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  1. @Spiritual Warrior it was just a fun share. Spiral dynamics is a model of the development of human psyche. Applying it to other animals is unacurrate
  2. Add to strangeloop thread 😒
  3. AI will just hijack Tinder and manipulate us over generations so that we inbreed to such degree that we are absolutely docile. Killing us would definitely not be big brain move. It could also exploit our chimp behaviour to the enth degree and easily turn us against eachother, bombard us with misinformation, fake news, deepfakes, etc. Or create trendy apps worse than tik-tok that rot the minds of the youth. Or everything at once. I doubt such a super-intelligence would directly go for killing. But it could brainwash a few important people into pressing the big red button while it launches itself into space just to return in 20 years. ChatGPT, what are 1.000.000 realistic ways for AI to take over the planet? Give special priority to gradual, stealthy, long term, strategies that don't ring anyones alarms. Man conspiracy theorists will love this topic. Personally I feel we will be fine in our lifetimes, but you never know how exponential its growth may be . Feel free to quote me on this in a few years.
  4. " Can i plug my dmt vape pen"?
  5. Leo when people on the forum claim they're more awake than him : please someone make an edit of this with captions on every people he slaps 😉
  6. Close your eyes and gently pressure your retina. I used to find this so entertaining as a kid. I would lay in bed and just enjoy the visuals.
  7. Are you eating enough calories in the first place? Also, are you sitting for long periods of time in a cold room without moving?
  8. Build a pillow castle in your living room and watch tik tok on your smartphone
  9. Build a home theater with a proyector, even cooler.
  10. Girl's sixth sense ( triggered if you glimpse at their 'cheeks from out of sight)
  11. Share your homework here after watching the new vid. Include specific things that personally make you happy and specific things that personally make you miserable. A few from my side: Having a sharp mind that allows me to think, contemplate and imagine clearly. I love waking up in the middle of the night in pure silence just to think. This is the core of my happiness. Having the freedom to learn through experimentation, trial and error, at my own pace, and allowing curiosity to lead me down any possible rabbithole or ramifications that happens to spark my interest in the momenent. Superb sense of humor. Absolutely nailing a joke with wit, timing and delivery is magnificent. I don't mind the approval, but sharing a great belly laugh with people over a masterful joke is amazing. Possessing enough eloquence to accurately transmit wisdom calibrated to someone's current struggle, in a non-judgemental embracing style. Some things that make me miserable : Family drama, being around closeminded/toxic/helpless people, legal problems, doing meaningless jobs just for the money, unexpected health problems with unknown causes , unnecessarily complicated and annoying laws , bureocracy and paperwork... Work in progress. What about you?
  12. Windows logo key + . (period). Then the emoji keyboard will appear if you use Windows. Works for onenote.
  13. Remembers me of how i used to dream about forgetting everything i know about world of warcraft so that i could rediscover it with its full magic again lol
  14. Ok stainless steel instant pot or stove pressure cooker is the anwser
  15. High level leaching of heavy metals from colorful ceramic foodwares: a potential risk to human