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  1. All of Trumps b.s. is probably causing a lot of recent controversies you see.
  2. What is/will be stage turquoise music?
  3. I've done pretty well trading fiat currencies with leverage, but Leo is right it doesn't offer any value to anyone. You are just chipping off money from a 5 trillion dollar daily market. Also there is a lot of risk involved, if you don't know what you're doing you might as well throw away your money, but you do have control over how much you actually risk at one time. This guy explains it pretty well...
  4. First two days on modafinil. Night and day difference. Here's my list: modafinil 100-200 mgs vit d 4000iu vit E 400iu vit c 1000mg citicholine magnesium 100%dv amazing grass supplement in my smoothie in the morning with blueberries, mango, a banana, lots of kale, and almond milk planning to add lions mane mushroom soon. any other crucials?
  5. @Brittany youre a stage green soup :b
  6. This MASSIVE mega church that has multiple MASSIVE locations that i also grew up next to this preacher that started said mega church, wierd mix of mostly blue with bit of orange and maybe like an accidental drop of green
  7. This college i grew up next to
  8. I lived with a girl who was mostly in stage blue due to her upbringing( living in the bible belt i had grown accustomed to this.) I hadnt studied spiral dynamics at the time though and she was really physically attractive. Me at the time being mostly green and still quite a bit of orange and probably a bit of tier 2 in there from watching leo all the time made pretty interesting. It was a fairly enjoyable relationship at moments but in the end it was alot to handle. she thought i was going to hell because didnt believe jesus died on the cross for my sins type of deal. I was a hardcore vegan hippy working a pretty high paying sales job wanting to smoke weed and party all the time. It didnt work out and really caused me quite a bit of stress
  9. anybody ever tried this stuff? you can just order it online
  10. Charleston, SC & Los Angeles, CA retreat in Costa Rica?
  11. Pretty much the best self help advice out there. pretty much changed everything that I thought to be possible in life. Lmao literally might be dead right now if it wasn't for that guy...long story. I still remember the day SHOCKING TRUTH popped up on my youtube feed
  12. The fact that that guy took the time to write the whole thing is hilarious. Like you don't have to watch there's plenty of other shit out there to watch.