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  1. Andrew tate spreads alot of positivity and has alot of good advice when it comes to mindset. Every day wake up and be glad your family and friends aren't dead. He said something about when he lost his keys he donated money and worked out extra hard, fasted for 24 hours. I'm a chronic loser of keys and wallet. I lost them once, donated 1k to charity. Never lost them since.
  2. Sounds like a top G in the making. This is how I handle my girls as well.
  3. Why is penicillamine ineffective ? I'm talking with a doctor about this substance. Very little info about it available. Please share what you know. Thanks!
  4. I was with a friend who guided me. If you are alone you might stray off course. But yes, essentially just explore what comes up. So you might have something come up like " I feel scared " then something scary will show up that you completely forgot happened to you.
  5. Illeglization of mdma was a crime against humanity. 1 75 mg dose and I dug up trauma that was directing my entire life without me being aware.
  6. I can't take people seriously when they talk about flatlining. Like why would you want to remain deathly horny? If you make it to past day 14 / 15 you are in the fucking promise land. Enjoy it, you earned it.
  7. Seriously Hard to cut through the noise on reddit / trust pilot. Would be great to have some honest opinions of members with lots of karma here.
  8. My body reacts horrible to processed sugar. Funny thing is it considers honey to be the same as white sugar in the bag. Unpopular opinion, but it's my truth. Honey is no different than white sugar.
  9. A little bit about me. In 2007 I was not even 21 years old, when I came down with a crippling systemic arthritic disorder. My Joints and tendons became inflamed and weakened to the point where I tore a tendon in my arm just turning the steering wheel. I live on the East coast, I knew it was Lymes related, but no doctors could help me, and i got worse and worse. I started a dose of doxyccylin and a prescription strength NSAID. After numerous doctors and various Antibiotic treatments, and thanks to my dad for dragging me around because i had given up hope, in 2009 I finally found a Lymes doctor who put me on a Combination of antibiotics that began to give me relief. Very Slowly, Over a period of months I was able to use my hands and work on a computer and play war2 and play guitar again. in 2012, we attempted to get off the antibiotics and i relapsed immediately. After continuing the antibiotics for 2 more years along with Ivermectin, i was able to be antibiotic free since without any relapsing. I have not improved 100%, but certainly it is much better. Perhaps I am lacking a Rehab component to my recovery, or perhaps there's another piece to the puzzle. Fast forward to 2020-2021, i notice slowly that my cognitive function is declining. I'm very tired all the time, depressed, no will to live, very bad brain fog low energy all the time. I can sleep for 10 hours and still be tired and nap. I'm deathly sensitive to chemicals, cant smell anything or I will get an instant headache. I'm hypersensitive to food, anything that's not straight from the ground causes headaches, or inflammation (This began shortly after i got the lymes). Getting Covid in early 2022 didn't help but now things are even worse. I'm putting the eggs back in the pantry and the oatmeal back in the fridge. Sometimes when i try to read, it takes me forever just to connect with what I'm seeing and begin reading. I lose my train of thought very easily, and I feel like I might be retarded. I'm only getting a few good work hours each day. My brain just feels.. broke. I began cutlers protocol and am on round 5. My symptoms worsen slightly when I'm doing the rounds, which lets me know I am probably on the right track. Now on to the interesting stuff. I was on heavy antibiotics for 7 years from 2007-2014. So I began wondering what this did to me, was there metals in the antibiotics? After some digging around, this turned up Scientists found that the antibiotics wrecked the Gut Flora to the point where excretion of mercury stopped almost completely. Now I was on a healthy dose of probiotics, so Who knows how much of this I got. If you google around, there's tons of links that area related to chronic lymes and heavy metal toxicity going down all sorts of rabit holes. Some suggest you cant even treat the bacteria if there's an excess of mercury. I hope someone finds this and finds it useful. TLDR: Antibiodics may wreck gut flora and stop excretion of mercury for time you are on them ( possibly further) I was on antibiodics for lymes for 7 years, did it fuck me?
  10. For me I got sick from lymes and I was forced to go to whole food diet for 6 months. If you do this, you can never go back to regular American diet. You will just become physically ill.
  11. Would explain why I feel like shit each morning. Cuz I'm coming back from the dead.
  12. I just realized I didn't exactly follow the instructions from Leo's video for the test. I pissed for 24 hours not the 3 hours suggested in the video. @Leo Gura do you think this diluted my sample and my results should have been higher? How does it work anyway? what if someone pees 1 gallon instead of 1 cup, how do they even test this appropriately. By the way, look at this incredibly interesting study I came across. ( see attached ) Apparently oral antibiodics may completely stop your body from being able to excrete mercury. Interesting for me because I was on antibodics for 5 years for Lymes related shit. Also interesting that there is a lot of people on the internet claiming heavy metal shit + lymes
  13. 36 / M / 6'1 / 165. Healthy Diet and Exercise. Dropping my Doctors Data Results here. Was hoping to see some others results but haven't seen any yet. Provoked with Half the DMSA as suggested by Leo in his Video, I didn't take an unprovoked test as suggested by Leo in his Video. I checked Leos results, and my results, and it appears the reference range is adjusted based on provocation method. Like Leo had described in his video, My brain feels like its not operating like it used to, I'm tired all the time, I can sleep for a very long time and still be tired, and I cease to exist on like 4 hours of sleep. Anyone else have any Doctors Data Results to share or anything based off my results? I will start the suggested Detox Protocol now.
  14. How does an average householder find a teacher?