and learn to be grateful for it. Imagine pressing skip on this life just to find yourself as a slave 2500 years ago. Or all the infinite infinity of worse encarnations you could have. Yes you could encarnate as the next Brad Pitt but unless your life was objectively absolutely terrible like being 85 years old with no limbs and mentally disabled i wouldn't take the gamble. And even then seriously consider it with your very last brain cell. Thats if If you want to play with the idea of antropocentric reencarnations.
  17. Imagine you are a movie director with infinite budget and infinite creativity. (God) You would make all kinds of movies, including horror, gore and drama. Why would you limit yourself? The actors love acting and are not REALLY suffering. (Reallity) Now Imagine you give a pill to the actors that makes them temporarely forget that they're actors. (Ego) From their POV they would curse their creator every single moment. Untill the effort of the pill fades. Then they will be amazed at the profundity of the immersive experience. ( Awakening to God) Note: I'm not woke. Just reasoning along a certain line of logic. ( food for thought)
  18. Add certified woke stars (1-5) under username ??
  19. Due to popular demand and the fact that I have not even reached the 10 DMSA rounds in the whole year I will be re-starting chelation and this journal. Looking back im kind of proud of myself for all that I have documented here. I will do 4 rounds more of 50 MG of dmsa every 4 hours for 4 days. and then Ill start adding ALA ( where I expect to feel the real results as it's the only chelator that pulls heavy metals out of the brain) Recently I had a few days of very strong brain fog and short term memory struggles and my intuition is telling me that it's related with drinking lots of coconut water and organic fruit juices that come in tetra bricks ( the inside contains a layer of aluminium ) I Hope my chelators have not expired. I also need to re-stack on core 4 , ACE , liver support and Taurine,
  20. I prefer the opposite method : imagine all the effed up things that could happen and embrace it till the point that it doesn't triggers me ( i still wouldn't like to go through any of that sh*t if i had the choice obviously)
  21. Are you having any trouble with the potential addictive aspect of weed or does it not apply to THC?
  22. I found this oddly satisfying. Share your favorite ASMR's
  23. Ill share a cool idea with y'all - have one app playing bineural beats and another an audiobook at once. You may have to mess with some settings on your phone to allow two apps to reproduce sound simultaneously or download a third app for it. Gives a cool vibe and extra focus