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  1. If I am reborn each time in another body who needs all this? What purpose?
  2. Ramana Maharshi consumed milk
  3. lately, good content from from Ego-Collapse Awakening video Leo recognizes that white shirts were just an EGO game.
  4. if you think is useless you can go with self inquiry
  5. I watched the whole video. Looks like Leo wants to attract more visitors I came up with the idea that somebody could cut his longer videos and make 5-10 minutes long videos with short topics and if I someone wanted longer videos and the more detailed answer they could watch a full video, i saw some spiritual YouTubers do that
  6. Letting go technique is same as surrendering, relax minds are they just different names?
  7. There were many negative events during the day and in the evening and I couldn't concentrate on meditating or doing self inquiry. I was too incapable of concentrating and ask myself "who feels that". How to handle this situation ?
  8. Can dreams analysis or lucid dreaming help reach enlightenment ?
  9. during a day asking who i am is same effective as sitting in meditation pose and doing self inquiry?
  10. before few days i was in psychotherapy session should i make some extra work after therapy - analyze my thoughts,feelings or just leave it ?
  11. Thanks i contacted them.They offer me Psychoanalysis 4x week or Psychoanalytic therapy 2x week, what to choose ?
  12. I constantly feeling cold 4-5 years now. I have lots of "cold" spots on my body - tops of legs, shoulders, arms and am struggling to feel warm. All blood test ,thyroids and hormones are fine not other major illnesses endocrinologists says it's all good. Tried different supplements but it didn't help. I was prescribed antidepressants to fix this issue ,but it didn't help. Now i'm working on emotional releasing and some shadow work, not sure it might help. Tried many things but none of them worked, now I think about to test psychedelics.
  13. I can't find specialist psychoanalysis in my town, should i try analytical psychotherapy instead can it work too ?
  14. for example if i standing in line and feel anxious i should do quick self inquiry and ask which my body part understand this?
  15. Sounds like book " Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy by David D. Burns"
  16. When i do Self inquiry should i be in meditate or any special pose, or just laying down and concentrate ?
  17. Can i make psychoanalytic psychotherapy myself , i don't want to spend too much money on psychotherapy and there are not so many good psychotherapyst in my city.