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  1. I need to do this more often. I find it hard at times when I feel wronged by people.
  2. Must everyone in society raise their consciousness? Must there no longer be an economic hierarchy?
  3. @tsuki Yes I recognize that they are miracles. Super appreciate them as well. However, I like novelty.
  4. I've been craving some dramatic paranormal experiences. Curious to read people's stories.
  5. For those who have done pscilocybin mushrooms what benefits have you gotten from them?
  6. I think it takes a sincere interest in knowing more/reading more about religion/spirituality. Some people aren't like that so the odds for them realizing this I see is far lower doesn't mean of course they can't be molded into it. Holding truth as a value and being a seeker of it can lead one here. People always want to change the world however and rarely want to change themselves BUT if a culture is created of healing oneself emotional vulnerability/change/transformation may come much easier to the majority. Plus we are in the information age. With things such as fake news. More generations hooking up to the internet googling things. They'll come to an awareness that not only can the body be poisoned but so can the mind with a invisible poison called information. Then we can get more serious debates as a species, accessing endless buffets of data, and as a result become more star trek like.
  7. Also any detriments? My answer: After sipping ayahuasca once and one dark trip 95% of my emotional troubles just left. I also became so much better at self inquiry and a lot more analytical. So far so good.
  8. The diagnosis known as antisocial personality disorder. Common attributes are lack of emotional empathy, easy to be bored, low impulse control.
  9. Recently I healed many traumas resolving suicidality which led me to feeling love so much more. It's so good I wanna know how do you guys fill your lives more with love? Acts of service? What type? Love songs? Which ones? Every detail counts throw it at me. Thank you.
  10. A car is just a 4000 pound piece of metal. A video game is just a bunch of pretty pixels. The boiling frog fable:
  11. @CreamCat What do you mean by monkey magic will bring him closer to his old monkey self?
  12. Though some are gems/really deep I feel like I'm over doing with the mental masturbation an would like to let go for some release and not constantly be craving for my mind to be blown.
  13. I was doing the technique in the video in hopes of purging some trauma, and I couldn't allow myself to go longer than 4 minutes. I felt so uncomfortable. What's one to do/try? Edit: Part of me is scared cause I want control just in case I experience pain but I know for fact there will be pain likely lol.
  14. During ayahuasca I felt like I was operating out of MONKEY consciousness. My main focus was sex, territory, and food. I was shook and impressed. I was moaning for like every second for at least 10-20 minutes straight. Ridiculous lol. Made me think of how often humans domesticate each other's animal selves lol.
  15. When you want to die what you really want is a change in reality.