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  1. Gosh I love this film!
  2. Hilarious video of some guy doing this exact test (he's a big narcissist btw):
  3. "It is possible to live free of suffering." Amazing interview of Eckhart that I love:
  4. Hello. Just wanted to journal here. It's a beautiful day. Sunny. Getting warmer. Got stuff on my mind that I wanna get done. Been watching videos on Self-Actualization, and Life Purpose and feeling inspired. Thank you for reading. Will be updating.
  5. Green Inventions Old plastic bottle light bulbs Edible water blobs Mr. Trash Wheel (removes garbage from rivers) Plastic free shampoo pods Waterotor (harvests energy from slow-moving waters) Shipping container pools The Seabin (collects garbage from the sea) Edible spoons Edible six-pack ring Portable turbine Plastic bottle cutter Toothpaste pill Car tire shredder & recycler Off-grid Water Lily turbine Dirt and water separating powder Human excrement charcoal Biodegradable, water soluble bags Whirlpool turbine Home Biogas bin (turns trash into gas) Spincycle (bicycle washing machine) Smoke reducing stove Barsha pump (hydro wheel that pumps water)
  6. So apparently, this guy took 157 different psychoactive drugs in a span of 10 years and wrote a manual of sorts on how to use drugs safely:
  7. Don’t chase happiness. Become antifragile Cool one: Btw, i really like how "Big think" videos are edited.
  8. What are your favorite Youtube channels? Some of mine are: Actualized.org of course Freethink: https://www.youtube.com/c/Freethink Our changing climate: https://www.youtube.com/c/OurChangingClimate Vice news: https://www.youtube.com/c/VICENews
  9. Conscious billionaire Video i really enjoyed watching: If only the majority of rich people had the mindset Nick Hanauer seems to have. Leo posted a similar post on his blog in the past : https://www.actualized.org/insights/the-dirty-secrets-of-capitalism
  10. Cool! Yeah, day in a life videos are pretty interesting
  11. Just a funny video I really enjoyed about NFTs:
  12. What if electricity became free and available for everyone? Is it possible? What kind of world would it be if it becomes a reality?
  13. This reminded me of some of your blog posts about ego and politics. From https://www.actualized.org/insights/politics-and-ego From https://www.actualized.org/insights/the-neo-nazi-bible
  14. Good luck with your tournament!
  15. All you need is Faith
  16. Enlightenment Now I wanted to share this excerpt about enlightenment from Sir David Hawkins. If you're a spiritual seeker, you know how frustrating it can be when you view enlightenment as something to be attained in the future. But what if that's what's holding us back from enlightenment? If you want to, you can hear it here:
  17. So I watched Leo's video that i really loved and left a deep impression on me, and i wanted to share some key takeaways from the video. In a way, what he talked about in the video really cleared up a lot of stuff for me. "Do you wanna honor life or not?". That's the message of the video in a nutshell. If the answer is yes, you'll have no motivation issues. The video resonates with you more if you're on the self-actualization path. At least, that's what i felt. Key points/takeaways from the video "Motivational speech - October 2021" Honor your life! Stop taking life for granted. The core principle of life : LOVE for Reality/Life. In what way do you wanna love and honor life? Find what you are the most fascinated about life and pursue it. Become a master at it. (In Leo's case it the fascination with the Mind/Consciousness). Stop making excuses for yourself. You're the only one holding you back. Start making baby steps. Focus! Don't get distracted. Listen to your heart/intuition. Take the right brain approach to life. Listen to what your higher self is saying. It will be difficult and lonely at times. Console and reassure yourself in those times. Have faith. Ultimately, you don't take everything way too seriously. You realize it's a game.
  18. You're only 23, dude! Why are you being so hard on yourself?
  19. The part 2 of the notes from: “A Vision for the Self-actualized life - Get Yo Ass Inspired!” Kick-ass goals: Life where you never have to worry about money again Life where work is not work, but play and your greatest joy Developing full emotional control (conquering depression, anxiety, boredom, pain, suffering, anger, negative thinking, fear, etc) Becoming a grounded and emotionally imperturbable human being (Someone like Marcus Aurelius, Stoicism) Having a deep understanding of how the world works Really successful and fulfilling intimate relationship Amazing sex (tantra, hypnosis, dominant sex, etc) Developing a core confidence (being sure of oneself, cultivating deep self-love, accepting one’s flaws and weaknesses) Traveling (savoring full richness of life) Physical vitality and energy Rich and rewarding friendships Becoming a leader of other human beings, being a role model Being creative and advancing humanity in a meaningful way Breaking free of the rat race Living life with integrity (a life lived on principles for their own sake) Enlightenment (realizing the true existential nature of oneself, others, and reality) Having the time to contemplate and reflect on life (appreciate and see the beauty of life) Dying with a smile on one’s face Steps towards self-actualization: Knowledge - accurate, high quality information. Invest 10% of your income on learning Start making small changes - eliminate toxic habits (start building a strong and healthy morning routine, change food habits, social media addiction, etc.) Find your life purpose Become financially independent ------------------- Hope you found my notes helpful. I personally love this particular video, because it sets the Vision for you. But i'd still recommend you to watch the video if you're interested, because i can't script down everything that's said in the video. There's a lot more there.