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  1. The problem isn't in how your so called "friends" treat you, but in the way YOU view the problem. The question you should be asking yourself: Is it right for me to be the same person I was a year ago, or rather evolve to such heights that all of my so called "friends" will fall behind? Are you playing their game or your game? Are you here to solve another issue of your current self or rather fix the source of that issue?
  2. @Preetom Why not just do the 2 methods I pointed out? BEST OF BOTH WORLDS
  3. @Ampresus I've been meditating for 5 years, here's my advice: Experiment as much as possible. No matter how many books/videos I read/watched on meditation, I settled down on "hybrid" techniques of my own. Go against the rules, be creative and so on. The only key is to train your will power/concentration/awareness. 19, and I can't express HOW MUCH I regret not focusing on my financial situation. Sure, the wisdom and spiritual insights I gained over these years are incredible, but what's the point of being so mentally advanced when I'm still stuck in a post-soviet shit-hole country??? People from 1st world countries have no idea what it's like to live in a country with an average salary under 300$/month. Go thru the spiral Stages gradually, don't skip your way. Focus on the basics first.
  4. @Shin Sitting for more then 30 min without taking a break (like standing up for 1 minute) is extremely bad for your health in the long run. Here's a solution to both doing SDS and not worsening your health: Create reminders for every 30 min (6;30 ; 7;00 ; 7;30) and every time you hear the reminder sound just stand up (with eyes closes) and count (you can use mantras here) to 20 breaths. Basically keep meditating for the 1 minute when standing up. Then sit up back and meditate on! Boom, problem solved! Or you could try Strong Determentation Standing for 30min, then Sitting for 30min, then Standing ...
  5. @UDT Start by reading "The Tao of Systems Thinking" and studying Spiral Dynamics (read the original book + re-watch Leo's vids on Spiral D.). Basically what you really wanna do is "zoom out" and get higher/more holistic/more integral perspectives on how the world works. Try to see the systems in everything. Wait, have you tried watching Leo's vid on stage Yellow and studying the humans he provided as Yellow examples??? Or maybe yesterday's video??? I keep forgetting that most folk aren't here for growth...
  6. @Jed Vassallo Did you try watching his other Spiral Dynamics vids??? Or have you tried reading the Spiral Dynamics book??? The answer is there. Do not expect other people to explain everything to you via a forum.
  7. @Shin @Leo Gura @Serotoninluv please block this @TheBeachBionic spammer. This bot messages everyone this trash.
  8. @electroBeam Yes, me saying that we run on algorithms was an oversimplification. I just wanted to say that the human brain is not a magical/divine thing which can't be surpassed by anything. Ancient humans didn't understand how the weather worked, so they created gods. Present humans don't really understand how the brain works, so they think the possibility of something surpassing us is nothing to fear of. I don't fear the AI running on an engine. I fear that some humans will inevitably fuck up, and give AI an ego + what we call "self-awareness". Or maybe use a "dumb AI" running on said computers/engines to create the necessary hardware/software for the "true AI" everyone fears. I am no AI expert, for I have never worked with one. But it's extremely important to listen to "outsiders", for they can get you unstuck from unhealthy thinking loops.
  9. @ZZZZ YouTube channels: Astrum, Atlas Obscura, ColdFusion, Curious Droid, Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell , PragerU , Simple History, SmarterEveryDay, Teal Swan, TierZoo, Verge Science, Wendover Productions, WIRED. Joe Rogan posts mostly stuff with comedians, but once in a while his interviews are gold.
  10. It simply baffles me that @Leo Gura says it's gonna take "hundreds" of years for us to get to Turquoise. The problem is that it will be either way shorter or we won't live by that time. STUDY EXPONENTIAL GROWTH. It was taking humanity less and less time to advance up the spiral. For example stage Green countries ALREADY experience the downsides of their stage Green approach, which means some of them will start moving into Yellow. Just a few decades after they stayed in Green...
  11. @electroBeam When it comes to the "algorithm" problem, humans themselves work mostly by algorithms. There are codes programmed into us like "Survive" "fear Death" and so on. Regardless of that, in the past 2-4 years AI has skyrocketed because it started to have a mind of it's own. Watch this please: Take notice at how AlphaGo AI works. It didn't brute force calculate possibilities like they (ancient AIs) do in chess, but created patters of it's own LIKE HUMANS DO. What I fear is that almost everyone sees the word "AI" labeled onto dumb stuff (which isn't really AI) and automatically think AI is nothing to worry about. Once again completely ignoring exponential growth and being very short-sighted. We already have supercomputers more powerful then human brains + software which can create patterns of it's own, and you think there's nothing to worry about?!
  12. Finally found someone into AI as well) Here are some points I wanna share: - The reason humanity still fails at creating True AI (the one better then a human) is because most creators are Programmers who have little to no knowledge on how the human brain works. The answer already lies in the way our brains work, so why do they ignore it? - Knowing the Spiral Dynamics + the transition from monkey to human might come of great use. The mistake they all make is trying to teach to AI lots of stuff too early. Gotta start at giving it an animal like primitive mind, then let it progress up by itself. Just put it at stage Beige and let it evolve. Yes it will take lots of time for it to evolve in the early stages, but exponential growth will do it's job. - There are many brilliant minds, but few have access to super computers in order to create True AI. That's why I bet the birth of T AI when quantum computers will get good. - Most scientists bet the creation of T AI in 50 years, what do you think? The biggest threat for that AI will be not humans, by other AIs. Imagine an AI in the hands of radicals... The only possible way for humans to co-exist with AI is to live under a totalitarian regime. This way "good AI" will monitor and make sure no other "bad AIs" will emerge. Getting AI under your control ain't that hard. Elon says the best option is to merge with AI, but that will be such a radical change that technically humans will change to point where they'll become different beings. Like the monkeys before us. They kinda died, and yet evolved into being us. Here is a good article on AI: https://waitbutwhy.com/2015/01/artificial-intelligence-revolution-1.html
  13. @Sahil Pandit With smartphones and other computers getting better and cheaper, it also worries me about the youth. Always glued in those screens ...
  14. Watch this good video first: PS 3:00 While social media did lessen the empathy in youth, it also showcased the evil in this world. It was stupid putting up the drowning man clip like without Facebook there wouldn't be evil teens. Almost everyone seems to fall into the pitfall of thinking that by ignorance the problem will go away, but it won't. I was surprised to see the human organism reacting so fast to Facebook, truly thought it's gonna take more time. Seems like the human brain doesn't like wrapping it's head around exponential growth and how the speed of human progress accelerates.
  15. @SoonHei That's why highly-conscious people are generally kind/loving to others. Why would you (ego) unnecessarily hurt yourself (others)?!
  16. @MM1988 If you are stage Orange, then try moving up the spiral. Trying to skip your way up the stages is a recipe for failure.
  17. @berry Welcome to the forum berry! Mind that it's a harsh place, where bs and click-baits prevail! But you can find bits of gold in piles of bs))) Thanks for reporting this to us, well-structured feedback! I haven't given Yoga enough experimenting, but your results add up to changing my mind on Yoga.
  18. @Healingheart What you're experiencing is probably ego-backlash. Do not fight it, just watch it burn.
  19. @luckieluuke I love Leo and now I feel love for you too! Explore your mind further, for there is much more love and bliss to discover!
  20. @Nick5050 Oh boy, that's too deep to grasp the answer on a forum. Check out Leo's books (from his book-list) + vids on emotional mastery!
  21. @Joshe Such a delightful post. There aren't signs of God, because EVERYTHING is already GOD!!! Penetrate the depth of your own mind even deeper to bath into more beauty and bliss))) Good luck bro!
  22. @Zeldor Read basic human psychology. There is a certain point when getting richer won't add up to your happiness. You are everything, that includes the brain which read this right now. Why would you be everything except your ego? Your ego is part of infinity too)))
  23. One is conceptual and the other is reality shattering. Have you tried watching Leo's videos? He is talking about "getting deeper realizations" for a few years now. There are also these alien things called "books", they have answers to this exact question. Check out Leo's book-list.
  24. @SoonHei Nice! If the bedroom isn't the bathroom, that doesn't mean they're aren't part of the same apartment)))