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  1. Do we have a Yellow discussion regarding the current changing life conditions with the virus and to discuss future systems that will help us get out of the economic drop?
  2. Everyone should start from small, because it affects everyone differently, so it's best to gradually up the dose in later trips. So 30ug as a first 'hello' to lsd is OK for me.
  3. Such incredible Love in this one <3 I will climb into your ocean, I will sail into your shore, I will breathe in your magnificence, and never ask for more, I will be as I am written, courage on every page, I will carve this life with every breath, a sage to the age, I will turn up the fountain, and fill this world with bliss, I will sing a song of joyful love and merge into your kiss, And I will stumble into beauty, recognizing that it's me, I will open up my heart, and surrender unto thee I am the child, I am the mother I am your bride, and your lover I am everything, great and small I am the one, I am it all I am the child, I am the mother I am your bride, and your lover I am everything, great and small, I am the one, I am it all I Am The Light Of Love I will dive into each moment, because I'll die as I was born I will walk at peace with ease and grace, and float with the unknown I will find the gift in everything, perfection in every way I will bow at the altar, of this and every day I can't promise not to feel some fear, or to always understand But I'll be the change I wish to see, I will hold every hand I am tangled up in beauty, I see clearly that it's me I have opened up my heart, and surrender unto thee
  4. Is it just me or Leo's last video on "The Big Picture Of Global Politics" is a stage green viewpoint?
  5. Do I need to develop a really high concentration in order to be in an 'awake' state? I know that some people got 'awake' without even trying, so they probably don't have high levels of concentration. I know that the awaken state of being should rise you above your thoughts so you "see" them passing without attachment, but do you have to constantly concentrate in order to not lose yourself in the thought? Is "letting go" the same as concentration? Concentration of letting go, maybe that is key?
  6. If you're searching for truth You must look in the mirror And make sense of what you can see Just be
  7. Hi all, I just wanted to thank you all for all the comments as well, I was looking for a topic like this and here it is I experienced a couple of glimpses with series of LSD trips and for the past month or so I've been trying to integrate what I've learned and it's a nightmare. Everything i thought I know about myself is destroyed and even my life purpose is struggling. Now that I see the perfection that is all around me, every kind of "doing" is pointless, because it's all perfect. How do you get out of that? How can you live with only being, without a purpose? Even meditating is a struggle recently. I think I'm entering turquoise in Spiral Dynamics and my ego is fighting.
  8. How a person from 1 ideology researches the opposite one. How the perspective changes and awareness happens. It's not that short but I think it shows the problem of ideology and what amazing thing happens when you drop it. p.s. Leo I found you like a month back and I'm like 1/3 through your material (taking time contemplating after each video) and it's amazing how it changes me. I watched this one for ideology just in time to stop myself turning your teachings into one. So... I cannot say how grateful I am that I found you to open the door for me and for this place that I'm posting now to discuss it. When trying to discuss it with other people, it easily can turn into "my way is better, yours is wrong" which now I understand is a problem so I'm going to the mountains hiking to contemplate all of it. I got to clean it out.