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  1. Phenomena not accepted as fact in the majority of pro-science circles. The spiritual field really emphasizes listening to your intuition/emotion. Now the mind without the heart is cruelty while the heart without the mind is madness so don't ultra focus on it like some people do to be EXTRA ~spiritual~. It's extra dangerous. Levitation = reversing gravity. Clairvoyance= interpreting symbols/images through the mind's eye. Telepathy = Feeling the same emotion as your target so you get like thoughts.
  2. Remember this: If you do what the majority do you're more likely to get common results. If you do what the few do you're more likely to get rare results. (That's the main point of scientific research, DISCOVERING NEW, RARE, NOVEL INSIGHT! In history books too often the majority agreed on the craziest of things such as slavery. But let's not get fringe ON EVERYTHING just for the sake of it, yes the majority can be right as well on things. Orange's view is that religion without science is superstition. They're correct in one way. But also, not everything in religion/alternative circles is bullshit. If it didn't have some positive result people would of abandoned it long ago. I want to have the truth. An so I'm willing to research both sides/research what I oppose, and be extra willing to be wrong. I am eager to be wrong. That's my approach. Decide for yourself. Be the researcher.
  3. If Christ hypothetically did walk on water then why can't I.
  4. The boiling frog fable was my favorite when I was younger:
  5. @Zizzero Would you say the solution to no judgement is just a desire for love/compassion than anger/hate?
  6. @Joseph Maynor Don't hate the game? Is that the whole it's better to die a slave than to die a resister to the system- psyche switch to make oneself feel better? Very old move in history. Just embrace the madness :D.
  7. @Joseph Maynor Well getting what I want is one of those things which is greater levels of equality. So no. Once equality becomes more well established and refined then I wouldn't worry about it as much. Maybe I misunderstood but this is my answer.
  8. @Zizzero Alright I'll let go of the judgement. I'm sure there are those who judge me the same way.
  9. @Joseph Maynor What's coming in my awareness is that we sorta barely get along. I desire extreme levels of reasonable equality while they desire to be on top no matter what it takes. The thoughts that I attach to those "people" is that they could do better an the way they're operating in reality is not the most optimal for the whole system of humanity.
  10. @Zizzero I'm bothered by it because I know they could be better but they aren't. If I was on their level of development or they were on mine then we would have an easier time. I simply want to know how to bridge ourselves together in a smoother way without clashing values.
  11. @Joseph Maynor I mean like a workplace full of people with stage orange mentality for example.
  12. The lack of stage green in their psyches is a bit of a red flag but I have to adapt somehow.
  13. Where were you before you were alive?
  14. I need to do this more often. I find it hard at times when I feel wronged by people.
  15. Must everyone in society raise their consciousness? Must there no longer be an economic hierarchy?