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  1. For the better. I remembered long forgotten things I didn't even know affected me. I read that one exercise you can try for better memory is to mentally play back your day but backwards. So if it's say it's 7pm. What did you do at 6pm? What about 5 pm? 4pm? So on and so forth. There's also certain supplements I'm sure can help. If I can't recall something I drop everything and just FOCUS on every single sense I can back onto the specific thing i'm trying to recall. Any emotion, sound, feeling, taste/touch etc I can get out of the memory is what I use to get something back if I ever can't recall something.
  2. We are self-biased. We as humans value certain things more than other animals. Maybe if the average person was more surrounded with a wide array of animals often we'd learn from them more, probably get more vegetarians that way too.
  3. The crown and ajna. I've had enough of lowly pleasures an im done with myself and need change. Please inspire me. Self inquiry, reading books, helping others? What else?
  4. Humans started with tribes which then lead to villages - towns- cities- nations. A one world government might happen. So yeah unity is the common theme. As for aliens. I have no idea. Wish they showed up an said they are humanphobic cause of all the crap we do causing the species to self-reflect.
  5. @Moses Sometimes it means to be willing to get a negative reaction. Unconditional love/acceptance is basically nonduality. Most aren't there. An many aren't even willing to hold space for discussing topics that make them feel uncomfortable. If you're close with them they might hold space for uncomfortable topics but if not then I would read into conflict resolution/anger management skills so you could bring the conversation to peace. Otherwise I personally don't see it happening but that doesn't mean there isn't a way to make it happen.
  6. @Moses Blue people think in black n white heaven/hell. Things are either bad or good. So try to avoid getting into a creative/nuanced-gray area. They will start dogmaticallly barking at you. The fastest way to change a person's view is to blow their mind/heart. The only solution I see is to lure them in step by step which would be by slipping in higher consciousness insights in conversations in a way they'll understand. It's a slow process to be honest. One example I can think of is school shooters. Maybe saying this will help. Imagine this: if you put a frog in a pot of boiling hot water it will instantly jump out, but if you put a frog in a pot of regular temperature water and slowly turn up the heat the frog will get cooked without noticing. An what that is suppose to mean is that since people are products of their past what they have are psychological adaptions. Many blue people might say oh he's awful put the shooter into jail and throw away the key! However what they don't get is... people feel significant from either being loved, liked, adored, an if that doesn't happen then they feel significant by feeling feared, hated, and disliked. These people instead of feel celebrated feel tolerated for a long time an through feeling awful eventually get thoughts like "I want to kill you" an then their actions show it. Happy people don't do dark actions. Dark actions originate from dark emotions. Here's a example of multi-perspective for racists. Imagine a room that's painted white, all the walls no furniture it's all white. You get use to it now all of a sudden a black stripe shows up on the wall and you're like "whoa that's black." Now imagine a room that's completely painted black, your eyes get use to it now imagine a white stripe showing up an you're like "whoa that's white". What this example is suppose to represent is if you're white and everyone you know is white and all of a sudden you see a person with darker skin, and vice versa you're black nearly everyone who you have ever known was black an you're seeing a lighter skin person. Their biological self-bias is playing on their perception of reality. This might make them question hmm... maybe my perspective is only true if I see it through my perspective but with multiple perspectives what is really true?
  7. I think they're dismissing what you do because they do not see how doing what you do would BENEFIT THEM an so they see it as absurd (like veganism/meditation). They've yet to reach the conclusion you've reached because they haven't taken the steps you have. Also people don't fear the unknown they fear what they project into the unknown (otherwise babies would be scared all the time). So they may be projecting negative things an so they avoid doing what you do so of course they're against it. The majority of actions someone takes is because they're convinced on some level it's going to lead them to a better feeling. Convince them of the benefits they'll gain. Maybe in a more "beautiful" way say yes I get it's a lot easier to want to change the world than to want to change oneself but doing it to yourself can lead to higher quality of life an so I do what I do. If you don't try it out you will never know what you may of been missing out on.
  8. @Danioover9000 Nah man was just a joke :P. No I'm not a parent am a teen. I'll check out the 9 stages.
  9. Since through spiritual purification work your desire to fulfill the pleasures of lower chakras is less and less. Preferring brain orgasms vs genital orgasms. (Please blow my mind daddy) Would that mean if all of humanity became purified the species would go extinct soon? Maybe creation wants us to enjoy the impure state.
  10. @Leo Gura That's incredible. I remember feeling like a genius I was thinking SO FAST an yet it was so easy. Now I'm back to my old state but damn purified higher ways of being are so incredible. What all of humanity can transform into is so radical. I mostly do self inquiry but I'll begin looking more into yoga and kundalini for sure ty for mentioning it.
  11. After taking a psychedelic have you ever had your sexual "energy" travel more up to your heart an make you more analytical? I had that experience but ended up jacking off too much an then the energy traveled back down. You know of any method to get it back up?
  12. Do you want power because you feel out of control in your life? Do you have absolutely 0 control/power in ANY part of your life? Also, when you are confident that others are willing to take your needs as seriously as their own does your desire for power decrease, what I'm asking is if there is good emotional intimacy between you and others does the desire for power decrease? Also when you find your personal strengths/things you're good at that can be a source of power.
  13. Phenomena not accepted as fact in the majority of pro-science circles. The spiritual field really emphasizes listening to your intuition/emotion. Now the mind without the heart is cruelty while the heart without the mind is madness so don't ultra focus on it like some people do to be EXTRA ~spiritual~. It's extra dangerous. Levitation = reversing gravity. Clairvoyance= interpreting symbols/images through the mind's eye. Telepathy = Feeling the same emotion as your target so you get like thoughts.
  14. Remember this: If you do what the majority do you're more likely to get common results. If you do what the few do you're more likely to get rare results. (That's the main point of scientific research, DISCOVERING NEW, RARE, NOVEL INSIGHT! In history books too often the majority agreed on the craziest of things such as slavery. But let's not get fringe ON EVERYTHING just for the sake of it, yes the majority can be right as well on things. Orange's view is that religion without science is superstition. They're correct in one way. But also, not everything in religion/alternative circles is bullshit. If it didn't have some positive result people would of abandoned it long ago. I want to have the truth. An so I'm willing to research both sides/research what I oppose, and be extra willing to be wrong. I am eager to be wrong. That's my approach. Decide for yourself. Be the researcher.
  15. If Christ hypothetically did walk on water then why can't I.