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  1. I just remembered that in one of his Videos Leo said that Gravity does not exist. Sounds interesting, but I dont really get that. Obviously there is some kind of force that makes 2 things attract each other. And i guess when you use the equation you can predict how excatly things will move. So what should "Gravity does not exist" mean? Can someone explain?
  2. Im a little confused by that. How can you buy 5-Meo-DMT for consumption from research chemical vendors?
  3. Self-Survival is a game created by the Ego, which must always create suffering. I'm wondering what a life free of self-survival would look like. What exactly is the opposite of Self-Survival? What are the practical things one would need to do to live at the complete opposite of the Self-Survival game?
  4. In one of his videos(dont remember which one exactly) Leo sayed something like: If you are a scientificly minded person try to prove to me that you are not a coffe table. I thought about the question, but nothing came to my mind. To me that seems quite strange, because i dont understand why you would even assume that. I see that coffe table once in a while. Why should that be me? I think he woudnt ask this without the question having some kind of depht to it, so please share your ideas about that question or point out the depht to it.
  5. Do you know this video? Maybe raising your awareness will help you with your addictions. Meditation, Yoga and that sort of stuff. You will have to go very slowly to prevent falling back into your old habits.