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  1. Feel the power within and don't turn to another unhealthy addiction in order to escape emotions. Do as I did. I removed, blocked all the things around me that was addicting.
  2. Hey Leo, I was thinking about a video that would explain how to restart your passion to yourself, to your mastery of any field.
  3. The biggie for me was when I noticed that my attention span was and still is so low that I can not focus on a person talking. I guess years of gaming helped to become like this too.
  4. I am using Android, and there is an app called BlockSite. It is a bit messy to set up, but If you get stuck I can help you.
  5. I did do the following to reduce the addiction: removed messenger from my phone so I can only access it from my laptop. I am using a siteblocker to block facebook and my favorite news sites from my phone. When I am home I can check my messeages and notifications on my laptop, but I also use a news feed eradicator app that does what the name suggests. So daytime no FB and news at all, nighttime: messeages and notifications, still no news.
  6. Mine is shooting range scrap recycling. I am currently working in one, and noone does it. The only person between me and the riches is my boss
  7. Best of luck! I quit on 1st of January this year, so far drank none If I can suggest you one thing when you really feel down of coffee deprivation is L-theanine or a cup of green tea. Both have the calming and focus arousal effects for me without the wanting-to-do-all mentality that I get from coffee
  8. I started off my new year with a tab of MDMA, and it made me go for a resolution: to get out of my depression, so I went all in. I have already off cigarettes, alchol, social media, started reading, working out, journaling, meditating and taking supplements. So for now I am testing every one I bought for one week periods and writing down the feelings and effects I get. So far I am through Lion's mane mushroom, and I can confirm about it's ability to help learn new things (I started learning piano) also a very subtle mood boosting. This week is on L-Theanine. Already after the first day I can say that I calmed down, became aware and my mind became quieter. It's almost as if my focus came back from inside my head into reality.
  9. It would be extremely painful
  10. I have been depressed for a long time now, not knowing what to do, how to cure it or how to even approach it. I tried all the help actualized.org listed. I tried every one of them combined. I came off antidepressants, I did no fap, I came off caffeine, I tried cutting off toxic relationships, meditating, self-inquiry, eating healthy, even to veganism, cutting smoking off, holotropic breathing, but nothing worked... I am seriously considering abandoning everything I learned from here, and not coming back. I do not and have not felt any kind of personal development since I was a child. I am losing hope...
  11. Dear people and future me: I wanted to create this little segment of mine in order to retrospect on my daily thoughts and review my memories.
  12. I was browsing kickstarter and I stumbled upon this thing: https://www.backerkit.com/projects/494595922/public-goods-healthy-wholesome-food-affordable-to Do you guys think it is a good supermarket food alternative?
  13. Hello people. I am interested in what other people's mantras are, with a little bit of backstory. For example my current mantra is "non-threatening, non-threatened" which I took from an assertive communication video course and another video: (I know you may find the video offensive, but watch it first, because it highlighted me about the valuable lesson of how to say no) I really find this mantra useful when I want to communicate with others and to find my way of correct communication.
  14. Alwo I find that monkey-mind chatter is hardly supressable, but this way it's directable.
  15. Hello everyone. I would like to ask you how to get rid of lying. It has become really painful and psychologically degrading to myself to the point that I don't even want to talk anymore, since I know most of the things I talk will be deception. How do you know when you are lying versus when you're not? Thinking about it, I picked up lying really early. I remember how I became the technically-smart person around, just so I can take the control in the conversation just by being a smartass, or just how to amaze people just by "knowing so much". The big problem is that I really have a lot of technical knowledge, but I don't understand them. Also I believe my words don't matter anymore to myself. Another facet is the trait I created was not to talk a lot, but then sound really intelligent. This way the value of my word gets increased even though if I lie. How do I start trusting myself?
  16. Hello people. I am currently coming off an SNRI (olwexia) I had been taking 300 mg for around 2 months, now the with a doctor's approval I decreased it to 150 mg. I am currently having terrible headbuzz, midday sleepiness and very short visual blackouts as withdrawal effects. Do you have any practical help how to negate these effects as they are debilitating, and also dangerous to my work, since I have to drive to my workplace.
  17. So how about something like this: https://coggle.it/diagram/W7clbIOR00RwbSP3/t/actualized-org-videos/63ef76c3b51c2200bad194b926d19a88fe31c05514dfafabd9092881a7d359e4
  18. I am up for it, just give me a program to do it with. I would probably use some kind of nodemapping
  19. @Gabriel Antonio I asked him about the symptoms, but he said he does not know about such stuff. However when I looked it up on the internet, it showed that it is definitely a thing.
  20. Hello there fellow actualizers. I am really happy to tell you I finally uncovered one faucet of my psychosomatic syndroms. So the story goes as: I was a victim in school, generally bullied by my whole class, including my head teacher. The problem went as far as me getting beaten almost daily by minority students who just wanted to show off their power and dominance. So I really started to feel stress in my lower abdomen, under my lower ribs. As I complained about it to my parents, they withdrew me from school, and I played on the pain in order to not to go back, and it worked. Ever since I had to do something I felt this pain. Now, 8 years after primary school having finished for me, I finally managed to trace back my pain, which has been blocking me from doing essential development, or just regular stuff in life. The article that helped me understand it for me was: https://quillette.com/2017/12/27/collision-reality-depth-psychology-can-tell-us-victimhood-culture/
  21. Am I just addicted to tormenting myself? Now that I visited my old friends and managed to laugh andd forget to suffer, it became much simpler. I was not the suffering agent. I managed to stay like this for at least half an hour before self-inducted suffering kicked in. It's good to know at least that it's self induced, so that means I can change it hopefully. I should not be so harsh to myself.
  22. Reading my thoughts from yesterday I remembered some other manipulation I have used. I have a compulsion to never be or sound authoritative. To seem the least threatening. This would lead to too much attention on my agenda that I secretly crave for control. I have created the perfect victim agenda to the point that I even made myself believe that having a voice for yourself is a sin. Sounding your opinion or even just having one is a sin. Being somewhat off the map of commonly accepted ideas is a sin.