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  1. Old views aren't gonna go away without kicking and screaming. Take the kicking and screaming too literally and not stand your ground they just might make a return.
  2. How do you know death is an illusion for certain?
  3. @Raw Nature How do you train your prefrontal cortex?
  4. @Zigzag Idiot Doesn't being relate to enlightenment/zero thought basically? I was more curious about in his previous video what he talked about was the higher emotional and intellectual state.
  5. @Zigzag Idiot I watched the video but still dont get how to get to the higher consc?
  6. Find what prevents you from relaxing. Seriousness often means being constricted. Go deep in the self questioning. Look in the mirror and do a lion roar at yourself a couple times.
  7. @How to be wise Curious, in what exact way will you introduce them to it?
  8. @John Iverson Now is about the same. Yes it becomes stronger/amplified/enhanced like as if your brain got on steroids or it got way more neurons. edit: another term you may hear it called is Cosmic Consciousness. That is because as a result of the purification process you become/feel much more connected to the planet and rest of the cosmos. An with the fast thinking you'll basically feel like you're a person from Star Trek/ some advanced civilization.
  9. @John Iverson Life becomes easier for you because your brain analyzes things much faster. It's holy/clickbaity in the sense because you solve any question/problem much easier because you think much faster/creatively, to be honest when it got raised I thought to myself I'm like a robot with a heart lol, quickly analyzing. Also due to this you gain a lot more confidence an literally will think for yourself much more because of your brain's capacities considering how effortless it is. The subtle parts of your brain become much much stronger such as will power. What it feels like is the two hemispheres of the brain are communicating between each other very fast/interconnected.
  10. @OBEler Just 1 psychedelic use to be honest. I didn't even know what kundalini was at the time it just happened to me. But my method is definitely not a guarantee and so many people don't even grow from taking multiple psychedelics.
  11. @John Iverson Yes it unblocks them through a period of time. Psychedelics can do as well though no guarantee an it isn't always safe, I'd just keep them as a tool and not as recreational thing. Pranayama techniques are a nice addition. If you completely get the kundalini to rise you will think super fast like a genius. I experienced so this is all from personal details. You will be living in "heaven" internally. At this point you have a nondual and oneness state of consciousness so it will be hard to make you flinch but also you just are more understanding/forgiving of people due to gaining more and more self awareness/know thyself (third eye ajna chakra stuff, can do that through self questioning) an see the similarity between all of humanity like a school of fish. Your will power increases greatly. You honestly might just begin seeing your brain as a tool for you to use and begin using it as your personal google when google/books aren't around or aren't answering your questions. The creativity skyrockets. The chakras are actually parts of the brain, yoga is a form of body hacking. The lower chakras are part of the lower part of the brain and vice versa. So what kundalini does is it strengthens every chakra starting from the green/heart and up and the lower ones aren't as strong hence celibacy/decreased sex drive, ALSO decreased levels of fear hence many of these people are very peaceful, also much less care about food. The parts of you that are animal decrease and the parts of you that are human increase. To be honest the benefits are kinda like a clickbait article. Once you get it you'll want to spread it around to all the rest of humanity like those people on religious missions trying to "save" others. Because you literally start a new life now that your consciousness/brain is just ENHANCED to a advanced genius level of perception.
  12. Kundalini is a dormant force within you and once it rises entirely you will think MUCH faster it will be effortless, be much more loving, and possibly become celibate due to a decrease in the sex drive. Idk much about kriya but I did kundalini yoga specifically for the raising but at times many yoga practices mix.
  13. My intelligence increased when I had my kundalini raised (spiritual process). I think so much faster now, my sex drive also took a massive plummet mind you. People often talk about IQ but rarely do those people extensively research human psychology. So many factors come into play. Due to trauma people are unable to EVEN FEEL certain emotions such as empathy or anger. As far as I'm convinced it's possible to increase one's consciousness. Is there a limit to it? From my current awareness yes, but most people aren't even doing the work so get on it!
  14. If we're all connected I can see there being less and less creative/different forms of personal expression since we're all agreeing with one another. Upside being more peace. Perhaps after oneness we divide again lol.