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  1. Yes, thank you very much :))
  2. What do you think about working on two life purpose ? I think we can quietly work on two aspects of life if we can organize in a good way our time . There are and have been a lot of people that were masters in different areas of life Some examples : Benjamin Franklin : Author , politic man , scientist , activist , printer Galileo Galilei : astronomer , physician , philosopher and mathematician Maya Angelou : poet, activist ,historian, musician, actor, performer , movie director , teacher David Bowie : musician , actor, poet . dramaturg, painter and stylist and many others . Leonardo da Vinci
  3. Wow , nice ! Thank you . Are you a psychologist ?
  4. Thank you for your time
  5. Yes i totally agree with you This is what we do , it's not mindfulness ahahah
  6. I love a lot of things . Everything is beautiful in life , so this makes my decisions very difficult. I'm not talking about combining. I would like to work with tai chi , mindfulness instructor , yoga , but on the other hand i have a good talent for music drums and so on . I have a band that is having a growing succes , we have the possibilities to do something in the future. I would like also to study a subject at university in the humanistic field. I know all this stuff is not combinable.
  7. Yes you are right . My mind is obsessed with knowledge.
  8. A gardener
  9. My mother but not very
  10. Thank you very much for this comment.
  11. Hi everyone, I feel very embarrassed writing about my actual inner problems because they are really absurd and foolish , but in the last time they really took possession over me , so I try to write about it. I think they concern excessive perfectionism and mind categorization about everything . I can not enjoy the simplest things in the last time . I always want all the cake and never a portion. I explain better with examples. If I read a book about nutrion or nature (or any possible field) I get irritated because I want to know everything about the subject, I want a degree in it , I want a profession with it . My mind says " you are not a professor of botanic or nutrition do not read this " My mind want to maximise everything. Or a walk in nature watching flowers " you are not a student of botanic so do not watch them" A philospical discussion " you are not a philosopher you don't study philosophy so do not discuss" Listening to music " your life career is not concerned with music so why listen to it " Or meditation " you are not a meditation teacher you can't meditate " I can not study or read something for my self, I want always everything about it ,I'm not content with a portion . I do a thai chi course but I feel frustrated because I want to a have a super professional school where they teach all about it . This mechanism is invading a lot of things , also coocking. I do not know what to do . I know it is crazy and stupid Sorry for the English
  12. I think we must learn to have the famous "Beginner Mind "
  13. I had a discussion with my firends about a society composed by only enlightened people . My opinion about this society is that it doesn't need any political structure or rules . The people already knows what to do and how to behave. What do you think ?
  14. That's the point. I do not know how a society with only enlightens people would be . I tried to imagine but with no conclusion
  15. What is the point of learning history ? I mean , that all the History problems and events are only caused by the destructive Ego . Why should someone study History ? Is there something useful in it ?
  16. Hi , i live in Florence ! :))
  17. I've recently partecipated in a Vegan Animal protest against slaughterhouse, animal killing , It was a pacific protest , but a really strong one, the police took us away . The next days i was thinking if it was a Good thing , it created some doubts in my mind about good and bad , right and wrong . Has protest a value ? I protest because i think it is right accroding to my way of thinking but not for an universal law.
  18. @ShaharA Yes , i agree . I think we are too much concerned with good and bad , but in reality they don't exist.
  19. @brugluiz Yes a lot of people of the past where multipotential !
  20. @Bluebird Yes ! Nice idea man Thank you !
  21. @ivankiss Yes, it's challenging
  22. Hi everyone. I'm 20 years old This periods of my life are really challenging. I'm in a hard state of doubt,insecurity about what i would like to do in my life. My mind is struggeling between some things. Some time ago i discovered a University about Antropology,Religion and Oriental Civilzation. I would do this uni only for the knowledge that offers, to know the things, to have a cultural package. At the same time i'm a drummer, i have passion for playing different struments. I'm actually signed in a private music school, it's smaller than a real conservatory. The problem is : this Antropology university is far away from my city , i have to take 2 trains , it would take 2 hours. A lot of time would be taken away, just sitting in train. So i was worrying that i don't have much time for other things like : nature , tai chi course, practicing drums and so on. I should do good time schedule On the other side my feeling is telling me to go directly to the conservatory, even if it feels scary , maybe my ego is afraid of this choice. I would like to have both at the same time . If i do the university i would finish with 23 years and then i could do the conservatory but i'm scared that at 23 y.o is too late to do it. Is it worth to do a non practical university only for cultural knowledge ? The feeling of the uni is colder , and of the conservatory is warmer . I'm so shattered by all this confusion. I have only 8 months to decide. I know nobody can really help me , but writing to you is liberating . Thank you and sorry for my english.
  23. I'm feeling i would like to study philosophy at the university, but i have ecountered some doubts along my research about the field. It's difficult for me to read things outside non duality/spirituality fields. Everytime i try to approach to some western philosopical book like Kant, Leibniz ... , i have the feeling that my spiritual knowledge and experience already knows everything and discriminates what i'm reading . I can't ready openly without judgment . I would like to read those things with an open mind, seeing them as they are . It's hard because the spiritua knowledge is so superior and this stops me to read and study that stuff . Maybe i shouldn't take it so seriously... What is your idea.?
  24. I do not know the name in english ,i think it is proglegomena to a further metaphysics . And leibniz i read random stuff I agree with you , but i feel this attraction to go into it . So i do not know what to do that is frust